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Medisport S.r.l.

Via Acque Alte, 23, 04010 Borgo Podgora (LT)
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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Electromedical equipment / Medical Technology
  • 01.03  Therapie and physical medicine
  • 01.03.07  Cryotherapy / Cryosurgery equipment

Our products

Product category: Cryotherapy / Cryosurgery equipment

Cryotherapy + ultrasound

Cryoultrasound™ already unique in its kind, is now enhanced by a new design and innovative technology which make it even more effective. It is a medical device which is based on the synergy between two therapeutic techniques: cryotherapy and ultrasound therapy.
The simultaneous use of these two techniques enhances the normal therapeutic effects eliminating complications emerging from the heat of the ultrasound. This enables the therapist to use Cryoultrasound also in acute traumas and inflammations, as well as in chronic pathologies. The Cryoultrasound supports the healing process determining a quicker recovery due to the interruption of the pain-spasm inactivity cycle because, by exploiting the maximum power of ultrasound and cryotherapy, it produces a strong analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect on the treated tissues.

Technical features
  • max ultrasound output power: 3 watt /cm²
  • operating frequency: 1 mhz +/- 5%
  • cryotherapy: adjustable up to -10 c°
  • weight: 30 kg
  • dimensions: 66 x 37.5 x 93 cm
  • transducer: piezoelectric ceramic
  • display: digital display
  • safety class: 1 type bf

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Product category: Cryotherapy / Cryosurgery equipment


Medi Pharon 5 is the innovative electro-medical device of last generation for the capacitive and resistive diathermy, which allows treatment of high therapeutic level. Compact and powerful, Medi Pharon 5 is effective to accelerate the recovery of most of the problems in physiotherapy: sprains, pulled muscles, tendinitis, osteo-articular distraction, and in general all traumas and diseases of osteo-articular and muscle origin, both in acute and chronic phase.

It is a complete and flexible device, equipped with innovative features that support therapist and ensure the best treatment for the patient.

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Product category: Cryotherapy / Cryosurgery equipment


Through the use of two different wavelengths, 810 Nm (25%) and 1064 Nm (75%), Medi Laser 15 ED offers an innovative therapeutic option that allows a wider and deeper Energetic Diffusion.

Medi Laser 15 ED is a new accurate high power laser therapy device able to treat acute and chronic pathologies, suitable for all your therapeutic needs. In fact Medi Laser 15 ED has the most modern and advanced semiconductor technology that besides allowing incredible performance, provides a clear advantage in size and cost.

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Product category: Cryotherapy / Cryosurgery equipment


Deep Oscillation is a unique, patented treatment method. Its special structure allows you to create biologically effective oscillations in the treated tissue using electrostatic attraction and friction. In contrast to other therapies, these pleasant oscillations have a gentle and deep-acting effect on all tissue components (skin, connective tissue, subcutaneous fat, muscles, blood and lymph vessels).  Deep Oscillation treatments are not invasive, they are anti-inflammatory and reduce pain. They also have an anti-edemigeneus and healing action. The use of this machine is particularly appropriate for traumas and enjuries due to over-training and as a cure before and after an operation to improve tissue regeneration.

With DEEP OSCILLATION the following physiological effects are clinically proen:

  • Highly effective in reducing pain
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Effective and reabsorbing oedema
  • Improves trophicity
  • Rubor  reduction
  • Detoxification
  • Improves the quality of tissues
Thanks to its non-invasive, non-traumatic and highly effective approach, DEEP OSCILLATION is especially well suited to treat the following  indications: traumatic injury and damage from overstraining, pre and post-operative therapy, training aftercare and performance stabilization, encouraing wounds to healing, anti-inflammatory action and oedema and fibrosis reduction.

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Product category: Cryotherapy / Cryosurgery equipment


Imoove 600 is an important electro-medical developed in the field of physiotherapy. Its applications are multiple: musculoskeletal rehabilitation, motor rehabilitation, neuro-functional rehabilitation, traumatology, proprioceptive rehabilitation, motor strategies and many more.

Equipped with six side arms and two upper arm extensions, it is a pure technology concentrate and can be configured for different customer needs so you can make the perfect tool for every need.

In its full suite of user interface options, it offers a variety of Rehabilitation, Reathletisation, Prevention, Sports and Fitness / Spa programs, about 200 programs, over 1,000 exercises, and 70 hours of treatment programs.

A tailor made treatment protocol and a dynamic evaluation in only 1 minute are set, thus giving the patient the level of coordination of the upper limbs through the onboard sensors, which can also be printed or saved via USB.

The ability to adjust the tray by symmetry or asymmetry allows a good left / right work of the patient.

Imoove 600 is a rehabilitation tool based on the use, control, rehabilitation and optimization of the body's natural body expansion spiral. Safe rehabilitation with its speed and adjustable amplitude and its 6 arms support and safety.

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About us

Company details

Training, information, service is Medisport's Mission

Medisport is a successful Italian firm that grew focusing on its Clients’ needs. The company was born in 1991, aiming to satisfy physiotherapists’ professional needs.

The 20 years experience on the research and development field supported by the close relationship with universities, physiotherapists, masseurs and physical trainers enhances Medisport’s products quality.

Medisport brand is internationally recognised. It is successful in the major foreign markets thanks to the important commercial partnerships developed during the past years. Every year more than 4’000 professionals purchase products and services from Medisport. They can take advantage of the qualified customer service, of a wide number of agents on the entire Italian territory and of an efficient e-commerce channel.

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