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Gene tests / molecular biological diagnostic

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Product category: Gene tests / molecular biological diagnostic

Oncomedics resources

Based on its experience, Oncomedics has on its own a series of resources that can be shared with other private and public laboratories.

Bank of living tumor cells
The Oncomedics bank may provide tumor cells or tumor fragments. These fragments or cells are alive and can then be cultured using the Oncomedics products and procedures developed by Oncomedics. The tumor fragments or cells are placed in a storage medium developed by Oncomedics then frozen and stored in liquid nitrogen tank. Patient associated data for each sample (cancer type, date and time of collection, and clinical pathology results) are listed in a database built by Oncomedics preserving the anonymity of the patient.

Unique series of Optimized media for primary cells:
1.) Safely transport fresh tumors with  OncoMid-Via™ media series specifically developed to safely transport fresh tumor samples.It is crucial that the viability of the fresh tumor sample remains intact during its transport from the hospital to the laboratory.  In order to preserve such cell viability, Oncomedics has developed OncoMid-Via™ media series allowing human primary cells 48h following the tumor excision. OncoMid-Via™ media series have been developed for breast, colorectal and ovarian cancers (see table for specific references).

2.) To dissociate selected cell subtypes, OncoMid-Diss™ media series specifically optimized to dissociate human cancer primary cells. OncoMiD-Diss™ media series allow human tumour sample dissociation to selectively obtain human tumour primary culture. Four different vials have been prepared to specifically initiate, control and stop the tumor dissociation using a procedure specific for each tumor type. OncoMid-Diss™ media series have been developed for breast, colorectal and ovarian cancers (see table for specific references).

3.)To cultivate primary cultures, OncoMiD™ media series optimized to cultivate dissociated human cancer primary cells. OncoMiD™ media series comprise standardized, serum-free media intended for the preparation of in vitro tumour cell primary cultures from human tumour samples. For example, the OncoMiD™ for breast defined medium (ref. OMCULT1) has been optimized to get, from almost all breast cancer subtype samples, tumour cell cultures within 7 days. During this time lapse, strong cell mortality is observed, reflecting the selective elimination of microenvironment cells. Following this, a heterogeneous breast tumour cell primary culture is obtained. The OncoMiD™ for breast medium works better in combination with: OncoMid-Via™ for breast (ref. OMVIA1) for tumour sample transport; OncoMiD-Diss™ for breast (ref. OMDIS1) for sample preparation and dissociation. OncoMid™ media series have been developed for breast, colorectal and ovarian cancers (see table for specific references).

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Product category: Gene tests / molecular biological diagnostic

Oncogramme Personalized Medicine

“One patient, one tumor, one treatment…” is Oncomedics’ philosophy, based on special care for each patient. This means that each individual needs her/his own customized anticancer treatment. Currently, treatment selection process is empirical and rests on the “most efficient on the greatest number” principle, with some adaptations according performance status and genetic data when available. Effectiveness of such procedure is significantly constrained by intrinsic tumor resistances, unknown before treatment, as well as variable severity of its side effects.

Based on the idea of the antibiogram, the Oncogramme aims at helping physicians select the most appropriate cure for a cancer patient, by providing additional information on sensitivity and resistance of her/his cancer to molecules of routine use in the clinical setting.

These characteristics are identified by assessing, through a cancer-specific in vitro functional assay, responses of a patient’s qualified tumor fragment to various anticancer drugs. Optimal therapies, but also those that will be inefficient, are then identified thanks to the profiles obtained. This information is included in the patient’s medical file to subsequently assist the clinical team in charge of prescribing the most suitable regimen.

Oncomedics has completed the experimental step of a pilot clinical trial focusing on stage-IV colorectal cancer patients evaluating the predictive capacities of the Oncogramme. Results are currently undergoing a thorough analysis and will be published very soon to demonstrate the power of this technology.

Ultimately, Oncomedics’ Oncogramme will be available to colorectal cancer patients as a ready-to-use assay, under the close assistance of their physicians, to improve effectiveness of treatments, outcome of cancer and patients’ quality of life.

How to request an Oncogramme:

Oncomedics cannot directly interact with colorectal cancer patients because of physician-patient privilege. Patients should thus ask her/his physician to contact Oncomedics before surgery so that a fresh (unfixed) fragment of her/is tumor is reserved by the pathologist in charge of diagnosis. A conservation tube will be sent to the pathology laboratory prior to surgery for this tumor fragment to be selected, and the sample will be sent back to Oncomedics’ facility where the functional analysis will be performed. Results will be made available to the physician for insertion in the decisional process.

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About us

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Oncomedics is a biotechnology company specializing in individualized therapy for the treatment of cancer. The company was founded in 2006 by Dr Christophe Lautrette and Stéphanie Giraud. Oncomedics moved in 2010 to new laboratories specifically adapted for the needs of its business. These premises are located on the site of ESTER Technopolis, Limoges (France). Oncomedics is now composed of 4 people including 3 PhDs and has numerous collaborations with clinical centers and academic laboratories. During the company creation, Oncomedics has established a network of clinicians needed to supply tumor samples with the addition of new tumor types. Surgeons advise patients, evidence of their consent for the use of their surgical residues and perform biopsies or complete resection of the affected organ. Pathologists, after making their diagnosis, extract a dedicated Oncomedics tumor fragment and send it to Oncomedics by specialized carrier. These procedures are performed with a legal contract with Oncomedics.

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