MINATO MEDICAL SCIENCE CO., LTD. of Osaka at MEDICA 2017 in Düsseldorf -- MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine


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MEDICA 2017 hall map (Hall 5): stand L39

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MEDICA 2017 fairground map: Hall 5

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 04  Physiotherapy / Orthopaedic Technology
  • 04.10  Physiotherapeutic massage equipment
  • 04  Physiotherapy / Orthopaedic Technology
  • 04.14  Training equipment

Our products

Product category: Physiotherapeutic massage equipment, Training equipment

Aquatizer [QZ-240]

Advanced design concepts have led the way to a new generation of dry hydro massage beds.

The “Aquatizer QZ series” provided by Minato Medical Science who have always provided advanced devices with original design concepts in the dry hydro jet massage bed field. Using these results and technology, we have created the new dry hydro jet massage bed. This is the "QZ-240", in which advanced functions, such as 4 nozzles, foot airbags and an automatic height setting function, have been added to a futuristic design. You can find here a dry hydro jet massage bed with the most highly evolved sense of treatment, comfort and operability.

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Product category: Physiotherapeutic massage equipment, Training equipment

Super Track [ST-2L]

Addition of New Functions to “Super Trac ST-1L”
Realizing high functionality that is kind to people, through consideration for patients and a large-scale reduction in the effort required by medical staff.
Traction while simply sitting on the chair.
It is difficult for patients with lumbar pain to adopt the dorsal position...
Can’t the setting of the equipment be made more simple?
Our response to the various feedback we received from our customers is the “Super Trac ST-2L” that can provide traction treatment while the patient sits in the seat.
Automatically sets the ideal traction treatment position, to realize efficient treatment.
Further, there are only 2 settings required before starting treatment.
The “Super Trac ST-2L” is a more highly evolved traction device for our patients and staff.

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Product category: Physiotherapeutic massage equipment, Training equipment


We have achieved excellent energy efficiency by a reduction in unwanted radiation.

The breakthrough features of the Microtizer MT-5 are the freely movable free arm and the new concept contact-type applicator.
This enables it to flexibly fit all treatment areas with a simple operation and achieve excellent energy efficiency by a reduction in unwanted radiation. We are proposing a new style of therapy.

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Product category: Physiotherapeutic massage equipment, Training equipment


With the battery-operated lineup and specialized wagons with excellent functionality, they can be easily moved to the location of the patient.

he Minato Medical Science’s boots-type air massager LUXAIR massages the leg areas by increasing and decreasing pressure for 5 air chambers on one side within the boots. With 4 types of massage mode, therapy matching the symptoms can be performed. The excellent transportability enabling movement to the necessary location at the necessary time proposes a new style of therapy.

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Product category: Physiotherapeutic massage equipment, Training equipment

Weltonic Series [WTS-01L/WTS-02L/WTS-03L/WTS-04L]

The machine trains the musculus latissimus dorsi and the musculus rhomboidei to prevent and improve the hunched back condition sometimes seen in the elderly.

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About us

Company details

Minato Medical Science Co., Ltd pursues what electronics can do via manufacturing, marketing, and maintaining user-friendly medical equipment and systems that enhance more compassion than humans do.

・Physiotherapy equipment
Provides therapy for people who are physically disabled due to aging, disease, or injury by giving them physical energy by means such as electric stimulation, massage, and heat to help them recover basic mobility (motor function). The equipment can facilitate spontaneous recovery, reduce pain, correct body structure, and maintain the range of joint movement.

・Evaluation and measuring equipment
Includes spirometers (automated analysis systems for respiratory function) for testing and diagnosing respiratory diseases (e.g., COPD); aeromonitors (respiratory metabolism measuring systems) for measuring gas exhaled during exercise to determine the maximum oxygen uptake and other parameters; and audiometers, which are widely used for medical checkups.

・Rehabilitation equipment
Consists of indispensable equipment for rehabilitation that helps to facilitate postoperative functional recovery and reduce age-related dysfunctions. The equipment also includes training machines for senior citizens to strengthen muscles for the purposes of fall prevention, reduced need for nursing care, and living self-supporting lives.

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