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  • 01  Electromedical equipment / Medical Technology
  • 01.06  Sterilisation
  • 01.06.02  Sterilisation and disinfection equipment and accessories / autoclaves

Our products

Product category: Sterilisation and disinfection equipment and accessories / autoclaves

SC-28S (Gravity Type)

SC-28S is user-friendly in operation and conformable to instruments or unwrapped objects. It is highly cost effective compared to their functions and shows high performance in sterilization with exhausting steam and air during heating.


- All processes are controlled by micro processor
- Full Automated progressing of all sterilization processes
- All parameters during sterilization processes are being displayed on LCD Monitor
- Multi-functional program of sterilization
- Exclusive sterilization program (Package, Instrument, Rubber, Liquid)
- User program (Manual Program & Dry Program)


- Type : Tabletop / Horizontal
- Overall Size : 500(W)×433(H)×665(L)mm
- Chamber Size : 283(Diameter)mm×450(Depth)mm
- Chamber Type: 28 Liter (Cylindrical Type)
- Loading Tray : 2 EA
- Operating Temperature & Pressure : 121°C(1.1Bar) ~ 135°C(2.1Bar)
- Display : Graphic LCD Display
- Unit Weight : 60kg
- Power Supply: AC220V/60Hz
- Power Consumption : 2,300 Watt


- Recording : Thermal Dot printer
- Installation Table : 500(Width)×825(Height)×600(Length)mm

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Product category: Sterilisation and disinfection equipment and accessories / autoclaves

PERSON-HPS35L (35Liter)

Safety for Human and the Environment
HPS Series are the most secure sterilizer replacing current EO gas and Formalin sterilizers which handle dangerous materials(sterilant) for their sterilization. While much harmful components that impact on human body and the environment are discharged during the emission process of EO gas and formalin sterilization, HPS Series are harmless and eco-friendly plasma sterilizer by decomposing hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen after completion of sterilization process.

Quick Sterilization Process
HPS Series plasma sterilizer can complete all process within a minimum of 28 minutes while E.O gas and formalin sterilizer require at least 12 hours of sterilization and aeration for usage. Therefore, HPS Series are perfectly economical as they facilitate rapid process and reduce cost of operating machinery.

Extended Lifespan of Medical Instruments
HPS Series provide an optimized sterilization environment to vulnerable instruments to heat and moisture. Furthermore, they give minimized damage to instruments and perfect sterilization results with less cost.

Simple and Convenient Installation
HPS Series are installed in ordinary power supply(AC220V) and can be installed anywhere in a hospital as an exhaust pipe or a drain line are not required due to having no toxic material.

High Performance

* Three different sterilization cycles in HPS series are programmed to fit the length and characteristic of heat-sensitive medical devices and surgical instruments.

* Chamber is made of aluminium alloy that enables the perfect sterilization by maximizing transferring heat to sterilized instruments.

* They delight users by providing convenient and user-friendly operation such as touch monitor, sliding door, one push door and the bottle typed sterilant agent.

* The preheating system enhance the stability and performance of sterilization as it proceeds making instruments in chamber to maintain in a constant sterilization temperature by removing moisture with pre-heat processor.

* User can check errors and defects during process through the monitor displaying 20 alert alarms and all activities occurred are stored in the internal memory to track down at any time

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Product category: Sterilisation and disinfection equipment and accessories / autoclaves

E.O Gas Sterilizers

High Quality & Full Automatic Ethylene Oxide Gas Sterilizer

EO gas sterilization is a special method of chemical sterilization sterilizing microbes and bacteria by spraying Ethylene Oxide in the condition of gas.

PERSON - EO35 (35 Liter)

PERSON - EO35 can sterilize metal surgical instruments, all kinds of rubber products, and all kinds of medical instrument cables. High pressure steam sterilizers use high temperature steam for sterilization of metal surgical instruments. But, the EO gas sterilization is the most suitable for medical instruments which can be transformed and transmitted when they are sterilized in steam sterilization. Therefore, EO gas sterilization can effectively increase the regeneration rate of medical instruments. EO Gas Sterilization Implement Temperature 37C(98.6℉) ~ 60°C(140℉)


Small size (35L) E.O gas sterilizer is a right machine for sterilizing to heat-sensitive medical devices and apparatuses in hospitals (plastic surgery, dermatology, ophthalmology, otorhinoloaryngology, general surgery and dentistry etc) because of its small size and high efficiency.


Type : Tabletop / Horizontal
Overall Size : 483(W)×500(H)×712(L)mm
Chamber Size : 300(Diameter)mm×495(Depth)mm, 35.0 Liter
Chamber Type : Cylindrical Type
Using Gas : Mixture of Ethylene Oxide and Carbonic acid gas
E.O (20%) + CO2 (80%)
Vacuum & Aeration: Oil-less Vacuum Pump System
Loading Tray : 1 EA
Operating Temperature & Pressure : 30°~ 60°C / 1.0 Bar
Display : LCD & FND Display
Unit Weight : 60 kg
Power Supply: AC220V/60Hz.
Power Consumption : 500 Watt
Installation Table : 500(Width)×820(Height)×600(Length)mm

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Product category: Sterilisation and disinfection equipment and accessories / autoclaves

Electronic Tourniquets

A. Features

1. Self Check Calibration
Automatically checks the accuracy of the machine calibration each time the unit is powered on, saving time.

2. Cuff Alert
Alerts user of cuff status when attempt is made to set the machine to stand-by.

3. Cuff Lockout
Feature prompts the user to confirm the deflation command during bilateral or IVRA procedure to reduce complications due to sudden cuff deflation.

4. Cuffs (Reusable cuff)
  1) Thigh Cuff / Upper Limb Cuff / Lower Leg Cuff
  2) Color Coding
  3) Protection Sleeves
  4) 90 Degree Ports
  5) Positive Locking Connectors
  6) High Quality Material
  7) Single and Dual Port Options
  8) Single and Dual Bladder Option

5. Four-Hour Battery Backup Maintains pressure if AC power is temporarily lost.

6. Color-coded Cuffs
  From 8 inches to 42 inches accommodate virtually all patients and limbs.

7. Carrying Handle
Makes the system easy to transport, and includes pull-out hangers for storage of cuffs and hoses. The lightweight, portable unit can be mounted on an IV pole or placed on a table.

B. Specification

- Operation Method: Single Tourniquet
- Dimensions: 12.5 (H) x 10.25(W)x8.1( D) ± 10%
- Weight: 8 lb. ± 10%
- Storage Temperature: 50° to 100°F
- Operating Temperature: 50° to 100°F
- Humidity (no condensing): 10-80%
- Power Requirements : AC/ 220Volt, 50Hz or DC/ 380Volt , 53 Watts
- Sealed lead acid battery pack: AUTO SWITCHING
- Battery: 12 VDC rechargeable sealed lead acid 2.3 amp


1. A.T.S CUFFS  :  Color Coding For easy size identification
  1) Reusable cuffs
2. Cuff and Sleeves (PCL with Sleeves)
  1) 1 EA per each size
      20cm x 7cm (8in x 2.75in)
      30cm x 9cm (12in x 3.5in)
      46cm x 10cm (18in x 4in)
      61cm x 10cm (24in x 4in)
      76cm x 10cm (30in x 4in)
      86cm x 10cm (34in x 4in) 
     107cm x 10cm (42in x 4in)
3. Provision of cuff hose
   - Dual Cuff hose(RED) with PLC and LLC connector 1 UNITS
   - Dual Cuff hose(BLUE) with PLC and LLC connector 1 UNITS
4. Sterile single hose extension with PLC connector 20 UNITS  
5. Tourniquet Stand inclusive base and pole 1 UNITS
6. Accessory basket 1UNITS
7. Operation & service manual (ENGLISH & SPANISH) 1 Bk per each.


1. Installation and Operation training will be provided by the supplier.
2. Warranty : 2 years (except consumables)

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Product category: Sterilisation and disinfection equipment and accessories / autoclaves

Gynecological Examining Table

High Quality & Gynecological Examining Table

Plusmedi-5000 uses a hydraulic pump which mainly features safety and convenience and it also provides variable positions for medical treatment.

- Wireless Remote Control’ Foot Switch provides convenience and easy of use.
- Seat Warming System lessens resistance in patients and provides relaxedness.
- It is composed of variable accessories for the treatment and relaxedness of patients.
- It can memorize the height of table and the seat back reclining.
- It can be adjusted easily by one-touch position button.
- It can keep the clean condition of seat by the use of roll sheet paper.

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Great thankful for visiting the website of the PERSON Medical Co., Ltd.

We have provided the 10-kind of high pressure steam sterillzers, 4-kind of E.T.O Gas Sterillzers, 4-kind of electronic tourniquets to the markets of domestic and over-sea from the year of 2002.

All the products were designed 100% autonomously and manufactured under the quality policy of "Endless product development for Quality Improvement and Service providing for Customer satisfaction".

Major products were certified from the CE and All products were certified from the ISO 13485, GMP and kept and managed the best quality system.

All the employees of PERSON MEDICAL Co., Ltd. have declared and promised that we will focus on the one customer who has felt compliant than ninety nine customer who has felt the satisfaction and will be always ready to run to you.

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