Idrogenet Srl of Lumezzane (BS) at MEDICA 2017 in Düsseldorf -- MEDICA Trade Fair

Idrogenet Srl

Via Repubblica 25/A, 25065 Lumezzane (BS)

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MEDICA 2017 hall map (Hall 4): stand B22

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MEDICA 2017 fairground map: Hall 4

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 04  Physiotherapy / Orthopaedic Technology
  • 04.04  Occupational therapy equipment

Occupational therapy equipment

  • 04  Physiotherapy / Orthopaedic Technology
  • 04.12  Rehabilitation equipment and devices

Rehabilitation equipment and devices

  • 04  Physiotherapy / Orthopaedic Technology
  • 04.14  Training equipment

Training equipment

Our products

Product category: Occupational therapy equipment

Gloreha Sinfonia

Gloreha Sinfonia is the most advanced version of Gloreha upper limb rehabilitation device. It is ideal for all the neuromotor recovery phases.

The key centre of Gloreha Sinfonia is a rehabilitation glove which supports fingers joints motion, while detecting voluntary active motion. Each motor exercise is enriched by a multisensory stimulation and a simultaneous 3D animation on the screen to amplifiy the cortical stimulation.

Gloreha robotic glove detects fingers movements and, according to  residual motor skills, partially/totally supports patient.

A patient can use his/her healthy hand to reply similar movements on the affected hand through Gloreha robotic glove.

Gloreha Sinfonia is a fantastic means to start functional recovery, because patient’s arm has no hindrance and can be moved freely; monolateral and bilateral task-oriented exercises are available; real objects can be used during therapy. Within Gloreha software, several settings are available. For instance: video previews, customizable vocal instructions, monitoring performance improvements, interactive games.

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Product category: Training equipment

Gloreha Aria

Gloreha Aria is a sensor-based therapy device designed for motor recovery of impaired upper limb

Gloreha Aria offers specific programs that help patients to move arm, wrist and fingers. Therapists can customize therapy by focusing on a specific motor task.
Gloreha Aria is equipped with sensors that can detect any movements in space: the software processes and displays them on the screen, involving patients perform motivational and challenging games. Based on  performances, difficulty levels are automatically adjusted.
A dynamic support partially or totally compensates for patient's arm, that is free to float in space.
The ergonomic shape of the table and the automatic height adjustment of the work surface optimize patient's position.
An integrated touchscreen PC provides a user-friendly control panel for therapists and an intuitive feedback interface for the patient.

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Product category: Rehabilitation equipment and devices

Gloreha Collezione

Gloreha Collezione is the most complete technological solution for hand and whole upper limb rehabilitation. A modular combination that accompanies the patient during the whole therapeutic path, from early to advanced stages. The versatility of tGloreha Collezione leads to create effective rehabilitation protocols for the specific goals of the therapy.

Gloreha Collezione is the combination that doubles intensity and efficacy of treatment. One therapist, two rehabilitation devices: Gloreha Sinfonia and Gloreha Aria. Patients can perform exercises autonomously or with little supervision required.
All the Gloreha devices have:
  • Ergonomic height-adjustable table
  • Two dynamic arm supports to work with no gravity
  • Integrated touchscreen PC
  • Focused functional trainings
  • Child-friendly
  • User-friendly software: the therapist easily sets up, the patient totally enjoys
  • Performance evaluation section

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