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Product category: Devices and systems for glucose determination units

Galaxy Note 7 Blood Glucose Managing Application Upgrade

Philosys have successfully upgraded the blood glucose managing application for Gmate Smart in Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Philosys have continually upgraded its application up to date when a new android phone was introduced to the market (Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge, LG G5 etc). This agile response to changes has allowed Philosys to become a leader in Smartphone glucose applications.

Superiority of technical expertise and quality control has allowed Philosys to make a contract with KDL (Shanghai Kindly Enterprise Development Group) for 62.4 million dollars. Philosys is also on the verge of making contract with a Mexican medical device company called DentiLab on September.

Gmate can be connected to the Smartphone for application, which allows vocal support and immediate sharing of blood glucose results to doctors. Moreover, it has the advantage of continuous management of blood glucose and elevated usability function. These convenient functions have created major popularity in foreign countries and due to this very nature; there are more overseas inquiries than those of domestic inquiries.

Philosys is planning to build a 3rd production facility due to multiple foreign contracts and domestic product launch in October.

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Product category: Devices and systems for glucose determination units

Applying Patent for Non-Invasive Glucose Meter

Philosys, specialized in selling of blood glucose meter, have applied 2 different patents for Non-Invasive Meters which have allowed Philosys to position at a higher ground for future blood glucose market.

As of 2014, diabetic patients in Korea record at 2,500,000 and are increasing rapidly every year with type 1 diabetes at a steady increase. In order to maintain blood glucose at a normal range, one must continually exercise, diet accordingly and manage blood glucose regularly at all times. The Non-Invasive Glucose Meter currently available on the market faced fatal data results due to changes in skin temperature and long measuring time. In order to remedy this problem, Philosys have applied for patent of Non-Invasive Glucose meter that can measure the impedance of blood to yield favorable results.

Moreover; as a leader in Smartphone blood glucose application; Philosys have used its knowhow technology to apply for a new patent that involves measuring of momentum via non-invasive glucose meter. Workout is crucial in managing blood glucose; however, there were some difficulties in measuring, due to requirement of measuring blood glucose changes every 15min and 30 min after workout.

A company member of Philosys mentioned: “By checking blood glucose level before and after workout to monitor your blood glucose level can connect your momentum and workout time”. “This will allow patients to selectively workout according to their needs to manage diabetes which will be of great assistance in managing diabetes”. “Along with this, the data can be directly sent to the doctors. This will allow doctors to manage patients with great ease”.

Philosys is planning to launch this new technology during the 1st quarter of next year. The application of patent has added credibility to the technological capability and these factors have enticed domestic customers who are in need to Gmate Smart.

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Product category: Devices and systems for glucose determination units

Applying Patent for Insulin Pen

Philosys, specialized in selling of blood glucose meter, have applied 3 different patents for insulin pen. This allowed Philosys to gain exclusive competitiveness for digital insulin pen.

In 2015, diabetic patients were over 400,000,000 worldwide with prevalence of 7% which rapidly adds to the patient population. In Korea, due to the prevalence of western diet and changes in lifestyle, diabetic patient has reached over 2,720,000 in 2013 and is becoming a major disease in Korea. Diabetes complications lead to nephropathy, cataract, neuralgia, etc which needs continuous attention. For some of the patients from type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes needs constant insulin injection.

Over dosage of Insulin injection can lead to life threatening situations; therefore, adequate dosage and simple usability is of high importance. Philosys have applied for 3 different patents: “Insulin cartridge auto detection system”, “Insulin auto managing system” and “smartphone application connected to blood glucose measuring module to manage insulin dosage and management”. Using these three patents, patient can automatically detect different insulin product from various companies, automatically alarm the patient for dosage injection and connect blood glucose level application to manage insulin dosage before and after workout along with blood glucose management.
Philosys have successfully launched the blood glucose managing application compatible to I-Phone, Samsung Galaxy, LG G5 and other new smartphones. Philosys is planning to use applied patent to develop digital insulin pen along with blood glucose application connected to Bluetooth. By providing blood glucose levels and insulin level automatically, allow patients and doctors to easily access useful and reliable data.

Company members have stated: “Through patent of insulin pen, we hope to enter into the insulin pen market successfully and provide helpful services to our customers”.

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Product category: Devices and systems for glucose determination units

Launching of LG G5 Blood Glucose Application

Philosys, the first company to develop BGB compatible with smartphone launched APP of measuring and monitoring blood glucose on LG G5 as well as Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

As Philosys launched APP successfully which work on not only the latest G5 which has been promoted by LG but also iPhone and Galaxy that occupy the largest market share in the smartphone market, Philosys establishes a solid foothold in a mobile healthcare market and extends its market share.

Especially, APP operating on the latest smartphone G5 by LG as well as Samsung smartphone can make Philosys expect great sales prospects in domestic market based on BGM named GMate Smart which has been exported to over 50 countries. CEO JinYong Rhee said that that not only Apple, Samsung and LG but also leading companies in China request a collaboration and partnership with Philosys and as Chinese manufacturer expand the supply of affordable smartphone, Philosys has a plan to launch application which can operate in Huawei and Xiaomi.

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Product category: Devices and systems for glucose determination units

Philosys will Participate in CMEF 2016

Philosys will participate in CMEF 2016 held in Shanghai international convention center from April 17th to April 20th. We are going to introduce Gmate Smart and Gmate Step which has necessary certifications including FDA, CE and China’s CFDA. CMEF is one of China’s largest medical device exhibitions suitable for domestic and foreign companies eager to enter the Chinese market. We are passionate and trying to find new partners in exhibition that can aid us in entering the Chinese market.

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Philosys is a contract design, R&D and manufacturing company that specializes in medical, diagnostic and analytical instruments. The range of services we provide covers the entire product cycle from concept through to manufacture. We are your competent partner to make your idea real. It is the Philosys’s philosophy that we are able to develop cost-effective design and manufacturing solutions that satisfy our clients’ vision as well as their commercial requirements.

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