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Product category: Catheters, polyurethane

Compatibility with drugs

Most peripheral venous catheters on the market are not certified for the administration of drugs in continuous mode, as they are classified in class 2a in accordance with Annex IX, rule 7 of Dir. 93-42 EEC and its amendments.
The Tipro-ONE P peripheral venous catheter with a closed system, being registered in CLASS 2b in accordance with Annex IX, rule 7, last paragraph of Dir. 93-42 EEC and its amendments, is certified for peripheral venous catheterization in order to connect a vessel to other connectable devices for blood sampling or administering therapeutic fluids (various kinds of solutions, blood products, blood, etc.) in continuous mode, and drugs and specialty medicines in extemporaneous and continuous mode. The administration can take place by gravity or by pumps and also by high-pressure injectors.

The added value of this registration in class 2b is twofold:
Firstly, it ensures product compatibility with various types of pharmacological solutions and aggressive drugs (for which in-depth laboratory tests were conducted), including:
5- FLUOROURACIL: representative of the category of chemotherapeutic or anticancer drugs, in the anti-metabolites family;

PROPOFOL: representative of anaesthetics;

IOHEXOL: radio opaque contrast agent frequently used in diagnostics;

EPIRUBICIN: representative of the class of antibiotics - vitaminics, and also widely used as a chemotherapeutic drug;

TAXOL: chosen as a representative of chemotherapeutics of natural sources, used in anticancer therapies for specific cancers.

Secondly, the Tipro-One P device is certified for the administration of drugs and medicinal products in continuous mode for the ENTIRE time the catheter remains in the vein. While the devices registered in class 2a are allowed exclusively for temporary administration, i.e. for less than 60 minutes, Tipro-ONE P allows prolonged infusions, thus considerably increasing the possibilities of the device's use.

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Product category: Catheters, polyurethane

High Pressure

Guaranteeing the patient comfort without compromising and instead increasing safety is always a priority for Tipromed; but the procedures and protocols of use for high-pressure injectors represent a major challenge. For this reason we decided to aim high, developing a product certified for use at high pressures, ensuring a seal up to a maximum of 23 bar or
Tipro–One P is therefore suitable for the administration of contrast media by power injectors, which means that performing radiographic exams, CT and MRI scans without having to remove or insert a new catheter in a patient with poor veins heritage is now possible,using The Tipromed Tipro-One P peripheral venous safety catheter with closed system.
The technology offered by a closed system intravenous catheter such as Tipro-One P prevents any leakage of blood from the device during venipuncture, thus avoiding the risk of infection by blood contamination; it also provides access far from the point of insertion, so that it minimises the risk of irritation of the blood vessel due to catheter movement. The presence of a built-in extension line and a one or two-way connector compatible with high-pressure injectors adds additional comfort, safety, convenience and practicality:
Comfort: the Tipro-One P intravenous catheter with closed system allows patients to avoid other venipunctures, not only for receiving fluids and medicines, but also when undergoing CT and MRI scans.
Safety: the certainty of having a pre-assembled device, the components of which are certified for use with injectors, avoids the possibility of error in the preparatory phase in a patient that must undergo analysis by contrast media.
Convenience: mainly in terms of time, since the health care worker does not have to procure a new catheter and extension that is compatible with injectors, but above all does not have to do a new venipuncture, adding additional time to the work of medical staff.
Practicality: the all-in one system characterising the Tipro-One P intravenous device with extension and integrated connector in a small and convenient package for each unit adds undoubted functionality.

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Product category: Catheters, polyurethane

High flow

Venous administration at high flow rates requires puncturing large caliber veins, with a significantly increased risk of Health Care Operator contamination by infected blood.
To solve this problem, Tipromed s.r.l. has developed a venous catheter with safety features and a closed system in size G16 (colour code ISO10555 grey) ensuring a 125ml/minute flow rate, which meets both the need to infuse at high flows and simultaneously provide protection against contamination by contact with blood for Health care Operators.
Based on the recommendations for use and management of central and peripheral venous access issued by the National Health Service, 16 G gauge catheters are particularly suitable for

Trauma patients
Major surgery
Intra and post partum
Repeated transfusions
High volume of liquids
The Tipro-ONE P G16 device can also be used at high pressures up to a maximum of 23 bar or 330p.s.i.

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Product category: Catheters, polyurethane


Neonatology deparments need to have a peripheral venous safety catheter with closed system in size G26 because they must continually access veins of small caliber. Tipro-One P 26G (colour code ISO10555 purple) is specifically designed to meet that such need, ideal for venipuncture in small and fragile vessels like those of infants.
Besides having a very small outer diameter (0.64 mm), Tipro-One P 26G has a short built-in extension (60 mm), a small quantity of blood is necessary to fill in the device, which is less bulky, too, to better suit the size of the patient.
Given the modest size of the veins and the patient's size, we recommend the Tipro-One P versions with one or two-way connectors, without accessories.
The use of high pressure is also to be avoided, since the 26G gauge does not allow the passage of the flows needed to generate boluses necessary for the use of injectors.

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Product category: Catheters, polyurethane

Subcutaneous use

The Tipro-ONE P safety peripheral venous catheter with closed system is certified for subcutaneous administration of drugs in continuous mode, as the device is in class 2b in accordance with Annex IX, rule 7, last paragraph of Dir. 93-42 EEC and its amendment.
Such certification allows the product to be used in various therapies that have recently undergone remarkable development. Among them we mention:
PALLIATIVE CARE: this type of pain therapy is performed in Day Hospital wards, in many cases subcutaneously by administration of painkillers in continuous mode. Specific and documented studies show that the use of the venous catheter with closed system, when used for subcutaneous delivery, can remain in situ much longer than with the butterfly needles traditionally used for this type of therapy. Both the Patient and the Healthcare center providing the service can take advantage of this; the first one because he or she is required to go to the relevant centers much less frequently and is not continuously subjected to needles, the second one thanks to big savings in terms of time.
POST-SURGERY PAIN TREATMENT: the importance of painkillers' effectiveness for the well-being and comfort of surgical patients during the postoperative period is well known. The most used drugs for postoperative pain control are paracetamol, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, weak opioids, strong opioids and local anaesthetics. Such drugs can be administered intravenously, orally or subcutaneously. The latter form of administration is the most ideal one, as it combines a drug's fast action, which is typical of the intravenous mode, with the comfort granted by the freedom of movement, typical of the oral mode.
REHYDRATION: subcutaneous rehydration (hypodermoclysis) is considered for patients with moderate dehydration when the oral route is not tolerated or venous access proves difficult.
DIABETES: if continuous administration of insulin is required, subcutaneous administration is usually chosen, by using specific pumps. Tipro-ONE P is therefore perfectly suitable for use in diabetes.
Before using the device, carefully read the instructions for subcutaneous use and the relative warnings available in the secondary packaging.

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About us

Company details

Tipromed s.r.l. was founded in 2010 by partners with decades of experience in the biomedical field.
Its manufactured products were first sold in 2011 after obtaining EC certification for peripheral venous safety catheters with closed system, which is and always has been the Company's core business. This device was originally only sold in Italy, but its sales are now expanding both in volumes and in geographic distribution areas.

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