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  • 07.02  Further education and training

Our products

Product category: Further education and training

Z-Medica Trauma Trainer

Efficiently scaled to approximate the thigh region with a combination of a knife wound and with both entry and exit wounds of a 9 mm gun round. The simulation presents significant tissue loss that is expected in an aggressive assault environment that will require quick rescue intervention. The simulator can be used with hemostatic dressings or related products to address large irregular wounds and the risks associated with large blood loss. The unit gives focused training on rapid packing and then later unpacking deep complex wounds. A cost-effective training solution for those working in environments where knife and gun wounds will be encountered.
Size 30" x 20" x 11". Ship weight 4 lbs.

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Product category: Further education and training

Z-Medica Hemorrhage Control Training Kit With Biofeedback

An advanced training tool with proprietary app software which, when used with a smartphone or tablet, provides real-time PSI measurement of the force being applied to the source of the bleeding. Following successful completion of the web-based training program, it is recommended that all end users perform a practical demonstration of their skills under the direction of a qualified instructor. Includes training leg, table stand, tablet, case, and moulage trainers. Size: 23" x 8" x 16". Ship wt. 27 lbs.

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Product category: Further education and training

Geriatric IV Training Arm

Developed from a live cast, this arm is unique to the industry. Its properties include veins that roll away or disappear as you attempt to catheterize the vessel and a specially developed skin that is exceptionally lifelike. Catheterization in this IV arm may be done either in the dorsal side of the hand or on the medial aspect of the forearm where you can palpate either a cephalic or basilic vein, including the antecubital fosse. If your students work with the aged, this adjunct to your teaching lab will enable them to better serve in the future. Comes with carry bag. Size: 35" x 13" x 9". Ship weight 16 lbs.

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Product category: Further education and training


Simulaids offers a realistic trainer for the first moments of life. Specific skill sets need to be developed to execute the challenging procedures performed on newborns. The SMART Baby trainer is scaled to an average birth weight baby. Limbs can be moved and positioned to provide varied clinical presentations.

The realistic-feeling skin adds to the realism of the simulation. Fluid management includes I/O and IV sites and the umbilical vein and pulse point provides added realism. The advanced automated system uses an iPad®* interface, allowing for easy control and management of training at the same time. The advanced system allows for detailed and effective skill development for fluid access sites, assessments, dynamic airway management, cardiac monitoring and interventions, and medication administration. The trainer’s scale also provides an increase of the challenge when the student is performing what otherwise may be a routine procedure on a much smaller person. The airway can be fully intubated, provides for edema of the tongue and larynx, and represents a range of respiratory conditions. The trainer offers full CPR and ALS training and is supported with 17 cardiac rhythms that can be linked to your ECG and allows for cardioversion with live defibrillation and external pacing.

Skill Sets:

• Advanced Intubation Head
• Tongue Edema
• Laryngospasm
• Accepts LMA and ET, OPA, NPA, LT
• Pulse Locations (carotid, brachial, femoral, plus L redial, umbilical)
• PICC Site — Right Arm
• IV Sites (umbilical vein, right side antecubital, dorsal hand, left saphenous pedal)
• I/O Leg — Right Side
• ECG Monitoring — 4 Lead
• Defibrillation (20 joules to 150 joules capable)
• Chest Decompression (bilateral sites, no manikin damage, pad replacement only)
• Chest Tube Placement (left midaxillary site fluid return with insertion)
• Urinary catheterization (fluid return with insertion)
• Rectal Medication

The app for the iPad®* has the same look and feel as the full-sized 6-ft. tall SMART STAT and includes the wireless ECG presentation that supports the use of SimVitals remote student monitor

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Product category: Further education and training

SynDaver™ Central Line Trainer

Realistic medical training platform for learning techniques associated with central venous catheterization. Anatomic features include the clavicle; carotid and subclavian arteries; and the common, internal, and external jugular vein. Relevant skills: central line placement, ultrasound guidance, cutdown, cannulation, catheterization, incisions, suturing, stapling, and application of adhesives. Includes adult human skin, subcutaneous fat, skeletal muscle, venous and arterial intima, media, adventitia, base, soft tissue, vein branch, artery, insertion tool, bottle of solution, and case
Vein includes the jugular and subclavian branch.Artery includes carotid and subclavian branch.
Ship weight 22 lbs.

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About us

Company details

Simulaids began producing trauma moulage products in the town of Woodstock in 1963. The first order was received and we were on our way. Simulaids’ moulages were the first commercially available wounds for EMS practice. Since our formation, we have led the industry with many firsts which include: “Sim” in our name, CPR Baby manikins, Fire and Water Rescue Manikins, intubation heads manufactured of silicone, hand held Personal Data Assistants for controlling patient simulators, and new silicone moulages offering realistic details and a lifelike feel. Simulaids is proud to currently offer patient simulators controlled by the iPad.

Simulaids built a new 83,000-square-foot facility, in Saugerties, New York, in 2006. Today, over 95% percent of our orders are shipped in less than five days.

For the last fifty years Simulaids has been proudly creating durable and economical products in the United States. Our experienced employees consistently supply top quality products, ensuring you of a superior training experience.

Thank you for considering Simulaids when purchasing your next healthcare training aid.

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