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  •  Electromedical instruments and instruments for neurological diagnosis

Electromedical instruments and instruments for neurological diagnosis

Our products

Product category: Electromedical instruments and instruments for neurological diagnosis


17 quadrillions iron oxide nanoparticles in just one milliliter of magnetic liquid

NanoTherm™ is a ferrofluid – a liquid that reacts to the presence of a magnetic field. The liquid acquires its magnetic characteristics from the iron oxide nanoparticles it contains. Despite an average diameter of just 15 nanometers (one nanometer is one millionth of a millimeter), the nanoparticles possess strong magnetic characteristics (known in this context as superparamagnetism).

Thanks to their special aminosilane coating, these tiny magnets can be finely dispersed in water, forming a colloidal solution that can be introduced via a syringe. In addition, they have been specifically designed to produce heat inside the alternating magnetic field applicator, the NanoActivator®. The nanoparticles act as transducers and are exceptionally efficient at converting energy into heat. Their coating ensures that they form a stable depot within the tumor tissue. These characteristics are unique to NanoTherm™ and form the basis of NanoTherm™ therapy.

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Product category: Electromedical instruments and instruments for neurological diagnosis

Planning the course of treatment before it begins

Planning the course of treatment before it begins

The therapy planning software, NanoPlan®, helps the physician in charge to draw up the treatment plan for NanoTherm™ therapy, based on the distribution of nanoparticles as shown in a postoperative CT (computed tomography) scan. NanoPlan® uses the bioheat transfer equation to help the physician in charge estimate treatment temperatures and the magnetic field strength required to achieve them.

The intuitive workflow guides the user through a series of questions relating to the treatment parameters. The software then creates a three-dimensional image showing contoured areas such as the tumor, the nanoparticle depots, and the thermometry catheter. Additionally, an estimate is given of the temperature distribution in the affected area depending on the field strength. By altering the underlying parameters, different scenarios can be simulated to determine the optimal treatment field strength.

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Product category: Electromedical instruments and instruments for neurological diagnosis


NanoTherm™ particles switch their polarity 100,000 times every second

NanoTherm™ therapy is performed in a magnetic field applicator (NanoActivator®), which was developed specifically for this therapy. The machine’s 100 kHz oscillating coil current can be continuously adjusted. The resulting magnetic field oscillates the iron oxide particles in the NanoTherm™ magnetic fluid, creating therapeutic treatment temperatures within the tumor. The NanoActivator® can be used for tumors in all areas of the body.

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About us

Company details

Using advanced nanomedicine for innovative therapies

At a Glance
•Founded: 1997, head office in Berlin, Germany
•Management Board: Dr. Ben J. Lipps (CEO), Prof. Hoda Tawfik (Chief Medical Officer), Christian von Volkmann (CFO)
•Employees: 25 employees plus a production company with 14 employees
•Listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (MF6)
•Strong IP protection: 17 international patent families, approx. 100 single patents, and 65 patent applications
•NanoTherm™ therapy launched in 2011

Recent Highlights
•First and only nanotechnology-based therapy (NanoTherm™) with European regulatory approval (CE conformity marking) for the treatment of brain tumors
•NanoActivator® devices installed in Berlin, Münster, Kiel, Cologne and Frankfurt; study centers without own device established in Düsseldorf and Giessen
•End of March 2014 enrollment of the first patient into the new glioblastoma study MF1001
•First US commercial glioblastoma patient treated in Germany in Q1 2015
•Incorporation of the US affiliate MagForce USA, Inc. in March 2014 to introduce NanoTherm™ therapy for the treatment of glioblastoma and prostate cancer in the US
•Pre-submission meeting at the FDA to conduct a study with NanoTherm™ therapy in the US in May 2014
•Pre-IDE Meeting on MagForce's NanoTherm™ Prostate Cancer Therapy Pre-Submission in January 2015 and filing IDE in May 2015
•First USA NanoActivator® installed in Seattle, Washington, in November 2015. It will be utilized in the Focal Thermal Ablation Registriation Study for Prostate Cancer
•Initiation of Commercial NanoTherm™ Treatments for Brain Cancer at Vivantes Friedrichshain in collaboration with Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin in April 2016
•Successful final closing of a growth financing round for MagForce USA, Inc. under the lead of Mithril Capital Management in August 2014
•Successful completion of a capital increase of MagForce AG in November 2014 with gross proceeds of €10.2million

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