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Gary Atkins

Business Development Director Healthcare & Medical Murata Europe

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Wout Mattaar

Business Development Manager Healthcare & Medical Murata Europe

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Enabling your healthcare innovations

Murata is empowering change in the healthcare and medical profession through innovation. In addition to its very wide range of components and modules, this year we will be demonstrating our different types of patient monitoring systems and high technology solutions. The applications will include different options for fall prevention with different nurse-call systems.

Murata’s components will lead with the latest MEMS technology, a comprehensive sensor line up including the latest temperature sensors, special capacitors for implantable applications and many other discrete components.

Module technology will cover medically approved AC-DC power supplies, DC-DC converters, RF connectivity and MEMS BCG modules. Plus, we will be conducting live patient monitoring - and fall prevention alert demonstrations on our booth by our medical specialists.

Live Patient Monitoring Demonstration

  • New BCG (Ballistocardiography), None obtrusive technology; BCG wireless bed sensor with new applications for assisted living fall prevention alerts and vital sign monitoring
  • Vital signs include; Heart rate, Respiration, Heart Rate Variability
  • Using HRV, sleep quality can be accurately analysed
  • New products for wearables and bio-patch technologies
MEMS sensors
  • Accelerometers
  • Inclinometers
  • Pressure sensor elements
AC DC power supplies
  • 40W, 65W, 120W, 250W, 400W
  • 60601-1 (3rd ed.) medically approved
  • Custom designs possible
DC DC converters
  • 1W & 2W
  • 60601-1 (3rd ed.) medically approved
Connectivity modules
  • Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi® modules
  • SAW-based radios, also for implantable medical applications
  • Certification & software support
RF Components
  • SAW filters, RFICs
  • ISM band
  • HiQ Capacitors and inductors

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Our products

Product category: Sensors

Non-contact patient monitoring for Fall prevention, Sleep quality analysis and Vital signs

The new bed sensor technology is based on the Ballistocardiographic (BCG) principle. When the heart pumps blood there is a recoil effect to the opposite direction. This means that when e.g. lying on a bed, the entire bed will be subject to micro movements due to the blood flow. We use an ultra-sensitive Murata accelerometer to capture this signal. A microcontroller with a specially made algorithms are able to extract heart rate and many other vital signs from the signal.

The BCG module/node outputs vital signs and bed occupancy information such as:

  • Heart rate
  • Respiration rate
  • Heart rate variability (correlates to stress level)
  • Relative stroke volume (how much blood the heart pumps)
  • Bed status indicator (is the bed empty, is patient in bed, is patient moving in bed)
  • Other information such as a data log of timestamp, signal strength etc.

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Product category: Sensors

Temperature Sensors

Capable of sensing heat, temperature sensors are widely used to protect equipment and circuits.
NTC thermistors are elements whose resistance falls with an increase temperature, while PTC thermistors display an increase in resistance as temperature rises. Their characteristic temperature-resistance curves allow them to be used as temperature sensors.
NTC thermistors find a wide range of uses since they feature high precision and good thermal response. PTC thermistors are employed in many applications that detect certain temperature levels using extremely simple circuits.
Murata thermistors come in chip and lead types.

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Product category: Sensors

Ultrasonic Sensors

Ultrasonic sensors emit ultrasonic waves in the air that reflect off of objects. The reflected sound is then received by the sensor. This technology is used for detection of objects in burglar alarms and automatic doors as well as for range measurement in automotive parking assistance systems.

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Product category: Sensors

Proximity Ambient Light Sensor

Proximity and Ambient light Sensor (ALS) stick a light emitting device and a build-in digital conversion function of IC which unified the photodetector for both proximity and ambient light in one package. So this sensor has both function of the proximity and ambient light detection. The light from emitting device returns from the measuring object. Proximity sensing is to detect far and near distance from sensor to measuring object by the light amount which returns from measuring object. Ambient light sensing is to detect the environmental lighting by the light amount which is detected with the photodetector for ambient light.

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Product category: Sensors

Barometric Pressure Sensor

Barometric pressure sensor detects the atmospheric pressure. This sensor is used for indoor navigation, elevator/floor change detection and weather monitoring. Our sensor element is designed by capacitive sensing technology, which performs low current consumption, low noise and good stability for temperature change.

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About us

Company details

Murata is a leading manufacturer of electronic components, modules, devices, sensor solutions and nurse-call interfaces for healthcare and medical applications. These advanced technologies enable easy to use remote patient monitoring.

The complete range includes all passive components, sensors, timing devices, filters and modules, and has the widest range in the industry.

Although the company is known as a global manufacturer of components, it is also a world leader in Bluetooth® & WiFi™ modules, standard and custom power modules and devices for healthcare.

  • Non-contact HR sensor (BCG)
  • Sensors / thermistors
  • Connectivity modules
  • Power supplies (AC-DC)
  • Power devices (DC-DC)
  • Inductors
  • Capacitors & EMI noise suppression
  • Timing devices
  • Sound components (Piezoelectrics)

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Company data

Sales volume

> 500 Mio US $

Number of employees

> 5000



Area of business
  • Components, parts, modules, Original Equipment Manufacturers
  • Electrical and electronic components

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