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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Components, parts, modules, Original Equipment Manufacturers
  • 01.53  Manifolds
  • 03  Tubings and tubing equipment
  • 03.12  Stainless steel tubings

Stainless steel tubings

  • 03  Tubings and tubing equipment
  • 03.15  ETFE tubings

ETFE tubings

  • 03  Tubings and tubing equipment
  • 03.31  PEEK tubings

PEEK tubings

  • 05  Pumps
  • 05.01  Pumps, chemically inert

Pumps, chemically inert

  • 05  Pumps
  • 05.02  Pumps, metering

Pumps, metering

  • 06  Valves
  • 06.02  Valves, chemically inert

Valves, chemically inert

  • 06  Valves
  • 06.12  Valves, switching

Valves, switching

Our products

Product category: Manifolds


Degassers improve fluidic instrument precision and reliability by removing dissolved gases from fluids before they outgas and form problem causing bubbles. Three main types of bubble removing products are available. Systec AF based degassers offer the widest range of chemical compatibility and are used to eliminate retention shifts and baseline fluctuations. Silicone based degassers offer the highest flow rate capabilities for water based systems such as diagnostic and life science instrumentation to improve dispense accuracy and reliability. Poridex based products provide rapid bubble remove for locations where bubble introduction cannot be avoided.

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Product category: Manifolds


Traditionally used in the automotive and aerospace industries, manifolds are used to integrate fluidic components and create a compact fluidic circuit.
The design and integration possibilities are endless. Manifolds accommodate thousands of unique embedded features that would be cost prohibitive to create by other means. Opportunities for custom manifold integrations include tubing, fittings, connectors, solenoid valves, pumps, conductive metal elements, mixing elements, sensors and heaters.

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Product category: Stainless steel tubings

RI Detectors

The RI detector provides high resolution and low dispersion detection for HPLC applications. The optical units are also available for integration into OEM based systems. Three sizes are available based on your required flow rate needs.

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Product category: ETFE tubings, PEEK tubings

Column Hardware

We offer an extensive line of HPLC and UHPLC Column Hardware that has been optimized to enable selectivity, efficiency, and high-quality separation performance in your flow paths.

Biocompatible materials for LC and UHPLC columns
Accessories for column protection and packing
Interactive online column selector
Custom finishes that suit specific applications and requirements
Our line of column hardware includes protective accessories and connection products that enhance column functionality. Our columns come in a variety of sizes and materials to meet your system requirement.

We also offer our RI detector that provide high resolution and low dispersion detection for HPLC applications.

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Product category: Pumps, chemically inert

Fluidic Connections

IDEX Health & Science has developed a comprehensive line of standard and custom tubing, connectors, fittings, and flow control devices that meet the increasingly demanding requirements of today’s high performance analytical fluidic systems. We feature specialty, high-performance polymers and distinct materials designed to work with your system needs. We offer unique products such as biocompatible PEEK-lined stainless steel tubing as well as an assortment of high pressure and fluoropolymer tubing. All of our fittings, filters and frits and connectors come in a variety of materials and styles. We can provide micro and nano-scale dimensions and well as custom forming, assembly and kitting. We also offer our RI detector that provide high resolution and low dispersion detection for HPLC and UHPLC applications.

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Product category: Pumps, chemically inert, Pumps, metering


IDEX Health & Science offers several families of long-life precision dispense pumps designed for use in a range of clinical and laboratory instruments. Our products provide high quality, volume distribution for both small and large quantities of fluids.

We offer precision dispense pumps with piston stroke volumes from 25 μL to 5 mL that deliver pump lifetimes to 5 million cycles. Our specialized pumps and pump accessories are designed with flexibility and ease of use to meet your system requirements.

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Product category: Valves, chemically inert, Valves, switching


Our valves are an integral part of advanced fluid-handling solutions for a wide range of analytical instrumentation and clinical diagnostic systems. Our valve options include manual valves for lower frequency of use and rotary shear valves that meet the high duty cycle requirements of UHPLC. Our valves come in high pressure and low pressure versions to meet your system requirements. Our automated fluidic valves are uniquely designed to accommodate today’s demanding analytical methods. We also offer check valves when there is a need to limit the fluid flow to one direction. Our Back Pressure Regulators products are designed to enhance system performance through outgassing prevention. All of our valve products, component, tools and accessories are designed keeping our customer’s system needs first.

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About us

Company details

Fluidics Partners, Quality Products, Innovative Solutions

Since its formation, IDEX Health & Science has established itself as the market leader in fluidic pathway products and applications. Paired with our exceptional people and engineering expertise, we have earned a reputation for solving complex problems with a broad portfolio of quality products and industry know-how that few can rival. Our team of experts are driven to seek innovative solutions for the life sciences market. We are committed to engineering excellent products, all while maintaining the role as a genuine and trustworthy collaborator to support our customers consistently and continually. IDEX Health & Science enables a complete engagement in the fluidic pathway, with precision and accuracy, by creating possibilities that will initiate new ideas and support every endeavor. Fluidics for life.

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