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Laboratory equipment

  • 02  Laboratory Equipment
  • 02.10  Laboratory equipment
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Laboratory furniture

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Product category: Laboratory equipment



Labelling Encoding Logging System

Laboratory data play an integral part in patient care and are estimated to affect  60-70% of medical diagnoses. As a consequence, laboratory testing could be an important source of medical errors that may affect patient safety.

The risk of adverse events and inappropriate care due to laboratory errors ranges from 2.7% to 12%, while in a larger percentage of cases (24.4% to 30%), the laboratory error translates into a patient care problem. Preanalytical errors are in a range of 46-68,2%* and more than half are due to primary specimen label error.

Preventing this kind of errors helps laboratories and clinicians to perform at best their activities and to prevent errors that are cause of lawsuit or claim by patients.

 Lab.E.L.™ system is a useful instrument for the automatic and complete production of the Patient Kit containing all materials related to blood collection phase, by which it is possible to manage the correct delivery of the labelled tubes and auxiliary labels for other devices requested. Tubes can be loaded walk away through the “tube loader”, inside the columns of the warehouse.

It is possible to manage up to 16 different kind of tubes and all the required auxiliary labels.

The software can assure both real time print of labels at the moment of acceptance of the patient and the production through different selection criteria (by date, by patient id, by division, etc.) Moreover, thanks to such available tools, it is possible to trace the proper blood collection phase, recording all the steps from patient acceptance until the check in of the blood collection in the lab.

Traced data are:

- Date and hour of the blood collection,

- The operator that did the blood collection,

- Type lot and expiring date of used tubes,

- Report on match or mismatch between patient id and Patient Kit

Thanks to the elevated productivity, up to 300 patients/hour, it is possible to manage a big point of blood collection with only one system.        

Increased security

The automatic preparation of blood collection materials make all needed test tubes ready-to-use, already correctly labelled and equipped with the necessary labels for identifying other specimens to be analyzed.

The innovative “Patient Kit” concept allows you to dispose the blood collection materials inside a closed box, avoiding any risk of manipulation, loss or alteration. On its closing label, it is possible to write all information needed for proper patient identification (barcode, ID, division, bed, address, etc.).

                                     Automated process

The Lab.E.L.™ System allows to prepare all needed test tubes automatically, rapidly and correctly labelled, therefore reducing human resources and avoiding those errors coming from incorrect labelling (mismatched labels/test tubes, labels inappropriately applied). It is also possible to automatically manage the type and lot of materials used (up to 16 types of different test tubes at the same time), carrying out research on them in case of recall. The autonomous management of test tubes allows the user to configure all desired information on the label.
Granted traceability

The integrated use of the  Lab.E.L.™ System, the Lab.E.L.™ Manager software and a bar code reader allows to trace all blood collection phases, recording and managing information related to the patient (personal data, timing), the operator (personal data and time blood was drawn) (ref. ISO 15189 – 5.4), with the possibility to even trace used medical devices.

All data can be stored and elaborated for statistical use according to different key research parameters.

Lab.E.L. ™ together with SMTS software guarantee also the track of “near misses events” (mismatch) with a further reduction in the risk of future further errors along the processing line: in this way it is provided the high level of accuracy needed to confirm that the right kind of sample is taken from the right patient.

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Product category: Laboratory equipment


About  hen

HENc is a Mobile Phlebotomy Classification & Labeling System.

Mobile Phlebotomy Classification & Labeling System prevents medical accidents, and vastly reduces patient wait times.

HENc automatically provides medical technicians with essential items required for phlebotomy (tubes with specimen labels attached, specimen labels and patient identification labels) based on the phlebotomy information recorded in the Hospital Information System (HIS, LIS, OCS, EMR).

Phlebotomy process with HENc

STEP 1: Phlebotomy reception
STEP 1: Call a patient for phlebotomy
STEP 2: Patient (customer) identification
STEP 3: Phlebotomy reception
STEP 4: Patient (customer) identification in the HENs program
STEP 5: Supply of essential phlebotomy apparatus*
STEP 6: Phlebotomy
STEP 7: Patient (customer) identification and phlebotomy completion


·         Prevent Medical Errors

Automated phlebotomy process eliminates accidental switching of specimens. 

·         Cut Wait Time

Simplified phlebotomy process vastly reduces wait time. 

·         Cost Reduction

Enhanced efficiency improves phlebotomy process, leading to reduction in operating costs. 

·         Improved Convenience

Establishment of efficient environment means phlebotomists spend less time on trivial work. 

·         Enhanced Image

Speedy and convenient medical service presents a progressive image for a modern medical facility.

 Convenient Features


HENc's mobility enables phlebotomy procedures to be carried out outside of the phlebotomy lab.

Tablet PC

A PC with the HENc program installed helps medical staff carry out phlebotomy and record the results without error.

HENc Program

A program for easy and convenient checking and recording (information update) of phlebotomy information

Roller Mixer

Assists in uniformly mixing samples in tubes with additives.

Needle Disposal Container Tray

Detachable needle disposal container


Storage space for phlebotomy tools and spare tube pallets

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Product category: Laboratory equipment


About HENm

HENm automatically provides medical technicians with the essential items required to perform a phlebotomy (tubes with specimen labels attached, Extra Label) based on the phlebotomy information recorded in the HIS(Hospital Information System).

 System features

•         Compact / Light-Weight  / Portable

•         Simple Tube Inlet Loading Process – One Hand Drop System

•         Integrated Multi-Beam Barcode Scanner and Extra Label & Receipt Printers

•         Merging Capable Inlets – Various Configurations

•         Up to 9 Different Test Tube Loading Inlets – 10~20 Each

•         Capable of Connecting to Any LIS and HIS

•         Easy Access to Replace Consumables

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About us

Company details

EOS srl is an emerging player in Pre-Analytic Phase and Point of Care market and offers innovative products and service.

The company is located in the northeastern area of Italy, founded in 1996 and operating since then in the research & development, production and commercialization of products and instruments in the diagnostic field.

Over the last 10 years, the company focused on the Pre-Analytical Phase, particularly on tube labelling and traceability of blood collection phase through a large gamma of instruments and software.

Lab.E.L. System (presented in EOS booth) is an automatic instrument, which prepare rapidly all needed test tubes correctly labelling them with a label that contains all the necessary information; without using human resources and avoiding errors coming from incorrect labelling (mismatched labels/test tubes, labels applied in an inappropriate manner). All materials will be stocked in a closed, sealed and patented kit named Patient kit ® to be delivered directly in patient’s hand.

The company is ISO 9001:2008 certified and all products are CE compliant.

EOS products are exported to more than 10 countries worldwide and we are looking for new partners to expand our business wherever in the world.

Please visit our website for detailed information about our company www.eosbio.com

We are looking forward to welcoming you at MEDICA 2017!

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