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Pumps, chemically inert

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Pumps, compressor

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Pumps, diaphragm

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Pumps, micro

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Pump vacuum

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Pumps, oilless

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Pumps, positive displacement

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Vacuum equipment and systems

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Product category: Pumps, chemically inert, Pumps, compressor, Pumps, diaphragm, Pumps, micro, Pump vacuum, Pumps, oilless, Pumps, positive displacement, Vacuum equipment and systems


Rotary Diaphragm

The patented rotary diaphragm technology has a revolutionary pumping principle. The flow of liquid is initiated by an eccentrically mounted bearing on a drive shaft which revolves within a flexible diaphragm. As the shaft rotates, the bearing flexes the diaphragm, squeezing liquid through the pump. 


The major advantage of the diaphragm pump is that the pumping chamber is totally sealed and, therefore, does not require a sliding seal between moving parts. Vacuum and pressure are produced by the flexing of the diaphragm back and forth in the chamber. The reciprocating action is created by an eccentric driven connecting rod under the diaphragm. The pumps can handle corrosive gases and vapours when the correct materials are specified and are completely oil-free which makes them ideal for use in applications where contamination cannot be tolerated.

Linear Diaphragm

The simple yet efficient pumping principle uses a magnetically operated diaphragm. This action flexes a diaphragm at one, or both ends of the connecting rod within a totally sealed pumping chamber. This eliminates sliding parts keeping wear, tear and power consumption to a minimum.

Rocking Piston

Rocking piston pumps combine the higher performance of a piston pump with the simplicity of a diaphragm pump in a small economic unit. The piston is fixed rigidly to the top of the connecting rod. An eccentric drive causes the piston to reciprocate and a flexible seal maintains contact with the cylinder walls, compensating for the rocking piston. The pumps are capable of operating continuously with a minimum of maintenance and offer high performance, particularly pressure, within a compact package.


Centrifugal pumps incorporate a rotary impeller which draws the liquid into the inlet. The centrifugal action forces the fluid to the extremities of the chamber and through the outlet at pressure. Due to their valveless design, the output from these pumps is completely smooth and gives good flow performance from a compact unit.

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Manufacturers of vacuum pumps and compressors for use in the medical industry. The range includes diaphragm, rotary diaphragm, linear diaphragm and rocking piston technology. Models available in 8 mbar vacuum, up to 250 l/min flow and 8 bar pressure.

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