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SEMITEC Corporation

Sumida-ku, Kinshi 1-7-7, 130-8512 Tokyo

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Product categories

  • 02  Electrical and electronic components
  • 02.30  Pressure sensors

Pressure sensors

  • 02  Electrical and electronic components
  • 02.32  Sensors, Micro sensors

Sensors, Micro sensors

Our products

Product category: Sensors

SEMITEC'S micro pressure sensor

SEMITEC’s Piezoresistive Semi-conductor Pressure Sensors or just “Micro Pressure Sensors” are a new development which uses piezo resistance and MEMS technology in order to make sensors which respond even to very small pressures.

SEMITEC’s Micro Pressure Sensors are perfect for noninvasive or minimally invasive medical applications.

We offer custom developed Micro Pressure Sensors according to our customers’ needs.

For details please check the URL below or contact SEMITEC sales staff.

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Product category: Sensors

SEMITEC'S Fμ medical sensor

The Fμ thermistor sensor (pronounced “F-micro”) has been developed using SEMITEC’s proprietary thin film thermistor technology.
It is the only sensor in the world using this unique technology. It is highly suited for catheter applications with its high volume production capability, robustness, reliability, accuracy and faster response than existing thermistors.

For more please check the URL below or contact the SEMITEC sales staff..

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Product category: Sensors

SEMITEC'S body temperature sensor

Building upon our extensive experience with thermistors for electrical thermometers, we proudly present our new Skin Surface (= SS) sensor.
The SS sensor has been designed specifically with wearable devices in mind.
By combining a metal case and our original micro thin-film thermistor, it is possible to quickly measure the skin’s surface temperature.

For details please check the attached PDF file.

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Product category: Sensors

SEMITEC'S ultra thin film sensor

Semitec has developed a new film temperature sensor in response to the market needs originating from the rapidly growing wearable device segment. The FJ sensor has achieved high heat transfer efficiency utilizing Semitec’s proprietary micro thin-film thermistor technology and thermal engineering.

The FJ sensor is extremely thin at a mere 200µm, making it suitable for small and thin wearable devices. This is less than half the thickness of SEMITEC'S JT-series which the thinnest available conventional thermsitor. This sensor enables fast and accurate measurement of an object’s temperature. It is best suited for wearable devices monitoring skin surface temperature without discomfort, owing to its thinness and flexibility.

For details please check the attached PDF file.

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About us

Company details

SEMITEC is one of the leading manufacturers of NTC thermistors and based in Tokyo, Japan. SEMITEC has been founded 1958 and initially produced varistors. Today SEMITEC's main products are NTC thermistors which are commonly used as temperature sensors. SEMITEC specializes in microscopic sensors for the medical market and we have recently added MEMS based micro pressure sensors to our existing micro temperature sensor product lineup. 

SEMITEC products:
NTC thermistors (for temperature sensing and as inrush current limiters)
Thermopile temperature sensors
Micro pressure sensors for medical applications
Other semiconductor devices for circuit protection: Voltage and current regulation

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100-199 Mio US $

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Electrical and electronic components