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  • 02  Electrical and electronic components
  • 02.02  Batteries


  • 02  Electrical and electronic components
  • 02.42  Power supplies, power protection systems, power converters

Power supplies, power protection systems, power converters

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Electronic systems / subassemblies

Our products

Product category: Batteries, Power supplies, power protection systems, power converters

battery packs

Solutions from a Single Source
As a system supplier, FRIWO offers both chargers and battery packs. In addition to our range of standard solutions, we can design and manufacture custom solutions for stationary and mobile applications. And they all carry the “Made in Germany” label.

FRIWO’s standard portfolio uses premium cells. Our battery packs are equipped with an appropriate protective circuit, which monitors the charging and discharging process, reducing the stress on cells and significantly extending the life of the pack. FRIWO also offers solutions with active cell balancing, to ensure maximum use of capacity. Combined with FRIWO chargers, this results in an optimally balanced overall system.

FRIWO offers extensive development expertise for custom solutions. This allows the company to work closely with customers to create application-specific battery packs using cells from various manufacturers. Along with the optimum configuration of cells, we are capable of implementing complex battery management systems (BMS) including a range of communication systems and parameter queries. Among other things, this makes it possible to indicate the “health” of a battery pack or its charge status, or to implement cell authentication. Along with the capacity to develop and manufacture custom solutions, FRIWO has an internal licensing department, which works closely with the relevant authorities to secure the necessary official approvals.

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Product category: Power supplies, power protection systems, power converters

power supplies

Diagnosis: maximum safety
Power pack: That description applies doubly to FRIWO’s power supply units for medical technology. Its product range sets standards in terms of performance and durability, because maximum safety for patients and medical staff is all that counts.

FRIWO’s medical products are designed for the most sensitive applications and for use under the harshest conditions. They must continue to work perfectly despite falls in the emergency room while protecting patients by offering the lowest possible levels of leakage current. FRIWO develops and manufactures power supply units you can trust. In order to ensure maximum patient safety, FRIWO medical technology devices are equipped with its 2 x MOPP (Means of Patient Protection) safety system and feature a minimal leakage current of ≤ 10 μA as well as double-sealed casings. What is more, FRIWO’s power supply solutions already meet the stricter requirements of the 4th edition of IEC 60601-1-2.

A particular highlight of the FOX product family is its interchangeable adapter system with IP42 protection (against drops of water and dampness), which is available as an optional accessory. In practice, this means that the devices can be cleaned using wet cloths – an invaluable advantage in sterile environments. FRIWO’s additional features make its products easier to use, day in, day out.
On the safe side, despite increasing regulatory requirements: The FOX product family already meets the U.S. Department of Energy’s stringent 2016 DOE efficiency standards for medical applications, even though this segment is not currently covered by the regulation. Along with the extremely high efficiency of the devices, this applies to low standby loss of ≤ 0.09 W in particular. Choosing FOX today is an investment in the future, offering security tomorrow and beyond.

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Product category: Power supplies, power protection systems, power converters


Full Power, Lower consumption
High-quality charger technology from FRIWO: The ideal solution for mobile applications. Our standard portfolio includes extremely energy-efficient chargers fornickel and lithium battery technology, with minimal standby loss. Along with energy savings, our chargers have exceptional operational lives and off er outstanding levels of safety. All the devices are voltage controlled, current-limited and continuously short-circuitproof. Products designed for use with lithium batteries feature charge and discharge monitoring, which eff ectively protects their sensitive cells.
A “one-stop shop” for charging and battery technology: Along with innovative chargers, FRIWO off ers standard and custom battery solutions. Together they create optimally balanced systems.

In addition to our portfolio of standard products, FRIWO offers extensive development expertise for custom solutions. Regardless of whether you require high or low performance, convection cooling, temperature monitoring, active battery balancing or communication via BUS systems, FRIWO’s comprehensive experience and expertise in the field of charging technology will help you find the perfect solution for your specific needs.
As an innovative company, FRIWO is also constantly exploring new power supply concepts. In the field of contactless energy transmission, we have already realized efficient inductive charging systems with a 150 W power rating and parallel 1 Mbit/s half-duplex data transfer. Because they are dustproof and waterproof, inductive charging concepts are ideally suited for medical applications and for use in particularly rough and challenging environments.

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Product category: Power supplies, power protection systems, power converters

LED Drivers


The FRIWO LED driver series: Custom power supply solutions for your lighting concept. Featuring minimal housing cross sections and a variety of shapes, they offer maximum freedom of design. From flush-mounted drivers that are safe from vandalism to installation in the narrowest casings, FRIWO’s standard drivers off er the ideal basis for the creative design of lighting solutions.

FRIWO’s LED drivers off er maximum efficiency. LED power supply systems are subject to particular requirements with regard to safety (EN 61347-1/-2-13), EMC (EN 55015) and harmonic current emissions. In compliance with those guidelines, the drivers in the LT range control the power and voltage for a single device.

FRIWO offers a comprehensive LED portfolio, including LED drivers, the DIMMboxand LS12 light control, which off er excellent dimming solutions using DALI, Push-Dim or 1-10V. The LS12 even allows up to 100 LED drivers to be controlled in parallel, and features an additional power supply for external sensors. From safe power supply units to creative light control, FRIWO’s modular system allows various components to be combined in a solution that precisely meets your individual needs.

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About us

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Medical power supplies, charging technology, LED drivers and E²MS services at the highest level

Energy that saves lives

The medical power supply and charging units by FRIWO are designed for use under the harshest conditions and meet the most stringent criteria. Whether the task is to withstand a drop from more than one meter height, undamaged or guarantee as small a leakage current as possible – with FRIWO power supplies you and your patients are always on the safe side.


About us

Listed in the General Standard and headquartered in Ostbevern/Westphalia, FRIWO with its subsidiaries is a global manufacturer of LED drivers, power supplies and chargers for different industries. With its products, the company serves demanding clients in the LED technology, electric mobility, power tools, high-quality consumer equipment, medical, industrial automation and renewable energy. In addition FRIWO provides its customers with engineering and manufacturing services (E²MS). The service spectrum ranges from engineering, equipment assembly through to production of complete modules.

Since the invention of the world's first plug-in adapter in 1971 and after having manufactured more than one billion power supplies, our customers can rely on our technical expertise. The established brand FRIWO has become a symbol of innovation, safety, quality and efficiency worldwide. This is also backed up by our certificates according to DIN ISO 9001-, DIN ISO 14001- and ISO/TS 16949. In addition we also received the certificate “jobandfamily” for family-friendly personnel policy. Motivation, technical know-how and enthusiasm form the basis for our daily routine. Combined with our family-friendly personnel policy this creates sustainable value for customers, employees and partners.

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100-199 Mio US $

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