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  • 01  Electromedical equipment / Medical Technology
  • 01.04  Intense medicine / anesthesiology / respiration
  • 01.04.04  Patient monitoring systems / Measuring stations

Patient monitoring systems / Measuring stations

Our products

Product category: Patient monitoring systems / Measuring stations


Bambi Medical is currently developing the Bambi-Belt. A monitoring device which will have no more wires at all. The induced signals will be transmitted wirelessly to a receiving base-station. The base-station processes the signals in patterns of breathing, heart rate and temperature. Then this base-station sends the information to the patient monitor.

The Bambi-Belt will be a revolutionary way to monitor vital signs of babies. The Bambi-Belt will release the baby of the pain and stress caused by the currently used adhesive electrodes. Besides that, the Bambi-Belt will give much more freedom to the baby, because the wires of the current monitoring system are gone. This will enable maximal skin to skin contact (Kangaroo Mother Care) between the baby and his parents.

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About us

Company details

In 1951 I was born in Leiden and spent my childhood in Oegstgeest were I attended the Rijnlands Lyceum. Even as a child I expressed the wish to become a medical doctor. And so I started studying medicine in Groningen.

When graduation approached I found myself in the luxurious position to be able to choose between further training in pediatric oncology and neonatology. Both fields were interesting, but the latter attracted me more, because it is most rewarding to cure a serious disease and give patients a long life to enjoy afterwards.

After spending almost 20 years in Groningen I was asked to come to the Maxima Medical Center (MMC) in Veldhoven to accept a position there in 2003. Given the great collaboration between the TU/e and the MMC I was appointed as a part-time professor Industrial Design where I worked on "design of technology for improving comfort of the premature baby".

Together with students I worked on a lot of projects and developed multiple prototypes aimed at improving the quality of life of the premature baby and the parent-child bonding. One of the project I worked on was the Smart Jacket, the predecessor of the Bambi-Belt.

I tried to get companies interested to adopt the Smart Jacket and bring it to the market. Most parties that I met, showed their interest and enthusiasm, but were reluctant to proceed in taking next steps. It was not before 2012 that the next iteration could be made, thanks to a grant of a pharmaceutical company. After this it was still difficult to bring the product development forward by myself.

Finding myself in a blind alley again, I almost came to a point to accept the fact that the Smart Jacket for babies in the NICU was not more than an illusion. So I was very pleased that my son, Fabio, showed more and more interest to take up the challenge of bringing the product to market. On one evening he said to me: “Hey dad, we're not going to let your bright ideas disintegrate on the shelf. Let's start our own business!”

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