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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 09  Raw materials and adhesives
  • 09.13  Elastomers, thermoplastic

Elastomers, thermoplastic

  • 09  Raw materials and adhesives
  • 09.19  SEBS rubber
  • 09  Raw materials and adhesives
  • 09.30  Compounds

Our products

Product category: Elastomers, thermoplastic, SEBS rubber, Compounds


Compounds obtained by mixing polyolefin polymers or styrene polymers with the SBS elasotmer (Styrene-Butylene-Styrene). This product line is easy to process and colour, is highly elastic and resistant to abrasion and bending.

The line is divided into four sub-lines/families:

MARFRAN B (ex Elifran): Compounds obtained by mixing the SBS elasotmer with polypropylene, polyethylene and ethylene vinyl acetate were conceived to meet the needs of those manufacturing technical items requiring materials that are elastic, economical and easy to process but are not greatly resistant to age or elevated operating temperatures. Compared to traditional SBS-based compounds, they have better physical and mechanical characteristics and are more resistant. They are used mostly in household items, furnishings and domestic appliance components.

MARFRAN BE (ex Elastofran): Compounds obtained by mixing styrene polymers such as crystalline polystyrene (PS) or impact-resistant polystyrene (HIPS) are used in low cost applications (moulding of shower mats, carpet or fabric treatment, production of plumbing gaskets).
MARFRAN C e CG (ex Elastofran e Gumifran): Compounds obtained by mixing styrene polymers such as crystalline polystyrene (PS) or impact-resistant polystyrene (HIPS) are mainly supplied for footwear production.

The C SERIES comprises products used for production of footwear soles that are shiny in appearance.

The CG SERIES comprises products used for production of footwear soles that are opaque (similar to rubber) in appearance. Offer products with various opacity levels that can be directly injected onto shoe uppers or expanded to form wedge heels and ultra-light soles for special-use footwear (ski boots with incorporated metal inserts).

MARFRAN BA (ex Adifran): Compounds obtained by mixing styrene polymers, designed to submit to taxing operating conditions, especially repeated abrasion and bending. They are recommended for production of footwear soles.

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About us

Company details


Our company’s present and future strategies stem from our achievements based on experienced gained in the past.

Thanks to the careful involvement of personnel and constant collaboration with Nation Research Centres, we can today turn to new markets and satisfy our clients with constantly increasing efficiency.

Founded in 1987, the then-known Franceschetti Elastomers only specialised in production and marketing of SBS-based compounds for footwear production.

Due to continuous innovation aimed at broadening possible applications and the use of innovative Compound Technologies, the company also began to produce mixtures for products in the construction, civil, sporting goods, personal care, and automotive industries as well as applications for food packaging, design, fashion, furnishings, toys, plumbing and household appliances.

The Company – Valerio Franceschetti Elastomeri S.p.A. – thus becomes an Italian and European market leader.
In April 2004 the English “British Vita Group,” already sole shareholder of two other thermoplastic rubber manufacturers (VTP e VTC Elastoteknik), acquired the company’s thermoplastic rubber branch (subsequently VTC SYNCO Franceschetti).

The synergies of product, purchase and R&D along with territorial localisation and the respective commercial strategies enable the three businesses to become the point of reference for the global market of SBS, SEBS and SEBS/TPO-based thermoplastic rubbers.

The criteria and basis on which the Francesco Fraceschetti Elastomers project is built, emerge from five years of experience.

The current business results from product evolution, the search for raw materials to produce constantly improving compounds, from careful industrial and financial planning, from scrupulous attention to quality standards and from indispensable attention to safety and respect for the environment.

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