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Product category: Sensors

Angular displacement measurement - Flex Sensor - Low Cost Option

Compact and elegant membrane sensors provides cost effective solution for angular displacement measurement

Variohm EuroSensor has introduced a new low cost angle displacement sensor from Spectra Symbol, the USA based leader in membrane sensing technology, that registers a resistance change depending on the amount of bend radius induced in the sensor. 

Currently used in applications as far reaching as finger location for gaming gloves to displacement sensing in fitness equipment, the single-piece Flex Sensor provides a cost competitive, compact and altogether elegant position sensing solution where a bending motion is applied to a device. At less than 0.5 mm thick and with footprint dimensions of 74 mm x 6.35 mm, the standard Flex Sensor has an active length of 55 mm and a nominal 25 kΩ resistance when in a flat position. Normally fixed by an integral self adhesive backing to allow the sensor to bend freely through a typical angle of 90 degrees, the sensor's bend resistance increases in correlation to the bend angle to an upper value between 45 kΩ and 125 kΩ with excellent repeatability. Other versions of the Flex Sensor, with longer active length and application matched resistance values, are available on request. With added external control the resisitive output can be arranged to provide a simple voltage divider with sensitivity adjustment or other output state features such as threshold switching. The thin membrane construction is both resilient and durable, and can be used within a temperature range of -35ºC to +80ºC for an operational life rating of over 1 million movements. Variohm EuroSensor supply the Flex Sensor along with a wide range of membrane type linear position sensors from Spectra Symbol that include contacting and non contacting devices for stroke sensing of lengths of up to 1000 mm. 

The range is characterised by competitive cost, high performance and ease of installation for applications from medical devices to automotive.

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Product category: Sensors

New general purpose foot switches offer a very wide choice of options to suit the widest range of applications

Two new ranges of UL Approved / IEC 60601-1 general purpose single or double pole foot switches, with a comprehensive choice of standard and custom options has been launched by the switching and sensing solutions leader Herga Technology.

The new 6225 series switches provide protection to IPX2 whilst the 6226 includes IPX7 as standard or IPX8 on request. Both ranges mirror a choice of 24 VDC operation with gold or silver contact microswitches, high current reed switches, multiple connection and livery options - to make the competitively priced ranges well suited for optical, medical and X-ray equipment - as well as OEM applications across, industrial, office, and commercial equipment.

The smart and ergonomic all-plastic switch housings benefit from a low profile design that includes a raised tread pattern and integral anti-slip pad for maximum user comfort. The versatile foot switch is available in several standard colour variants and has base fixing options with threaded inserts or a neoprene anti-slip pad for free use. The comprehensive selection of switching options includes single and double pole versions with normally open or changeover functionality as well as reed switch and USB pre-programmed key stroke versions. A choice of 3- and 4-core cables is available or customers can select standard non-cabled variants. 

The 6225 and 6226 series is designed for easy customisation to adapt to the exact requirements of the user. Customer specified cable types and lengths, connectors, customer logos and labels, guards and special bases - in single or multiple foot switch assemblies - are all available on short delivery times and at competitive cost.

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Product category: Sensors

New low cost Herga electronic foot potentiometer offers variable operator control

Switching and sensing solutions leader Herga Technology has added a new low cost all-electronic foot potentiometer that provides a variable voltage output proportional to the position of the pedal.

Aimed at applications across medical equipment, domestic appliance, office and industrial machinery, the robust 6210-VO features a solid state optical sensor for wear free operation with extremely long and reliable life of more than one million operations. The unit is designed for use on manually operated equipment with control input ratings from 4.5 to 12 VDC at 10 mA, enabling precise adjustment for functions such as motor speed or torque for lifting, mixing, dispensing, cutting and sealing – and all areas where a low cost means of providing manually controlled variable functions is required for maximum productivity.

The 6210-VO meets EN 60950 low voltage directive standards and has EN 60529 IPX2 protection rating. A durable thermoplastic pedal housing includes a spring return mechanism that provides a high level of operational comfort. The compact unit measures just 105 x 140 x 40 (w x d x h) and the scope of supply - even for low quantity applications - includes fully customised colours and logos as well as choice of connection method to customers’ requirements. 

Herga Technology, a part of the Variohm Holdings Group, manufacturers a comprehensive range electrically and pneumatically actuated foot and hand switching controls in standard or custom designs that meet a wide range of international approvals including IEC/UL 60601.

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Product category: Sensors

Herga 6241 multi-pedal bellows footswitches are just what the doctor ordered for AMC

Australian Medical Couches Pty. Ltd (AMC) manufactures a wide range of manual and actuator adjustable examination tables and couches.

With a reputation for extremely high quality hand-crafted manufacture, the company uses application customised Herga Technology multi-pedal bellows footswitches in many of its motor assisted product lines. Supplied through K. D. Fisher & Co. Pty. Ltd, the Adelaide based electrical equipment provider specialising in safety and control systems, the footswitches are typically custom adapted in stylish moulded housings to suit the number of adjustable actuator axes as well as matching the colour of the table or couch specified by AMC’s customer. Similarly, AMC logos and labelling are also part of the scope of supply.

AMC has worked closely with Herga Technology and K.D. Fisher since 2009, preferring the compactness, durability and reliability of the Herga design to switches supplied by its electric actuator supplier. A dermatology treatment couch design that includes three electric actuators uses a customised Herga 6241 6-way footswitch which provided the perfect option for AMC.  So much so that when a variant of this model was introduced with 4 actuators, AMC preferred a Herga developed special 8-way bellows footswitch in the same bespoke design. As is standard for Herga, they provided several prototypes even though the anticipated production volumes were relatively small at around 25 per year.

The 6241 series multi-pedal bellows footswitches is available in single or customised multi-pedal configurations and may be used as durable footswitches or palm operated switches. With lightweight operation over the entire top surface, which can be supplied flat or domed, this IP67 rated switch has a SPST N/O contact configuration with a 12 or 24 VDC rating. With IP68 available on request, a wide choice of fixing options, colours and cordset cable lengths available, as well standards approvals including UL and IEC 60601, the 6241 series is a versatile switch for applications across the industrial and medical equipment markets and particularly suits electric motion control.

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Product category: Sensors

ETP temperature sensors covers all bases for mounting and measurement

New cost effective and flexible ETP temperature sensor range covers all bases for mounting and measurement Variohm EuroSensor has released its new ETP range of temperature probes based on a MEAS thermistor.

To suit the broadest range of industrial, automotive and scientific applications for precision temperature measurement, four basic packaged design types are available that each offers a choice of options. The four designs conveniently mount the industry standard thermistor in a choice of Ø 4 mm PTFE or Ø 5 mm brass housings, ring terminal probes, or hexagonal head bolts. 

Within each packaged design, a standard off-the-shelf stock version is available with a 10K3 sensor fitted and the comprehensive list of optional features offered for each type include; housing diameter and length for the cylindrical probes, ring terminal mount diameter/size, and metric thread size for the hexagonal bolt version. The leadwire length for all types is similarly specifiable. Furthermore, thanks to Variohm’s UK based in-house design and manufacturing capability, fully customised versions of the ETP range are available. Variohm welcomes the challenge from its customers for their individual requirements, and for each design type can provide higher or alternative temperature ranges, different thermistor technologies, or mechanical interfacing modifications.

The combination of so many feature options within a single range makes the new ETP temperature sensors a very convenient, practical and cost effective source for temperature measurement applications from HVAC to industrial process control and from home appliances to calibration and instrumentation equipment. 

 Variohm EuroSensor designs, manufactures and sources a comprehensive range of sensor technologies for linear and rotary position, load, force, vibration and temperature - providing complete pre-sale and post-sale application support for demanding measurement applications throughout industry, agriculture, construction, autosports and research.

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About us

Company details

Quite simply - Variohm Makes More Sense

In the 1960's a man called Henry Schuster had a vision to build a company which made the worlds best industrial sensors available to designers and engineers across Europe - that company was called EuroSensor. Over the succeeding years Henry used his skill to put together a portfolio of some of the world's best position, pressure and temperature sensors and to sell them throughout Europe via a network of distributors.

In 1974 Roy and Joan Moffatt also started a company equally dedicated to the sales of sensors within the UK and Ireland.
The company was called Variohm Components and as time passed the company grew, to the point where it had an outside sales staff of six sales engineers covering the territory.

Although they were founded and managed by different people, the similarities between the two companies were striking. Both companies promoted the products they sold by means of exhibitions, advertising, and extensive press coverage. Both companies had a philosophy of offering the highest quality products backed up by the best possible customer care.

The differences between the two organisations were just as striking, one found its markets in Europe and Asia whilst the other was building a solid base at home in the UK. Even the sensors which they sold were complementary rather than competitive.

On the 1st of May 2002 a new entity Variohm - EuroSensor came into being. This new grouping brought together the strengths and characteristics of the two previous companies in order to offer a truly unrivaled range of products. Indeed our range is so wide that you never have to compromise on your requirements - our achieved aim is to offer you an efficient, cost effective and totally flexible service, irrespective of your size, business geographical locations.

From our headquarters in Towcester, Northamptonshire we are able to work with our customers throughout the whole project because we have the ability to design, develop, source and deliver a broad range of effective sensor solutions. Because of our local distribution network we can deliver and support you wherever you are located.

Variohm-EuroSensor has the experience, structure, links and financial strength to deliver the technical support, top quality service and expert advice on our entire product portfolio. Our Sales Engineers will work with you on your problems to provide effective solutions. They are fully supported by qualified technical staff.

Our customer service is backed by an effective quality control system, approved to ISO9000 epitomised by the coveted Investors in People Award to the benefit of staff, suppliers and customers alike..

On the 18th April 2006 the ownership of Variohm EuroSensor transferred to Variohm Holdings Ltd.

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10-49 Mio US $

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