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A slice of Wales comes to Medica

The Welsh Government will be hosting a reception featuring Welsh foods and refreshments on Tuesday 15 November at 5pm at the Wales Pavilion (Hall 16 Stand 42). 

Please join us at the reception and extend the invitation to your contacts. Register for the reception here: http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/o/welsh-government-11487372640

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Our products

Product category: Communication systems

NANOSCOPE NANO LIFT - a value engineered part for a charged particle microscope

At GX we understand that cost is a primary importance when developing new products and will consider a variety of options during the design development process. For example, when developing an attachment for a charged particle microscope, capable of holding a single carbon fibre of just 10 microns in diameter, we considered using micro machined components. However, these proved too costly so we used precise photo etching techniques which drastically reduce the manufacturing costs.

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Product category: Communication systems

A COMPACT RADIO LINKED PAGER DEVICE - designed for use by healthcare workers

The Callaid 1138 is a radio linked pager device designed for healthcare professionals who may be at risk from physical attack by patients in care homes and hospitals. We developed this small, yet rugged and water resistant pager to assist our client, Callaid to have more contact with their carers wherever they may be. 

 The pager has both a panic button and emergency pull tag, along with a function to receive incoming information, GPRS technology helps to locate wearer. Once activated a Callaid operator is immediately alerted, who can then send assistance from the nearest colleague.

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Product category: Communication systems

ULTRAVISION - A working demonstrator capable of dispersing surgical smoke

Surgical smoke is a significant issue during laparoscopic surgery as smoke rapidly builds up in the abdominal cavity. Releasing the surgical smoke into the operating theatre is not only unpleasant for the surgical team and it poses a potential risk since chronic exposure may have long-term health implications.

With our help Alesi Surgical worked with our product development team to design the Ultravision system to alleviate these issues. We have even manufactured a number of compact but highly effective demonstrators which could even be transported as hand luggage on aircraft. The company’s sales team have been effectively demonstrating the systems capabilities at presentation and exhibitions to help secure additional finance needed to take the product into mass production.

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Product category: Communication systems

AQ400 - A web based tracking solution

Our asset tracking and workflow monitoring systems can make it easier to manage both vehicles and workforce movement, wherever they are. Our software team can implement bespoke control systems designed around your needs giving you a new level of control with real-time visibility over your off-site operations. We are able to track hospital equipment through to vehicles by using GPS and GPRS technology coupled with RFID tagging. Our clients have found by implementing these control systems it has helped them reduce costs and resources, whilst improving productivity and profitability.

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Company news




Nov 3, 2016

Life changing design

The medical industry makes a very discerning client for any product design consultancy, there is so much more to consider than simply a sleek design. Developing innovative medical products involves more than just product design – it is interdisciplinary by nature, combining exceptional design with groundbreaking engineering.

One company who knows how to marry design with functionality and take a conceptual idea for a medical or scientific device, turning it into a commercially viable product, is GX. Over the past thirty years their design engineering skills have helped improve the working environment for healthcare workers and most importantly allowed many health professionals to hone their skills.

“Designing for the healthcare sector can be challenging, yet it is probably one of the most rewarding sectors, since the product development team see how their work can literally change lives. At GX we have designed a wide variety of medical products over our thirty years, from a complex model gut using life science technology, through to small rugged and water resistant pager for healthcare professionals,” says Mark Helmich, managing director of GX.

“It is an interesting and challenging market to work in, since it relies on so many skills and expertise not just product design. Our product development team includes experts whose knowledge of biotechnology, electronics and optronics all make sure we can turn clients’ ideas into innovative and functional, commercially viable products.”

Small is beautiful
Unlike other sectors, in the medical sector many of the products are incredibly small, which brings with it a host of challenges. As Mark recalls one client recently enlisted GX’s help to assist them develop an attachment for a charged particle microscope, capable of holding a single carbon fibre of just 10 microns in diameter. The challenge when working with such minute components is how to produce them with exact precision, using an economical production method.

“Our product development team initially focused on using micro machined components,” notes Mark. “However, when these proved too costly to produce, we opted to use precise photo etching techniques. This not only drastically reduced the manufacturing costs, but provided us with a finished product capable of holding such a fine fibre.”

Making a safer environment
Some of the products that GX designed for the healthcare sector are vital teaching aids to help key professionals hone their skills. The challenge here has been to develop a product which simulates a real life situation. Included in the devices that GX has successfully designed is one which allows surgeons to practice laparoscopic surgery, and another for sonographers to perfect their ultrasound skills. Most recently the product development team has been considering how to help improve the safety of healthcare workers, many of whom work on the frontline, frequently on their own.

“Certain healthcare workers can feel incredibly vulnerable during their working day since they are susceptible to unprovoked attacks by patients,” comments Mark. “To help provide an added level of safety one of our clients approached us to design a small, rugged paging device. Our product team developed a radio linked pager device which could attract attention in the event of an attack. They even managed to incorporate a two-way speaker allowing the wearer to remain in contact with a central control point.”

Designed to perform
Over the past thirty years GX has rightly earnt a reputation for finding practical ways of designing profitable medical devices. Not all their designs are destined to be manufactured, some clients simply need a functioning prototype to demonstrate how their device operates in order to attract external funding.

“Developing a one off, effective and working demonstrator that functions as the real product, requires skill and precision - there is no room for error. We are able to provide this service because of the combined skills of all our product development team,” says Mark.

One of GX’s most recent success stories was developing a working demonstrator for a device used to disperse the surgical smoke that builds up during laparoscopic surgery. The team faced the unusual added challenge that it needed to be suitable to be carried as hand luggage when flying.

“Designing medical products can be challenging,” comments Mark, “yet it is very gratifying to see that many of the designs and concept products that we developed for medical sector are now used widely within the healthcare sector. Some have even won awards.”

He continues: “A design we collaborated on with a client has recently scooped two innovation awards. The Ferroguard, which we developed for Metrasens, helps to detect metal before patients have an MRI scan. The design was awarded the 2015 Institute of Physics Innovation Award and the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) award for ‘Measurement in Action.”

- See more at: http://www.gxgroup.com/product-design-news/february-2016#sthash.zfePUWTN.dpuf

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Oct 31, 2016

GX joins the Welsh Government to take part in Medica 2016 a World Forum for Medicine

GX has been invited to be part of the Welsh Delegation attending the world’s largest event for the medical sector, Medica 2016.  Taking part in this international event will be GX’s business development manager, Claire Banks, who will be joined by design engineer, Santi Martinez. The event takes place in Dusseldorf Messe from November 14-17th. 

Commenting on their attendance Claire Banks said, “Medica provides us with an important platform to showcase the range of skills that we offer to the medical and life science sector. Our skilled product designers have designed a host of successful commercial products for many international companies over the past 30 years. One of our most recent successes, within communications systems, includes a compact radio linked pager device for use by lone healthcare workers.”

GX will be based with the Welsh Government for the duration of Medica in Hall 16, Stand F42. Both Claire and Santi will be one of the hosts for a reception due to be held on the stand on Tuesday, 15 November from 5pm, featuring Welsh foods and refreshments.

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About us

Company details

We are a product design, value engineering and system development company with 30 years’ experience of designing commercial solutions for a range of industries. To solve complex and challenging problems we combine skills from multiple disciplines, drawing upon experience gained in one sector to benefit another.

At GX our skilled product designers and mechanical engineers work in collaboration with our experts in electronics, optronics and software engineering. This multidisciplinary approach allows us to retain control of the entire project and turn brilliant ideas into practical reality.

Frequently our product design process starts with a simple sentence – just the outline of an embryonic idea, from this we develop a functional design that can be economically produced within a given timescale. Right from the start of a project we will consider the final production process and can also manufacture low volumes or bespoke parts in our workshop.

We have successfully helped many clients over the years refine and improve the design for existing products. Our value engineering process delivers practical ways to improve products by analysing functionality, performance and manufacturing processes in order to reduce production costs and maximise profitability.

We are speciailsts in building systems with purpose and function to integrate into existing structures. Our team of skilled industrial and mechanical software engineers are specialists in implementing SCADA’S and PLC’s designed to improve productivity. Our experience includes creating automated retrieval systems, building test rigs and controlling water flow.

Products and Services

Industrial design
Mechanical engineering
Electronic hardware and software
Regulatory Support
Low volume manufacture 
Rapid protoyping
IT solutions
web-based tracking including vehicle tracking
developer of RFID systems
Mobile Workflow
Asset Management
Project Management 
Software design
GPS / GPRS Tracking
SCADA / PLC Systems

Contact : Hall 16 F42

Claire Banks, Business Development Manager

GX, The Mayfield, Usk, Monmouthshire, NP15 1SY, UK

t +44 (0)1291 673437

f +44 (0)1291 673438



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  • Laboratory Equipment
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