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Orthopaedic shock wave therapy equipment

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Product category: Orthopaedic shock wave therapy equipment


Negative and positive pressure therapy for excellent wound care
C-Wave+ is a new innovative technique, especially designed for use in modern wound care.  By means of use of high energetic acoustic pressure wave at the cellular level, regeneration will occur so that the acute or chronic wound can heal fast.

C-Wave+ creates biphasic waves with a high positive and negative pressure.  The pressure is not mechanically generated (eg. suction pump system), but rather through a sophisticated technology device that creates and delivers acoustic pressure waves in the shock wave spectrum.

This C-Wave+ pressure wave reaches after a fex nanoseconds a positive pressure of 380.000 mm Hg, causing the cells and tissue to compress.  Micro-changing effects occur which starts up the process of cellular communication (cytokinetic activity) and expression (start-up enhancement of growth factors, stem cells and molecules).  Immediately after delivery of the positive pressure component the negative phase of the pressure wave follows which makes cells and tissue interact.  The delivered negative pressure per pulse is 67.000 mm Hg and causes cavities, which reflects in cellular activation and other biological effects that makes healing re-initialize.  In other words the cells and the tissue experience a "push and pull" effect in a continuous and rapid succession.

This advanced wound care is recommended for the following conditions:

Diabetic wounds
Venous wounds
Arterial wounds
Second degree thickess burns
Posttraumatic wounds
Postoperative healing disorders
Protocol and succession
The execution of the treatment is simple and effective:

The applicator is positioned on the wound, after cleaning and debridement, with a sterile sleeve and some gel.
After this, the treatment that will only last several minutes can begin.
Medical-monitoring or possibly 'offloading' according to the standard procedure.
A fully developed protocol (with calender/treatment of various injuries), is available on request.
After the initial treatment there is a transition period in which the wound heals.  If needed additional treatments can be done after checking the evolution of the wound healing.

Safety first
The C-Wave+ is based on a technology of shockwave treatment for kidney stones since the 80's and is continuing to develop the highest quality and safety for both the applicator executor and the patient.

The benefits for your practice:
Shockwave treatment is already scientifically proven in urology, orthopedics and traumatology and is used on daily basis.  Also for wound care we can mention similar benefits with lower operating costs (intra- and extramural), increase in clinical efficiency, reducing waste improving quality of life and comfort for in the hospital and/or home care.

For doctors and nurses, the C-Wave+ is a safe and comfortable treatment, where post- procedure actually helps to close the wound with a primary or secondary treatment.  The patients, doctors, specialists and wound care nurses benefit together with the patient of faster closing wounds.

In addition, a recent double-blind randomized placebo clinical study, showed that the C-Wave+ technique heals the diabetic foot ulcer not only faster in time but also in size.  Moreover, the same study shows that this technology with a recurrence rate of 4,5% compared to orther applications, scores very positive, thus providing budgetary control.

In the system of current healthcare it is not enough just to heal a wound, but new technologies are evaluated for their ability to reduce costs.

The C-Wave+ obtains very good results in terms of cost-effectiveness.  A treatment protocol can also easily be integrated in existing wounds protocol in hospitals, private practices or home care organizations.

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Product category: Orthopaedic shock wave therapy equipment


BOA kits and closures

The Click medical kits and BOA closures are adjustment solutions to:

Reduce patient return visits
Increase practitioner profitability and patient satisfaction
Dramatically increase the clinical effectiveness of devices
Provide patients with the ability to easily manage their own care

To enable people suffering the loss of mobility to regain controle of their limbs, their body, and their freedom.


Ortho-Medico provides the Click Medical closure solutions directly to practitioners, central fabrications, and key manufacturers who then build the solutions into custom orthotic and prosthetic devices that are delivered to patients.

4 Product Segments: RevoFit, OrthoFit, CastFit, FootFit

Orthotic solutions:

Click Medical's OrthoFit line of orthotic solutions bring a whole new world of possibility to custom orthotics.  By integrating a Click Medical kit containing BOA components, orthotist are able to produce custom devices with unpredecented fit, function & comfort.

Prosthetic solutions:

The RevoFit line of prosthetic solutions enable prosthetists to fabricate micro-adjustable prosthetic sockets.  Once integrated, the fabricated socket fit can be instantly customized, by micro-adjustments of the BOA reel by creating compression, suspension & closure around the limb.

Casting solutions:

The CastFit casting solutions provide a revolutionary tool to casting technicians.   Use the kit to maintain proper fracture reduction & stability while allowing the patient to adjust the volume of the cast in response to swelling or pain issues.

Foot solutions:

The FootFit solutions provide shoe manufacturers new possiblity to close and adjust custom shoes.  By integrating a Click Medical kit containing BOA components, orthotist are able to produce custom devices with unpredecented fit, function & comfort.

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Product category: Orthopaedic shock wave therapy equipment


An innovative dynamic therapeutic walking aid
TAOS is a walking aid designed for children with neurological disorders such as cerebral palsy, spina bifida, neurological muscle disorders.  The base of the system is a custom-made orthosis, which controls and supports the torso and lower limbs and makes it possible to carry its own weight independently.  For children who have difficulties with balance, tone and coordination, the orthosis is combined with a mobile base so that the children can participate in standing and walking activities handsfree without fear of falling.  The TAOS is designed for use during therapy, daily use at home or at school, and this for both indoor and outdoor.

Advanced technological neurorehabilitation:

The TAOS supports, according to the individual needs of each user the trunk and lower limbs so that hip, knee and ankle joints are perfectly aligned.
The handsfree system creates an environment where the user can explore the world upright in a safe and independent manner with a unique sense of freedom and personal achievement.
TAOS provides correct support so standing and walking are corrected and gait is improved.
The system allows limited to full weight bearing.
Ergonomic height regulating system using a lever mechanism that also can be easily used to go from sitting to standing position and vice versa.
What does the TAOS has to offer?


Increases muscle strength
Improves posture
Improves coordination
Increase the physical endurance
Better gait pattern

Exercise helps pain reduction
Good for mental health
Good for self-image

Provides improved circulation
Improves gastrointestinal system
Better breathing
Improved coordination and balance
Reduces spasticity

Gives users more energy
Helps against anxiety and dejection
Improves sleep pattern
A fun unique way to do activities with others
Dynamic and easy to use

Easy in and out function for the patient with lever mechanism.  Therefore it is not necessary lifting the patient.
Sedentary function in case of fatigue or transport.
Easy control of the height by therapist or parent.
Product is easy to disassemble for transport in the car.  Takes up very little space.
New design seat module:

The T2 model is created for an adolescent user and is simple to adjust during use from walking to seat module.  To be used as a wheel chair when tired or transport.

New patented alternating system

The new system promoting alternating walking is designed so that the user will encounter as little as no resistance.  Because, among other things the TAOS use lines without elasticity so there is no additional tension on the joints and muscles.  This allows a better regulation of the body metabolism so that the energy can be fully utilized in the running experience.

Unique construction with reliable technology

Very light, dynamic and sturdy aluminium chassis
Brace system of reliable U.S. manufacturer Sky Medical
A customized orthosis
Available in 4 sizes (S, M, L, T2)
Possibility to add additional components to the personal needs of each user, such as: hand support, headrest, etc.
For both the youngest and the adolescent user.

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Product category: Orthopaedic shock wave therapy equipment


Leading Motorized Cold Therapy
Breg's Polar Care Kodiak is the most convenient and versatile offering in the Breg Polar Care line.  It's easy to use, compact design makes it great for clinic, hospital, and home use.  With the addition of ice and water, your patients will enjoy 6-8 hours of effortless cold therapy.

Physicians and patients benefit from reduced pain and swelling
Whisper-quiet pump technology allows patients to rest and recover
Durable, powerful construction provides peace of mind
Battery pack option can help patient compliance for patients on the go

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About us

Company details

'Your future is dynamic'.  Ortho-Medico claims that it will 'stay dynamic'.  Ortho-Medico has been a known player in the Benelux since 1987 with its full range of orthopaedic aids and specific treatments as Shockwave.

Ortho-Medico's final aim, its mission, is to keep the patient as dynamic and active as possible, therefor our innovative expansion in the field of wound care and neurology!

Ortho-Medico's success is founded on a very high-quality, complete product portfolio, very close collaboration with specialists and orthopaedic technicians, very quick terms of delivery, reliable advice and an attitude which is aimed at finding solutions.

Your future is dynamic, and that we guarantee!

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