Guangzhou Hongqi Optical Instrument Technology Co., Ltd. of Guangzhou at MEDICA 2017 in Düsseldorf -- MEDICA Trade Fair

Guangzhou Hongqi Optical Instrument Technology Co., Ltd.

3rd Floor, Building A6, No. 11 of Kaiyuan Avenue, 510530 Guangzhou
China, People’s Republic

Telephone +86 20 32214380
Fax +86 20 32203590

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Our products

Product category: Histology / Cytology reagents

Automated Slide Stainer (HQLCT-20)

As a supplement to our product line of liquid-based cytology instrument, HQLCT-20 is suitable for hospital or lab that doesn't have many specimens to process each day but has high requirement on automation. It can be applied in the smear preparation and staining for exfoliated cell sample, such as cervix sample, urine sample, needle aspiration sample and sputum sample. What's more, it's also highly automatic and characterized with user-defined functions, such as setting of staining time, loading amount of specimens, etc.

Technical Parameters:
Intended Use: Prepare smear with exfoliated cells

  • Working Principal: Natural sedimentation
  • Processing Capacity: Up to 20 slides each time
  • Processing Speed: 20 slides within 35 minutes
  • Working Mode: Slide preparation, slide staining or slide preparation and staining

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Product category: Histology / Cytology reagents

Bacterial Vaginosis Multi-Test Kit (Enzyme Reaction)

This test includes the examination of four items, which are PH value, H2O2, leucocyte esterase and neuraminidase. Thanks to the use of dry chemistry principle, it can make quick diagnosis of the micro ecological system, bacterial vaginosis and other kinds of inflammation. In normal case, the concentration of H2O2 is no less than 2mol/L and PH value no more than 4.5. Besides, the activity of neuraminidase and leucocyte esterase is very low. Because of the characteristics of the abnormal activity of neuraminidase in the vaginal secretion of the patient, by adding sufficient substrate, obvious changes in color can be observed so as to make the diagnosis.

According to related study, the concentration of neuraminidase is closely related to the process of bacterial vaginosis. By adopting this method to diagnose bacterial vaginosis, it possesses the advantage of relatively good specificity. However, negative result doesn’t mean that the possibility of bacterial vaginosis infection can be ruled out completely because certain kind of anaerobic bacteria that may cause BV doesn’t generate or generate little neuraminidase, which may lead to missed diagnosis. Therefore, this test is designed to incorporate four test items to reduce the possibility of missed diagnosis.

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Product category: Histology / Cytology reagents

Fully Automatic Liquid-based Cytology Slide Preparation and Staining Machine(HQLCT-Thin Plus I)

Application: This fully automatic system is used for early cancer diagnosis. It can process and stain samples, such as cervix, sputum, urine and serous cavity fluid, to form a thin-layered spot on the slide with clean background so as to facilitate the work of pathologist. With little preparation work, operator could just walk away then and the machine will perform the rest of the work to produce finished smears, which could be put under microscope directly.  

Technical Parameters:
  • Voltage: AC 240V                     
    Frequency: 50Hz                               
    Input Power: 250 VA
  • Instrument Dimension:: 83 cm×68 cm×58 cm    Weight of Instrument: ≤80Kg
  • Atmospheric Pressure: :86 kPa ~106 kPa       Noise: ≤60dB
  • Method: natural sedimentation      
  • Processing Capacity: 4-24 slides at a time, automatic staining

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Product category: Histology / Cytology reagents

Automatic Bacterial Vaginosis Analyzer


1. Works with Rapid Test Kit For Bacteria Vaginosis (Sialidase Method) and combines incubation, sample adding, 
    and detection to realize automation in the detection of bacterial vaginosis.

2. Adopts monochromatic cool light as the light source, which is reliable, free from maintenance and consumes 
    less energy

3. Applies automated temperature control technology to guarantee precise reaction temperature

4. Automatically ejects colorimetric cuvettes

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Product category: Histology / Cytology reagents

Automatic Liquid-based Cytology Slide Processor(HQTCT-Thin Plus I)

Application: It’s majorly used for cervical cancer screening. Besides, it can still be used for the screening of tumor in urinary system, examination of exfoliative cells of serous cavity fluid and screening of tumor in respiratory system.

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About us

Company details

Guangzhou Hongqi Optical Instrument Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2005 by a group of oversea returnees and domestic professionals of diagnostic community, specializing in the research, production and distribution of diagnostic products. The company is located in Guangzhou High-tech Enterprises Accelerator, Luogang District, Guangzhou, surrounded with wonderful scenery.

Hongqi has a team of highly educated employees. At present, the total number of staff is around 100, 80% of which holds a college degree or above. As to the facilities, Hongqi has established one 100,000-grade workshop and one 10,000-grade workshop for production of biological products and a standard factory for medical electronic products.

After several years development, Hongqi has become one of the top companies in the field of cervical cancer diagnosis in China. In recent years, by cooperating with renowned universities, institutes and companies to establish united labs, Hongqi has extended its product line to cover other diagnostic fields besides cervical cancer diagnosis. We aim to become one of the top players in the field of oncology diagnosis in the world to help diagnose cancer at the early stage and save more lives.

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