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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 02  Laboratory Equipment
  • 02.06  Homogenizers
  • 02  Laboratory Equipment
  • 02.06  Homogenizers
  • 02.06.04  Ultrasonic disintegration systems

Ultrasonic disintegration systems

  • 02  Laboratory Equipment
  • 02.06  Homogenizers
  • 02.06.05  Ultrasonic-homogenizers


  • 02  Laboratory Equipment
  • 02.15  Cleaning equipment (laboratory)
  • 02  Laboratory Equipment
  • 02.15  Cleaning equipment (laboratory)
  • 02.15.03  Pipette cleaning apparatus (laboratory)

Pipette cleaning apparatus (laboratory)

  • 02  Laboratory Equipment
  • 02.15  Cleaning equipment (laboratory)
  • 02.15.04  Ultrasound cleaning apparatus (laboratory)

Ultrasound cleaning apparatus (laboratory)

Our products

Product category: Cleaning equipment (laboratory)

Clean Vibration Technology - CVT (Vibration Welding)

Branson’s M624HRi vibration welding systems deliver higher frequency and higher power for clean welding. The system includes high-power vibration welders, employing our new two-phase digital drive. This drive technology enables higher power to be delivered to the parts to be welded.

Our Clean Vibration welder combines infrared and vibration processes, offering more options and applications for smart molding joint design. Branson’s innovative technology incorporates localized broadband infrared preheating into the vibration weld tooling.

Proprietary metal foil emitters melt the joint area’s surface before the vibration welding process starts, minimizing particles generated during the vibration weld phases and producing clean, high-strength joints, with reduced residual stresses, material-specific friction and welding time.

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Product category: Homogenizers

IR-80/50 Si and IR-170/80 S – compact welding equipment with built-in accuracy

The IR-80/50 Si is a compact welding machine especially designed for infrared welding of medium-sized plastic parts. It enables production of neat and clean joints with low-viscous polymers, which are difficult to obtain by means of conventional hot-plate welding due to adhesion of molten material to the heated element.

This is why the IR-80/50 Si is especially suitable for applications made of high temperature-resistant plastic in the automotive, medical and electrical industries. In contrast, the IR-170/80 S is dedicated to welding larger components, as for example dashboards, and realizing the required joint strengths, cycle times and high optical demands for the plastic grades used (e.g. PP-LGF, PC/ABS or SMA).

In comparison to existing drive technology, the servo drive of the infrared emitter and lower / upper tooling axes enables fast, highly precise and flexible kinematics. This results in short tool changing time periods and significantly improves consistency and reproducible results.

The main benefits are: 
•Multi-axial servo drives for precise axe movements
•Wideband metal-foil emitter for contact-free and constant material heating
•Innovative IPC-based control method for multi-functional options
•Touchscreen display for user friendly operation

IPC-based control method – state-of-the-art and communicative technology
The innovative control method based on an industrial PC (IPC) with real-time software PLC and intuitive user interface (HMI) offers multi-functionality options for machine control, parameter input and data acquisition. Process and machine data can be evaluated and controlled in real time.

Servo drives are configured in a user-friendly way via the touch screen monitor and the PC-control. This ensures fast access to important set values, as for example speed, position of the axes and welding parameters. Required adjustments can be carried out quickly and efficiently.

Built-in network and tele-service capability enable the infrared welding machine to be in communication with every production process.

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Product category: Pipette cleaning apparatus (laboratory)

Ultrasonic Power Supplies Series DCX

Our new digital ultrasonic power supplies combine scalable technology and closed-loop amplitude control to provide enhanced performance, control, durability, and reliability for all your automated assembly needs.

The amplitude control occurs with help of the closed-loop control and enables the regulation of the amplitude for the whole welding cycle.

The DCX series offers totally new opportunities. For the first time you can use several designs of the   DCX - horizontal and vertical. Three different frequencies and two different designs results 10 different models.

•20kHz at 150, 2500 and 4000 watt
•30 kHz at 1500 watt
•40 kHz at 800 watt

Further advantages are:

•Amplitude is regulated to stay constant, so less force is required to weld
•Programmable starting ramp times help improve cycle rate and throughput
•Separate electronics and heat management compartments increase performance and durability
•Six levels of power supply protection help maintain weld quality and extend product life
•CE certificated for operation in the EU, and NRTL approved by Curtis Straus for operation in the U.S.

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Product category: Ultrasound cleaning apparatus (laboratory)

New Ultrasonic Assembly System 2000Xc

The 2000Xc system is the newest addition to Branson’s 2000X series of Ultrasonic Assembly Systems. The 2000Xc combines precise and consistent high quality welds, fast cycle times, and the process control needs of today’s manufacturing environment. The 2000Xc locks in the welding process with fully electronic welder settings, hierarchical password protection, and Ethernet connectivity access.

The system offers secure process controls and detailed weld data to meet the global compliance, traceability, and security needs of today’s medical, automotive, business and consumer electronics markets.

The Branson 2000Xc can be adapted to automation systems or as a stand-alone complete system.

For further information, please have a look at the brochure.

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Product category: Ultrasonic-homogenizers

Special Systems

BRANSON has developed a new concept for large-part ultrasonic customized machine by consequently employing modular technology. Thus it is possible to provide an optimum response to the increasing demands of the automotive industry and its suppliers.

Customer Required Systems
The machine range provides widths between 1200 mm and 2500 mm at an standard depth of 1200 mm. Other dimensions can be supplied as specials. 

The modules can be arranged in parallel or inline. It is therefore possible to cover the entire application spectrum, for example door paneling, bumpers and instrument panels.

Additionally the machine modules can be operated both with sliding tables and rotary tables. These can also be equipped at a later stage. The modular technology used in this large-part concept enables you to quickly and accurately exchange the upper and lower welding tool for the product-relevant tool. Thus it is possible to process several applications in one machine - even small quantities, for instance for the manufacture of spare parts. This physical separation of machine and tool enables a precise evaluation of the investment costs required both for the machine and the product

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As of 1984 Branson is a member of the globally active Emerson Electric Group (» ).

Over 65 years of experience in ultrasonic technology, Branson pioneer of ultrasonic cleaning, cell disruption, homogenizing and other liquid processing.

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