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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Components, parts, modules, Original Equipment Manufacturers
  • 01.04  Balloons, elastomeric ballons, angioplasty
  • 01  Components, parts, modules, Original Equipment Manufacturers
  • 01.39  Silicone components
  • 11  Manufacturing Services
  • 11.15  Extrusion
  • 11.15.05  Flashless rubber moulding
  • 11  Manufacturing Services
  • 11.15  Extrusion
  • 11.15.07  Multicavity moulding
  • 11  Manufacturing Services
  • 11.15  Extrusion
  • 11.15.08  Assembly techniques

Assembly techniques

  • 11  Manufacturing Services
  • 11.15  Extrusion
  • 11.15.09  Precision moulding
  • 11  Manufacturing Services
  • 11.15  Extrusion
  • 11.15.10  Clean-room moulding
  • 11  Manufacturing Services
  • 11.15  Extrusion
  • 11.15.11  Injection moulding
  • 11  Manufacturing Services
  • 11.15  Extrusion
  • 11.15.13  Dip moulding
  • 11  Manufacturing Services
  • 11.15  Extrusion
  • 11.15.14  Thermoplastic moulding
  • 12  Packaging and print
  • 12.02  Packaging materials
  • 12.02.01  Breather bags
  • 13  Services
  • 13.01  Design, Research and Development Services
  • 13.01.15  Product design and development

Product design and development

Our products

Product category: Product design and development

Robust Design - Developed to save time & cost.

More than 50 years of experience in design and development of high tech solutions
for the Pharma and Medtech industry has given us broad understanding
when it comes to medical technology applications. This enables us to create
effective solutions that meet both your technical and commercial requirements.
We offer a well-established project structure and clear project management, with engineers
who have comprehensive experience of working within a customers network and
delivering results. Working in close collaboration with us ensures that you will have the
resources, competence and tools needed for effective development.
As one of the leading injection moulding specialists, with extensive knowledge throughout
the whole value chain – including decoration and assembly – we can provide support
for practically all stages of the development process.
Our cornerstones of the development phase include Design for Manufacturing (DFM)
and Design for Assembly (DFA), Proof of Principle, computer analysis and simulations,
prototyping and design of mould and assembly concepts. And of course, quality
assurance and risk mitigation are always present in all steps of the process, resulting in
robust, validated manufacturing.

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Product category: Multicavity moulding, Precision moulding, Injection moulding, Thermoplastic moulding

Specialists in plastic and TPE injection moulding

Nolato Medical has over 50 years of experience within injection moulding of medical technology components and systems.
World-wide, we have more than 320 medical injection moulding machines and more than 25,000 square meters of clean-room capacity in different classes. With clean-rooms in Europe, Asia and North America, we can be flexible to our customers’ demands and adopt quickly to different realities.
Our high levels of mould expertise, cutting-edge machinery and continuous process monitoring allow us to ensure a consistent and efficient production with a high quality output.

In addition to traditional single-component injection moulding, we also provide multi-shot moulding, insert moulding, and in mould decoration. Our technological leadership means that you can get products with creative cosmetic features and improved mechanical properties. Producing complex products in one process step, instead of several ones, improves costefficiency as well as the design.

Our moulding techniques:

Multi-cavity moulding up to 384 cavities
Precision mouldingdown to 0,01 g 
Thin wall moulding
Multi-shot moulding (multi component) 
Insert moulding, vertical and horisontal
In-Mould DecorationIMD/IML/IMF
Wide material competence

Moulding basics:

More than 320 injection moulding machines 
Range from 25 ton to 700 ton
Product volumes up to 2 billion pcs/year
Clean-room ISO 14644-1 class 7, 8 and 9
Over 25,000 sqm clean room area in different classes
Validation including DQ, IQ, OQ and PQ processes
Certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001
Production in Sweden, Hungary, UK, USA, China

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Product category: Silicone components, Flashless rubber moulding, Clean-room moulding, Injection moulding, Multicavity moulding

Injection-moulded silicone rubber precision components.

Nolato Medical is a world-leading, pioneer in the manufacturing of injection-moulded silicone rubber precision components.
Nolato has more than 30 years of experience working with silicone rubber. We give our customers access to unique expertise in terms of materials and production. 
Nolato is a pioneer at LIM, Liquid Injection Moulding of silicone, which was developed together with Arburg. We are also specialists in 2K injection moulding silicone/plastics. 
By participating in projects right from the planning phase, we can provide solutions which create the right conditions for optimal manufacturing and assembly processes. 
The process is fully automated with robot systems that deal with everything from simple component removal through to complex production cells for high quality, cost-efficient production.

Short facts:
Liquid (LIM) as well as solid silicone moulding
Precision moulding: component weight down to 0.001 g
shot weight 1 g/64 cavities
Thin wall molding, 0.10 mm
2K moulding, silicone & plastics
Insert moulding, vertical and horisontal
Production in clean-room class 7, 8 and 9
Certified in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and ISO 14001
Optimisation of production processes

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Product category: Dip moulding, Breather bags

Disposable anesthesia breathing bags

Nolato offers a wide range of high quality breathing bags manufactured in a cost efficient medical device environment.
Nolato Medical is one of the largest producers in the world for anesthesia breathing bags and selected as a partner by the market leaders in the anesthesia machinery and breathing circuit markets. Nolato’s breathing bags are made from synthetic latex material.
We offer a complete range of latex-free bags in sizes ranging from 0,5 ltr to 3,0 ltr with different types of connectors in compliance with ISO regulations. Breathing bags are available either as disposable or reusable.
Nolato has a modern and highly automated production line for breathing bags, which ensures high and consistent quality as well as high capacity.

Short facts:

Widely accepted product design
Automated production system
Consistent quality
Latex-free material
Conforms to ISO 5362
Available with rigid or soft ISO connector
Available without connector
Made from a latex-free polychloroprene rubber compound. 
Manufactured in accordance with GMP, ISO 13485, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 requirements. 
Nolato is registered with the FDA as a contract manufacturer of breathing bags.

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Product category: Balloons, elastomeric ballons, angioplasty

Compliant Non-Latex Balloons

Nolato Medical is a world-leading manufacturer of compliant balloons, now expanding the product offering to include non-latex balloons for use in catheter solutions.

The balloon is highly transparent and exhibits excellent material properties such as high elasticity, recovery and a high degree of compliancy. The bonding ability of the material is excellent and various welding techniques, such as heat welding, laser welding and ultra-sonic welding, can be used. Hence, time-consuming and demanding gluing processes are avoided.
Nolato has developed a proprietary manufacturing methodology yielding extremely thin-walled balloons in very soft materials as low as 10 Shore A. The validated manufacturing process yields exceptionally consistent dimensions required for critical medical balloon applications.
Additionally, the low pop-up pressure for this range of balloons guarantees perfectly symmetrical balloon inflation, easily controlled by physicians.

Raw material characteristics:
Biocompatible materials
Non-latex, non-animal derived materials
Hardness as low as 10 Sh A
Elongation 600-800 %
Balloon characteristics
ID 1.0 – 10.0 mm (0.04 – 0.40’’)
Thin wall capability 0.15 mm (0.006’’)
Extremely low pop-up pressure

Material Selection
We can develop a balloon engineered to fit your requirements with a wide range of custom selected materials.

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Product category: Balloons, elastomeric ballons, angioplasty

World leading manufacturer of catheter balloons

Nolato’s catheter balloons have superior material properties in purity, symmetry and resilience, which is crucial for specific medical device applications.

A validated process and an excellent compound are keys to manufacturing catheter balloons efficiently with high quality. The material is considered to be very appropriate for therapeutic and diagnostic catheter applications.
For customer product development, Nolato Medical offers short lead times for balloon samples. Nolato also offers customers a dedicated project team assisting in balloon design input for their projects.
Nolato´s catheter balloons are used worldwide. The majority of the customers have subsequently shut down their own dipping operations and outsourced the balloon manufacturing to the experts. Accordingly, Nolato has extensive experience in outsourcing projects

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Product category: Assembly techniques

Assembly solutions

Nolato’s expertise and experience in assembly solutions, means we can always offer the right degree of automation: manual, semi-automated or fully automated high-speed assembly.

Depending on the production volume, product design, quality requirements and geographic location, we choose the adequate assembly method.

To meet the strict quality requirements associated with medical production, we are able to offer validated assembly in clean-rooms that meet the requirements of GAMP (Good Automated Manufacturing Practice) and FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

Nolato offers an array of joining & assembly technologies including ultrasonic & vibration welding, heat staking, gluing and mechanical press-fit to name just a few. These technologies are used at all assembly levels, from manual to HSAM.

In HSAM (High Speed Assembly) applications, we offer for instance Cam-driven, indexed, systems. This is a technology for assembling parts with very high accuracy in applications where long service life is critical. The cam drive secures a perfect synchronization between the working units. We also offer Continuous Motion assembly, in which multiple processes occur without interruption for every cycle, effectively overlapping. With a capacity up to 1 200 pcs per minute, it is well suited for very high volume production.

As a Complete Solution Provider we also decorate, pack and label the assembled systems. Of course we provide customer-unique packaging as well as customer specific logistic solutions.

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About us

Company details

Nolato Medical
More than 50 years of experience in design, development and manufacturing of high tech solutions for the Pharma and Medtech industry has given us a broad understanding when it comes to medical technology applications. This expertise enables us to support you with effective solutions that meet both your technical and commercial requirements.

Short facts:

Product design & development including DFM & DFA
Proof of Principle, virtual DOE, simulations, prototyping
Design of mould and assembly concepts focussed on quality and cost optimisation
Process development based on analytical modelling
1C/2C/3C-Injection moulding, Micro injection moulding, Blow moulding, Dip moulding, Tube extrusion, Assembly, Decoration, Packaging
Support in all stages of industrialisation 
QA and validation, including DQ, IQ, OQ and PQ processes
Clean-room ISO 14644-1 class 7, 8 and 9
Production sites in Europe, Asia and US 
Certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001, ISO 15378

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Company data

Sales volume

200-499 Mio US $

Export content

> 75%

Number of employees