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  • 06  Information and communication technology
  • 06.02  IT infrastructure / computer hardware / mHealth
  • 06  Information and communication technology
  • 06.02  IT infrastructure / computer hardware / mHealth
  • 06.02.15  Wearable technologies, smart textiles

Wearable technologies, smart textiles

Our products

Product category: IT infrastructure / computer hardware / mHealth, Wearable technologies, smart textiles

Shimmer3 GSR +

The GSR+ (Galvanic Skin Response) unit provides connections and preamplification for one channel of Galvanic Skin Response data acquisition (Electrodermal Resistance Measurement - EDR). The GSR+ unit is suitable for measuring the electrical characteristics or conductance of your skin, as well as capturing a PPG signal and converting to estimate heart rate (HR), using the Shimmer ear clip.


The Galvanic Skin Response Sensor is used for realtime GSR Biofeedback. The Shimmer GSR+ monitors skin conductivity between two reusable electrodes attached to two fingers of one hand caused by a stimulus the sweat glands become more active, increasing moisture on the skin and allowing the current to flow more readily by changing the balance of positive and negative ions in the secreted fluid (increasing skin conductance). 

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Product category: IT infrastructure / computer hardware / mHealth, Wearable technologies, smart textiles

Shimmer3 EMG

The Shimmer3 EMG unit is a highly configurable sensor module which can be used in a variety of data capture scenarios.The unit includes:

• Software configurable right-leg drive for common-mode interference rejection
• Software configurable amplifier gain
• Software configurable data rate
• Respiration demodulation capability on-chip
• Lead-off detection capability on-chip
• Test signal on-chip for validation purposes
• EEPROM storage device enables expansion board detection and identification, as well as 2032 bytes of data storage available to user

The Shimmer EMG (Electromyogram) measures and records the electrical activity associated with muscle contractions, assesses nerve conduction, muscle response in injured tissue, activation level, or can be used to analyze and measure the biomechanics of human or animal movement. The Shimmer EMG is non-invasive (Surface) EMG and therefore is a representation of the activity of the whole muscle. It’s an efficient wireless solution for access to a host of muscle, gait, and posture data analysis.

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Product category: IT infrastructure / computer hardware / mHealth

Consultancy - Wearable Wireless Sensing

o Design – Wearable Sensing Systemo
o Customisation
o Manufacture – Prototyping and Volume
o Clinical Grade Sensor Technology
    - 5 Lead Wireless ECG
    - Optical Heart Rate
    - 2 Channel Wireless EMG
    - Wireless GSR
    - Wireless Complex Motion (9DoF – Degrees of Freedom)
    - Multiple sensor systems for large groups

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Product category: IT infrastructure / computer hardware / mHealth, Wearable technologies, smart textiles


Shimmer3 is the smallest, slimmest and most robust wearable wireless sensor created by Shimmer to date. The updated module boasts a 24MHz CPU with a precision clock subsystem, making it three times faster than its predecessor.

In developing Shimmer3, we have focussed on creating a powerful and elegant wearable wireless sensor which will provide superior data quality, adding value to your data collection process. We’ve added a smarter enclosure which allows for straps to be quickly clicked into place for a range of wearable applications.

Shimmer3 offers best data quality with integrated 10 DoF inertial sensing via accel, gyro, mag and altimeter, each with selectable range. Shimmer3 also boasts an integrated motion processor for on-board 3D orientation estimation. 5 coloured LEDs indicate device status and operating mode, as well as indicating Bluetooth streaming functionality.

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About us

Company details

Shimmer provides advanced development of wearable sensing systems. Based on award winning clinical grade sensor technology, Shimmer bring ideas from concept to launch, delivering sensing innovations that matter.

Our deep sensing experience and expertise allows for the understanding and insight that accelerates your innovation’s development, reduces your cost and time to market by up to 80%, and extends to regulatory submission and certification.

Offering consultancy, customisation and volume manufacturing service, Shimmer’s technology is trusted and utilised by the world’s brightest start-ups, Fortune 500 companies, and leading Universities in areas of Connected Health, Rehabilitation, Clinical Assessment, Elite Sport and Neuro-Marketing. Shimmer based deployments include an FDA approved biophysical application in the US, tele-rehab solution in Spain, and player tracking and performance management solution in the UK and Ireland.

Shipping to over 70 countries worldwide, and with offices in Dublin, Boston and Kuala Lumpur, Shimmer offers wearable wireless sensing technology that overcome the challenges of size, wearability, reliable communications and low power consumption.

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  • Electromedical equipment / Medical Technology
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Diagnostics
  • Physiotherapy / Orthopaedic Technology
  • Commodities and Consumer Good for Surgeries and Hospitals
  • Information and Communication Technology