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VISIA imaging S.r.l.

Via Martiri della Libertà, 95/e, 52027 San Giovanni Valdarno (AR)

Telephone +39 055 9121635
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Our products

Product category: Laboratories microscopes


Optical biometer with integrated corneal topographer

Aladdin is the most recent addition to the lineup of optical biometers. It includes an optical biometer and a Placido-ring topographer, allowing the surgeon not only to calculate IOL power but also to choose the right premium IOL for each individual eye. This all-in-one device offers a broad range of functionalities and can be used to obtain automated measurements of axial length, corneal radii/keratometry, anterior chamber depth, pupil, and white-to-white. It can also be used to detect corneal diseases, to carry out pupillometry and to perform a Zernike analysis to evaluate corneal aberrations. Aladdin has three main distinctive features: speed, accuracy and ease of use.

High speed

Very fast, both in acquiring (point and shoot acquisition) and processing data: all needed measurements are taken automatically in less than 5 seconds.

High accuracy

Aladdin relies on a proven interferometry technology that provides extremely accurate axial length and corneal radii information for precise determination of iol spherical power.

Ease of use

Aladdin is extremely easy to handle and use, especially thanks to its very simple and intuitive software interface. Moreover, Aladdin is provided with a very responsive 10.1-inch color touch screen monitor with a wide angle of view and an on-board computer, making it fast and convenient.

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Product category: Laboratories microscopes


Corneal analyzer with integrated pupillometer

CA-800 is a comprehensive solution for evaluation of the anterior corneal surface. In addition to curvature mapping, it provides a complete analysis of the cornea. it also provides fluorescein images and real time fluorescein videos for contact lens fitting.

CA-800 is a Placido-based topographer with 24 rings that measure up to 6,144 data points, with axial and instantaneous curvature evaluation.

Moreover, it is equipped with 4 infrared LEDS and 2 white LEDS for dynamic and static pupillometry and 8 blue LEDS for fluorescein images and videos to carry out full contact lens analysis.

CA-800 is the perfect support for contact lens fitting. a simulation software is provided on-board including a complete contact lens database for all the main manufacturers (upgradable and customizable by the user). the on-board fluorescein acquisition system allows full control of the contact lens position in the eye.

Thanks to the on-board pupillometer the user can check the pupil position and diameter (from photopic to scotopic condition) in relation to the position of the optical zone in Ortho-k or refractive surgery treatments.

CA-800 can be used to perform Zernike analysis to evaluate any aberrations and deficiencies of the cornea.

An additional functionality of Ca-800 is an on-board application for toric IOL calculation in cataract surgery. CA-800 is extremely easy to handle and use. From image acquisition to analysis, the on-board software is intuitive and user-friendly and the 10.1-inch touch screen provides quick navigation.

Visual signals support fast and easy alignment and focusing on the eye; the "best image" selection modus automatically acquires the best-focused image.

It has a brand new design and includes a fully integrated PC, so that an external PC is not required to manage patient databases for archiving and re-analysis purposes.

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Product category: Laboratories microscopes


Slide scanner for IIF and proteomic microarray slides (AMiDot)

Zenit G Sight for Zenit AMiDot is an automated reader of pre-designed microdot arrays for the detection, identification, and quantification of autoantibodies in human sera for a panel of autoimmune diseases.

It is the only existing instrument that can read both IFF and AMiDot slides combining the high screening efficiency of Zenit G Sight with microarray technology.

This compact benchtop system includes:

an advanced automated fluorescence microscope with a highly focused LED light source
a motorized scanning stage for substrate slides
a highly sensitive CCD camera
cutting-edge software that manages and controls the entire workflow, assuring excellent image capture and processing, fully automated analysis of immunofluorescence signals and efficient data storage and management

The system can detect positive/negative samples, measure fluorescence intensity and evaluate and classify the main fluorescence patterns generated by ANA detection on HEp-2 cells. Moreover, system flexibility allows screening for ANA antibodies with IIF, in compliance with the main international guidelines, and characterizing samples with multi-test microarrays that can test up to 24 different parameters in a single session.

With an 8-slide capacity, Zenit G Sight for Zenit AMiDot is perfect for the routines with large sample numbers, maximizing efficiency and optimizing human resources.

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Product category: Laboratories microscopes


Compact slide scanner for digital pathology

Navigo is a brand-new compact slide scanner for digital pathology allowing fast, flexible and reliable acquisition, navigation, analysis, archiving and transfer of high quality digital images. The compact, practical and functional design makes it easy for any operator to use, even in small or narrow workspaces.

The on-board processor and 10.1-inch color touch screen make it fully plug & play. Scanning of the whole slide can be performed at selectable magnifications with high focus precision and perfect image quality.

Navigo manages each process in a single working environment, guaranteeing optimized workflows tailored to suit the pathologist’s needs.

The user can choose different customized hardware profiles for the acquisition of H&E, IHC, cytology slides etc.

Its automatic revolving turret offers a choice of different objectives for a wide range of magnifications (4x, 10x, 20x, 40x). The digital microscope allows real-time slide browsing and workflow control from remote workstations.

Navigo includes dedicated analysis modules (membranes, nuclei) for tumor analysis with standardized and reproducible evaluation methods.

The TMA module is also fully integrated and permits evaluation and scoring of several hundred samples on a single slide. Moreover, with its dedicated Web application, Navigo assures remote unlimited access to acquired images and password-protected access to individual files and working environments. Navigo has a dedicated joystick – ENJOY – designed for both right and left hand use. enjoy allows navigation along the X and Y axes with the same ease as a normal microscope, and provides full control of navigation speed, magnification, zoom, and one touch image reduction and enlargement.

The competitive price is also a major advantage.

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Product category: Laboratories microscopes


Slide scanner for FISH analysis

μSpots is a fluorescence slide scanner for FISH analysis and cytogenetic research using samples applied through micro-channels on dedicated Microfind® slides produced by Tethis S.p.a.

μSpots allow fast, flexible and reliable navigation, acquisition, analysis, archiving and transfer of high quality digital images.

This scanner can acquire images with low-emission fluorochromes thanks to the integrated highly sensitive monochrome camera. μSpots performs each process in a single working environment, guaranteeing optimized workflows tailored to suit the pathologist’s needs.

Its automatic revolving system offers a choice of 7 different objectives for a wide range of selectable magnifications.

The digital microscope allows real-time slide browsing and workflow control from remote workstations.

μSpots is a valuable support for target therapy as well thanks to its dedicated FISH analysis modules: BCR/ABL, FISH spot counting for detection of DiGeorge syndrome, Patau syndrome, Down syndrome, XX/XY anomalies, AneuVysion test, and other prenatal diagnostic tests.

The highly sensitive monochrome camera can quickly acquire a composition of several focal planes per channel for each field, allowing reconstruction of the highest quality color FISH image. Each channel can be managed independently, turning channels on and off, using a pseudocolor representation and viewing the focus change for each field in z-stack through the virtual microscope.

A sophisticated algorithm and image processing system provides very accurate detection of nuclei and spots for the classification and scoring of digital slides. All detected nuclei can be reviewed in a classification gallery. With its dedicated Web application, μSpots assures remote unlimited access to acquired images and password-protected access to individual files and working environments.

μSpots has a dedicated joystick – ENJOY – designed for both right and left hand use. it allows to move along the X and Y axes with the same ease as a normal microscope. Zoom, one touch image reduction and enlargement, X, Y navigation, magnification and navigation speed can be fully controlled through ENJOY.

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About us

Company details

VISIA Imaging is a leading developer and manufacturer of both hardware and software solutions for clinical diagnostics in various areas of application, with a specific focus on ophthalmology, cytogenetics, digital pathology, immunoassays, and in particular autoimmunity.

The company was founded in 1993 by a small groups of engineers highly specialized in the development of image analysis software for microscopy. Born of experience and tradition, the company is committed to growing in its main areas of activity.

VISIA Imaging is guided by Alessandro Foggi, President and CEO, supported by a strong and valuable team that shares his passion for the vocation embracing quality as a value while transforming initiative and ideas into accomplishments.

VISIA Imaging has a passion for both challenges and continuous improvement and puts a premium on innovation always meeting the needs of its partners.

A highly qualified team of young and expert engineers, programmers and technicians is continuously working to create innovative products and solutions for markets that demand extreme-performance.

Thanks to qualified experience, entrepreneurial dynamism and a desire for modernity, in a few years the company has gained a prominent position in the market and built valuable commercial partnerships both on a national and international level, signing strong and enduring distribution agreements.

VISIA Imaging has founded their production on the best technology, constantly improving over the years making it a versatile and dynamic company, attractive to commercial partners demanding innovative products to strengthen market penetration.

VISIA Imaging places a high value on maintaining strong collaborations with key opinion leaders and several leading Scientific Institutes, Research Centers and Universities.

All phases of the design and manufacturing process are carried out at the production site in San Giovanni Valdarno (Tuscany - Italy).

Patents and certifications

VISIA Imaging technologies and systems are protected by international patents.
The company is certified ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 for the process related to "Design and production of medical electrical equipment and software in ophthalmology and in vitro diagnostic areas".

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