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Our products

Product category: Measuring machines

Cable, Wire & Tube roughness measurement system - MicroProfiler MP900

Real-time optical surface roughness measurement directly on production line


Continuous automatic operation on-line
Patented non-contact LCI measurement method
Direct roughness measurement based on high-resolution 3D surface profiling
Provides nanoscale laboratory accuracy at production speeds
Calculates standard Ra, Rz and Rsm
Advanced reporting capabilities with integrated database
Automatic visual and audible operator alarms
Works on wide range of diameters, materials and colors

• Maximizes line speed with minimum surface melt fracture/sharkskin
• Enables instant detection of process changes and abnormal variation
• Helps keeping surface roughness within specified limits
• Improved product quality and Look & Feel, reduced claims, waste and rejects
• Improved printability due to consistent surface quality
• Reduces time and labor needed for manual product sampling and QC checks
• Efficient tool in process optimization for different products and materials
• Speeds up process setup and stabilization after startups and changeovers
• Reliable results without manual measurement/recording errors
• Easy product quality certification by spool or by length down to 11 mm (0.4”)
• Enables remote access and production/shift report generation via LAN

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Product category: Measuring machines


Next generation 3D imaging for the most demanding industrial applications

New LCI imaging technology for tasks that lasers and CMMs do not perform well on

- Sloped, angled, curved, rounded, convex and concave surfaces
- Glossy, glassy, reflective and mirrorlike surfaces
- Transparent, semitransparent and opaque surfaces
- High contrast (light/dark or glossy/matte) surfaces
- Delicate, elastic and soft surfaces

Measure, analyze and inspect at sub-micron resolution
High precision 3D dimensions
- Assembly tolerances
- Clearances, gaps and offsets
- Flatness
- Surface appearance/characteristics, Look & Feel
- Roughness and burr
- Thickness of transparent/semitransparent parts

Application examples
Research & development
- Process optimization
- Defect detection and quality control
- Reverse engineering

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Product category: Measuring machines

LINE CONFOCAL SENSORS - for industrial applications

Submicron accuracy in online 2D and 3D measurements

FocalSpec Line Confocal Sensors are available as separate products for third-party developers and systems integrators. The proven optical measurement technology of the sensors goes beyond the limitations of traditional measuring methods.

- No speckle noise
- No interference
- Ensured submicron accuracy even on moving objects
- Measurement speed up to 1M 3D points/s
- First-rate performance for all surface types including dark matte, glossy and transparent surfaces


Our Line Confocal Sensors allow for a large range of non-contact optical measurements, e.g.

- 3D topography
- Dimensions and distances
- Tomography of transparent materials
- Surface micro profile measurements
- Film thickness

The sensors are robust and they perform well in practical manufacturing conditions. There are no moving parts and the systems tolerate dust and vibrations.

The signal processing necessary for the generation of topographic data is performed by an in-built signal processing capability located in the sensors. This greatly reduces the burden on other system components and allows for continuous on-line operation even on high-speed production lines. It also enables the fast and easy integration of the LCI sensors into your quality control solutions.

Straightforward integration is further supported by the carefully thought-out mechanical design of the sensors and software development kit (SDK) including quick start source code examples.

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About us

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FocalSpec Oy utilizes unique Line Confocal Imaging (LCI) technology to develop and provide quality control sensors and systems for industrial customers and integrators world-wide. Line Confocal Imaging provides unique precision and resolution for speedy online measurements. LCI is a superior solution in several challenging application areas for 3D surface profiling and layer characterization, dimension and thickness measurements, gloss measurements and quality inspection. LCI is applicable for diffuse, glossy, colored and transparent surfaces. It can also be applied to thickness measurement of transparent objects, transparent coatings on non-transparent objects and total thickness measurement of non-transparent objects. The FocalSpec business is based on continuing development of applications for the patented optical technology, originally developed at the Technical Research Center of Finland (VTT). Operation is based in Oulu, Finland and Atlanta, USA. The company is owned by private investors, key employees and VTT Ventures Oy, a sole subsidiary of VTT.

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