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10:00 - 16:00

Demo of Closed Loop Medication on Advantech Mica




10:00 - 16:00

Demo of Closed Loop Medication on Advantech Mica




10:00 - 16:00

Demo of Closed Loop Medication on Advantech Mica

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 06  Information and communication technology
  • 06.04  Administrative information systems / software
  • 06  Information and communication technology
  • 06.04  Administrative information systems / software
  • 06.04.21  Software for patient's care planning and care documentation
  • 06  Information and communication technology
  • 06.05  Medical information systems / software
  • 06  Information and communication technology
  • 06.05  Medical information systems / software
  • 06.05.01  Drug information systems

Our products

Product category: Drug information systems, Administrative information systems / software, Medical information systems / software, Software for patient's care planning and care documentation

Mobitrace Mobile Electronic Medication Administration Registration (EMAR)

Mobitrace developed a complete mobile EMAR system that is truly user-friendly.  It takes common pitfalls and exceptions in the medication administration process into account and can be interfaced with any electronic medication record system.

The system is now being piloted in 4 hospitals in Belgium.

At our booth we can demo this solution on the Advantech MICA tablet.

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Product category: Software for patient's care planning and care documentation, Administrative information systems / software, Medical information systems / software

Mobitrace Vital Signs registration and EWS follow-up

With the Mobitrace Vital signs & EWS (Early Warning Score) module, vital signs can be directly registered in Mobitrace in two ways:

  • Manual input
  • Input by automatic data import from parameter monitors (WelchAllyn, Mindray, Philips, etc.).
Mobitrace ensures that the vital signs are taken from the right patient.  It calculates the corresponding EWS (early warning score) according to the specific algorithm preferred by the hospital or uses the EWS calculated by the parameter monitor.  The Mobitrace Cockpit allows to monitor EWS trends and open follow-up actions.

In case the EWS is increased, the relevant standing orders are made available in Mobitrace as follow-up actions.   This ensures that every patient gets the required care in time.  This is often difficult to achieve using traditional EPR systems or indications given on the vital signs monitor as these systems are not built to ensure follow-up of this type of actions as they are not truly mobile.

All registered data will also become available in the Electronic Patient Record.

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Product category: Administrative information systems / software, Software for patient's care planning and care documentation, Medical information systems / software

Mobitrace Closed Loop Blood Transfusion

The right preparation avoids unnecessary work
Before the blood is collected by the nurse, Mobitrace asks for the parameters to be taken from the patient.
This avoids blood being collected unnecessarily, only to find for example that the patient has a fever and the blood cannot be administered.

No more useless phone calls between lab and ward
When the lab has a blood product ready for transfusion, this will be registered in the lab's blood bank system.
This status becomes available in Mobitrace immediately so that a nurse can collect the blood from the ward or have it send by pneumatic tube.

A full overview of the blood transfusions in progress at any moment 
Each blood product that arrives at the ward is scanned in upon receipt so the lab knows how long it was in transit.
An alarm is given when a pre-set time is exceeded.
The blood product can also be sent back to the lab. Mobitrace informs the LIS of the actual administration at the start of the transfusion so that the billing process can initiated.
Perfectly track and report vital signs during transfusion
Mobitrace asks to register vital signs when starting or ending a transfusion and at certain moments in between as required.
When the patient has been transferred to another ward, the vital signs measurement task follows the patient.

In case the Mobitrace Vital Signs and EWS module is being used, planned vital signs measurements are taken into account to avoid double/unnecessary registrations.

Safe administration through communication with the source system
Mobitrace always verifies the patient’s identity using the wristband
Compatibility between blood product and patient is checked directly in the source system.
Mobitrace works with the majority of LIS on the market:
- Cortex LAB400/TransfuseIT
- Cegeka Corlabs/TransfuseIT
- Medinfo Hemobank
- MIPS GLIMS Cybertrack (extra module Cybertrack on PDA required)
- Philips Labosys/Tebis

Mobitrace exports all the data recorded back to the LIS or blood bank system.
Mobitrace generates a transfusion report with all registered data to be included in the EMR.

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About us

Company details

Mobitrace can be found at the Advantech Europe booth and will demo it’s integrated mobile solution for nursing staff on the Advantech Mica-071 7″ tablet.

The problem
Over time hospitals have introduced a number of point solutions that each solve a specific problem.  These solutions each come with specific hardware and require training as they all have a different user interface.  E.g. a tablet is used for meal choice registration, a pc on a cart for EMR access, a PDA for scanning used materials in the ERP system, in addition one or two DECT phones that receive cryptic nurse call messages and often also a personal mobile device.  This set of tools is rather complex to be used by the nurse and does not help him or her focus on patient care.
The current situation is difficult to manage by IT and hospital management and is not cost efficient.

The solution
The Mobitrace solution combines functionalities of diverse existing systems in one easy to use mobile system.  This reduces training requirements and creates an efficient working environment for nurses.
Existing procedures and protocols can be built into the Mobitrace workflow, supporting the nurse with additional information when required.  In standard cases, only the strictly required amount of data is given in relation to the task at hand.
The use of an integrated barcode scanner ensures correct patient identification as well as correct administration of blood products, infusions or other medication.

When combined with Indoor Positioning technologies (Blooloc, InfSoft, Aeroscout) this additional layer of information will further increase the efficiency of the solution.  E.g. when a nurse needs a syringue pump, the system will not only locate the device but also take into account the current status (in use or not), maintenance status etc.  In case a nurse call is placed, Mobitrace does not only take into account presence information but also availability of collegues and will not interrupt those that are currently busy with an important task as e.g. medication administration. Also the distance to the room is taken into account to ensure that only the person who is nearby and free will be alerted.

A number of modules are readily available:
- closed loop medication administration
- closed loop blood transfusion
- closed loop blood gas samples (with Radiometer Flexlink)
- vital signs registration and EWS follow-up 
- phlebotomy rounds and sample management 
- wound care management
- patient questionnaires and scores
- incident registration

The system is currently being used in +10 hospitals in Belgium als well as in 1 university hospital in The Netherlands (Maastricht UMC).

We will be pleased to welcome you at our booth for more information.  In case you want a more detailed demo we need to schedule 30-60 minutes, in that case please contact us beforehand so we can make sure we find the time and can prepare accordingly.

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