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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 09  Raw materials and adhesives
  • 09.03  Coatings, biocompatible

Coatings, biocompatible

  • 09  Raw materials and adhesives
  • 09.22  Adhesives, adhesive tapes
  • 09  Raw materials and adhesives
  • 09.39  Silicone

Our products

Product category: Adhesives, adhesive tapes


What is Noveface ?

Noveface is a knitted fabric, coated with a silicone gel for a soft adherent interface or a silicone elastomer for a non-adherent product.

- Silicone interface

Why use Noveface?

- Soft adhesion
- Allows exudate transfer
- Non-allergenic
Noveface is a silicone interface, with a wide range of designs (different holes sizes, different aperture ratio, etc.). This interface can be a soft adherent or a non-adherent interface. In both cases, the hydrophobicity of the silicone prevents the material from sticking to the wound, resulting in atraumatic removal. The management of hole sizes makes it easier to evacuate the exudate.

Manufactured only with medical grade products, Noveface never has an impact on the biochemistry of the wound. Silicone is hypoallergenic, so it reduces the risk of skin reaction compared to acrylic or PU adhesive.

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Product category: Adhesives, adhesive tapes, Silicone

Zodiac Coating Acrysil

 What is Acrysil?

Acrysil is a double-coated membrane. One side is coated with a medical acrylic formulation, and the other side with a silicone gel. What material could be more suitable for strong but soft adhesion to the skin?

- Patches
- Stomae
- Urology
- Wound interface

Why use Acrysil?
- Acrylic adhesion on the material
- Silicone adhesion on the skin

Acrysil, with both these coatings, makes it possible to attach a material to fragile skin. It could be patches, sterile operative field drapes, catheters, cosmetic patches, stoma bags, etc.

The management of the acrylic coating makes it possible to attach the material without any risk of delamination during removal. Furthermore, the management of the silicone coating helps to define the right level of adhesion on the skin, causing no trauma to fragile skin.

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Product category: Adhesives, adhesive tapes, Silicone

New silicone tape!

Designed for your customers:

- Soft adhesion & atraumatic removal
- Biocompatible & non-allergen
- Conformable & comfortable
- Easy to cut

Manufactured for you:
- Cost effectiveness
- CE mark available
- From master roll to final product

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Product category: Silicone


What is Novespire?

Novespire is a silicone-coated sheet (PU membrane); this product is made for:
- Wound care as a backing layer
- Scar management as a protective sheet
- Patches, as an adhesive tape

Why use Novespire?
- Breathable
- Soft adhesion
- Waterproof
- Conformable

This product is breathable, from 500g/m²/24h for dry skin to 10 000 g/m²/24h, for exudating wounds. This breathability limits the risk of maceration, increases healing and improves comfort in wear.

The silicone gel allows soft adhesion, without trauma for fragile skin. Due to the hydrophobicity of the gel, the product does not stick to the wound bed and aids the healing process. Managing the silicone formulation and the coating weight guarantees the right level of adhesion and material that causes no pain.

Novespire is waterproof and heat insulating. It insulates the skin and limits the risk of contamination. This product is sufficiently elastic to be conformable in order to improve freedom of movement.

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About us

Company details

Zodiac Coating develops and produces silicone-coated materials for wound dressings and wound care devices. The specific skin-friendly properties of our silicone materials are designed by our dedicated engineering teams, with the aim of improving healing and reducing treatment costs.

As part of our constant drive for innovation, coupled with our unique technical expertise, we can coat onto a large range of materials including film, paper, mesh, woven and non-woven fabrics.

As a result of our 20 years background in the coating industry we have implemented a strong ISO 13485 certified quality system together with Lean Manufacturing best practices and a risk management policy.

We are able to offer ISO 14644 Class 8 coating rooms, to ensure the highest quality standards are met. We also have an adjoining, fully equipped laboratory with appropriate test facilities.

We are committed to protecting the environment and we are proud to have achieved the ISO 14001 standard. All our processes are solvent-free.

Ideally situated in Pusignan, in the outskirts of Lyon, we’re at only five minutes from the International Airport and the TGV station.

Our aim is to help you to design the right product at the best price, leading by competitiveness and challenge.

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