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Product category: Sterilisation services, Sterilisation validation

Radiation Crosslinking

Since it is the finished plastic product which is modified in this way, it is even possible to vary the degree of crosslinking within one component by shielding parts of the product during irradiation. In this way BGS helps you to optimize the material properties of plastics, and opens up new application fields for established raw materials.

From mass-produced to high-performance: plastics optimized by radiation crosslinking
Radiation crosslinking gives inexpensive commodity plastics and technical plastics the mechanical, thermal and chemical properties of high-performance plastics. This upgrading of the plastics enables them to be used in conditions which they would not be able to withstand otherwise.
The energy-rich beta or gamma rays trigger chemical reactions in the plastics which result in a ‘crosslinking’ reaction of the molecules – forming a network comparable to the vulcanization of rubbers, which has been in industrial use for so long.

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Product category: Sterilisation services, Sterilisation validation

Radiation Sterilization & Contamination Control

In all areas of modern life, people rely on products being free from pathogenic germs. For medical devices and in medical diagnostics, sterility is essential.

But also in many production processes of modern industry, sterile raw materials, equipment and packaging are indispensible in order to ensure reproducible results, consistent quality and a safe final product, for example :

semiconductor production,
biotechnology and food processing
manufacture of pharmaceutics and cosmetics
New challenges have arisen as a result of globalized trading flows. People naturally expect products that present no risk to their health. Disinfection by beta or gamma rays makes a significant contribution to the safety of bringing consumer goods onto markets with high hygienic standards, or when they are being exported to countries with stringent quarantine requirements.

Even under the best conditions of hygiene, the manufacture of a product, including its packaging, cannot result in a sterile state. For decades now we at BGS have been taking the responsibility for this sensitive step – from packaging materials andconsumer goods, to highly-sensitive medical devices such as endoprostheses and implants.

Your advantage as a manufacturer:

Sterilization takes place inside the final packaging
Your products are ready for delivery within a few hours
Irradiation is a physical process
No chemicals are used
As the partner of a wide range of industries, BGS also treats products for the food industry, for instance herbs and spices. Treatment of primary packaging before use avoids the situation where a micro organism is transferred from the packaging to the products (e.g. juices, milk products, medicines).

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Product category: Sterilisation services, Sterilisation validation

Tailor-made radiation solutions

In many sectors of industry and many areas of everyday life, irradiation technology makes an important contribution to achieving and improving the characteristic properties of products. As well as radiation sterilization and the radiation crosslinking of plastics, which are now both used on a large industrial scale, products in numerous other applications can be optimized by beta and gamma rays. The energy from the rays acts on the products, triggering changes at a molecular level which can often not be achieved by conventional methods.

Example of applications
Application fields improving Polymer raw materials
In many polymer raw materials, irradiation triggers chemical reactions which strongly influence their subsequent processing behaviour. Based on the chemical nature of polymers, either degradation reactions or increases in molecular weight or long-chain branches can be deliberately induced on the molecular level. This allows a very precise adjustment of molecular weight, which for example has a strong influence on the rheology (flow characteristics) and processing properties of polymers.

Examples are the irradiation of polypropylene (PP) which reduces the molecular weight. The resulting material acts as a nucleating agent in PP, causing increased degrees of crystallisation and much faster setting time of PP during injection moulding, reducing processing times and increased heat resistance, stiffness and impact strength of the moulded part.

If PP is irradiated under the exclusion of oxygen, the molecular structure is modified in a way which significantly improves melt strength, a property which is important during foaming. Similar effects are also known for PE.

With other polymer raw materials (e.g. starch and cellulose), the molecular weight can be accurately and reproducibly modified by irradiation. This can have a beneficial effect on the processing rheology or other properties of the products.

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Product category: Sterilisation services, Sterilisation validation

Process Implementation Services / Consulting and Training

New solutions for unsolved problems
Radiation treatment offers many opportunities for solving your problems. As we can influence your material properties on the molecular level as well on the interaction between different materials and their interfaces, there are often found surprising results, which cannot be achieved by conventional processes. Our dedicated specialists have many years of experience in a broad range of applications and materials. Our business is to find together with you the most economical solution for your material challenges.

Process economics and cost savings
BGS is active in the field of radiation treatment of materials since the early 1980’s. Since many years, radiation treatment has evolved into an industrialised, feasible technology to offer unique benefits to our customers. They key factors influencing the cost of radiation treatment behind the choice of materials and radiation dose are logistics and handling cost in our process. These can be optimised by the right choice of packaging and pack schemes in the units to be processed by BGS. Generally, products which allow automated processing are favorable. For BGS, it is one of our key-competencies to define together with you the most efficient process conditions to treat your products.

Project cooperation
In many cases, radiation treatment of materials leads to immediate and quick solutions for your material questions. In some industries, high safety demands and complex interactions between different technical components lead to development cycles with numerous iterations. BGS is partnering with you to support you in your development process.

Consideration of Design and Material
Radiation crosslinking has a positive effect on many properties, reaching further than only mechanical parameters. This should be considered from the initial stages of design, either to save materials and avoid an “over-engineering” of parts, or to use cheaper materials, which would be without radiation crosslinking not suitable for certain purposes. Other options are e.g. the integration of metal parts, electrical components and many other considerations. Our specialists can help you with valuable information to fully exploit the benefits of radiation crosslinking, giving you a significant cost saving potential.

Manufacturing and Logistics
Some of the raw materials used for radiation crosslinking require adjusted processing, to achieve the best possible result. Equally important, we can assist you to make your out-sourced step of radiation crosslinking robust and fail proof, taking early consideration of potential risks in your process.
BGS is using a modern ERP software, to ensure smooth and high standards of processing. This requires an element of planning and pre-processing of your information. Your benefit is a quick turn of your goods and different options to ensure fast treatment of sensitive products. Please discuss your needs with our sales specialists, who will advise on the options available and the affiliated cost.

Packaging advices
The choice of the right packaging schemes and packaging materials can have a big impact on the efficiency of radiation treatment and material processing in our plants. Considerations are a suitable material density for radiation uniformity as well process efficiency. Equally important is, that even if we strive to provide the greatest flexibility in terms of forms of delivery to our customers, that the most cost-efficient way of processing is through our automated plants, which have certain requirements to the packaging of goods delivered. We are able to process a broad range of product carriers, may it be boxes on pallets, bulk goods in different carriers or special forms linked to oversize products. Please advise with our sales specialists about our possibilities.

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About us

Company details

BGS in a short
Since its foundation in 1981 BGS is one of the pioneers of radiation technology using accelerated electrons (beta rays) and gamma rays. We are second to none in Europe in our mastery of the sophisticated processes involved in optimizing plastics and sterilizing products. Methods which are state-of-the-art today were also developed by BGS. Since then, the company has steadily grown into what is todays Germany’s biggest provider of radiation services.

BGS is an independent medium sized company. For you, this means: flexibility in the organization of assignments, reliability in their realization and a comprehensive, all-round service.

The quality and safety requirements for products in all sectors are increasing all the time. BGS offers tailored solutions for numerous branches of industry by precise application of the energy from beta or gamma rays. By this ‘upgrading’ process, we generate new fields of application, create saving potentials for your products, and become an important part of your value added chain.

Utilising state-of-the-art processing equipment and IT-systems, we are able to provide highest quality standards to you without scarifying the flexibility to tailor our services to your needs. The plants at all three locations are configured differently, in order to enable them to deal with a wide range of products and different customer wishes. Nevertheless the ‘back-up’ principle applies: each of the locations is in a position to help process the orders of the others. In this way BGS makes an important contribution to production reliability.

Safety is the priority consideration at BGS
The types of rays we apply are a form of energy. For physical reasons, the products themselves cannot become radioactive. High-energy radiation optimizes the properties of a wide range of products. As this is a physical process, it runs without chemicals or residues on your products.
Inside the plants, radiation is completely shielded by multi-level safety systems, so that our employees are safely protected from exposure to radiation.

Close to you and your customers: Three BGS locations in Germany
BGS is present at three locations in Germany:

Wiehl: Headquarter near Cologne (Western Germany)
Bruchsal: Near Karlsruhe in South-West-Germany in proximity to French and Swiss border
Saal an der Donau: Near Munich (South Germany)
By its regional diversification, BGS ensures customer proximity. This brings advantages, not only for your logistics. BGS can focus closely on your products and your requirements!

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