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Our products

Product category: Microtomes

Histologic Bath BH2015

Distension of the cuts and transfer to the blades

The sections from the paraffin blocks form a tape, which must be sectioned into smaller pieces. These sections are then transferred to a Histologic bath containing water at a temperature of 40°C which are maintained for distention. Then immerses the blade diagonally in bath until Histologic sections are attached to it. To avoid blistering the transfer must be careful. Finally, the blade is removed from the water and complete drying and bonding of cuts occur at room temperature or a heated plate.

Equipment built with high strength pu resin, external finishing in white with epoxy paint.

Aluminum inner tank in black with electrostatic powder paint which provides an excellent view of the histological sections and high resistance to oxidation.

Wide borders, with xx mm length, provide accommodation and pre-heating of blades.

On/off key with led indicator through.

Temperature control: room temperature up to 90 degrees with a variation of + / - 2 degrees through digital thermostat.
The design pragmatic functions meets the use requirements analyzed in special laboratories.

Aesthetic functions in synergy with the best laboratorial facilities, results of research in loco.

Thermal protector for disarming high temperature to reach 100°c. General shutdown of the equipment. Automatic reset when the temperature drops 95°c.


Controle de temperatura:
Temperatura ambiente até 90ºc com variação de +/- 2 c, através de termostato analógico ou digital.

Capacity: up to 2 liters of water

Tank height: 90 mm
External dimension: 360 mm
Internal dimension: 260 mm
Equipment height: 100 mm
Weight: 2,5 kg

Power: 350 watts
Voltage: 110/127 volts or 200/240 volts 50/60 hertz

Informações adicionais:
01 instruction manual
01 warranty certificate

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Product category: Microtomes

Embedding System CI 2014

The inclusion is based on placing with the aid of a preheated clamp the tissues that were previously infiltrated in paraffin in a basemold which already contains liquid paraffin on the surface to be split (to be cut in the microtome) downward.
The fragments should be placed in heated paraffin while avoiding the formation of air bubbles around them. After cooling, the paraffin blocks included in the material are obtained.
To make a good inclusion, it is necessary that the fragment is completely dehydrated, clarified and properly impregnated.
This process can be performed more quickly with the use of a modular Embedding Center usually composed of three modules: warm, cold and central paraffin dispenser.

Robust equipment easy to handle, mounted in tubular frame plate in high resistance plastic resin finishing.

External finishing in white resistent to the lab environment and products as xylol.

Digital central panel with touch screen, with a microprocessor which controls all machine functions.

Calendar adjustments program: day, month, year, hour and minute.

Working temperature setting program: paraffin tank, left side tray, right side tray, draw-in tweezers stand, embedding table and paraffin dispenser nozzle.

Automatic operation setting program: daily programming for each day of the week, which allows two scheduling on the same day with hour and minute settings.
Integrated cooling spot (cold spot), facilitating the sample guidance in metal shapes.

Drive embedding by pedal or through the front plate under paraffin dispenser nozzle.

Heating spot to keep the shape heated during the embedding (hot spot).LED Illumination system of work surface.

A large-range magnifying glass assembled on flexible holder at the front part to help out in the embedding of small specimens.

Security: sound alarm that goes off when the temperature reaches 41 °f (5°c) if it is either higher or lower than the programmed temperature for any station.

Thermal protector for disarming high temperature to reach 100°c. General shutdown of the equipment. Automatic reset when the temperature drops 95°c.

It connects up to two peripherals programs. Two peripheral equipment such as a refrigerated plate and a heated plate which can work together with the center module enabling the drive daily programming to work.


Capacity: 120 plastic cassettes or 70 metallic shapes each bowl

Height: 11.61" (295 mm)
Width: 25.31" (643 mm)
Depth: 24.02" (610 mm)
Weight: 52.91 lbs (24 kg)
Power: 1000 watts
Voltage: 110 volts or 220 volts 50/60 hertz

Para ffin tank capacity: 4.5 liters

01 magnifying glass
01 pedal
01 strainer
01 instruction manual
01 warranty certificate

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About us

Company details

A Lupe Indústria Tecnológica de Equipamentos para Laboratório LTDA – ME (LUPETEC) was founded in November 2006 to supply the market with the manufacturer of equipment for Pathological high-tech laboratory and extreme reliability and to continue the work of the former Lupe Industry and Trade LTDA (Lupe).

Located in São Carlos, São Paulo State, known as Capital Technology has its own facilities and suitable for production and control of the equipment parts in a high quality standard.

LUPETEC is perceived by its customers as a company of extreme agility, differentiating the quality of its products and extreme efficiency of their outsourced service.

LUPETEC has accumulated extensive experience in the design, manufacture and application of products for pathological laboratories, which enables it to deliver high performance products for this segment.

It is continually invests in training its employees in updating and maintaining their equipment and search refinement within the most stringent quality standard and certified by ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 and C.E. mark.

Quality Policy

Through the improvement of our processes and products, develop and provide quality equipment that enables accurate and reliable diagnoses.

Our Vision

Develop and produce the best equipment for process diagnostics of Pathology.

Our Mission

Provide better quality of life through the development of equipment for cancer diagnosis.

Our Values


Keeping with stakeholder relations fair and acceptable


Have the obligation to answer for their actions


Have an obligation to make it right


Acquired over time in living with our customers and processes


Exercise our activities with integrity and honest

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