EKOlab c.c.

Budennogo Str. 1, 142530 Moscow Region, Elektrogorsk
Russian Federation

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  • 03  Diagnostics
  • 03.02  Immunochemistry (Immunology)
  • 03.02.07  Immuno assay systems

Immuno assay systems

About us

Company details

More than 20 years our company supplies its products to the Enterprises of Health. It was founded in 1991 in Elektrogorsk town (Moscow Region) with the support of the concern "Immunogen". We started with the release of several dozen kits for diagnostics of HIV and Syphilis. But soon after foundation we increased the production rapidly and expanded the range of products. As a result, a small first laboratory became one of the leading Russian manufacturers of diagnostic products for in vitro using and entered into the top thirty of Russian pharmaceutical producers.

Now CJSC "EKOlab" is a modern industrial enterprise with a wide range of products, including more than 300 positions. The company manufactures immunoassay test kits and other medical diagnostic kits used for in vitro diagnostics of infectious and noninfectious diseases, kits for biochemical, hematological, histological, microbiological studies and ready to use medicines such as medicinal tinctures, syrups and oils.

The structure of the company includes Manufacture of Diagnostic Kits and Medicines, Quality Department, Department of Biological Control, Research and Development Laboratories. The company has its own distribution network. On the basis of "EKOlab" are formed and work subsidiary distribution companies: "EKOlab Center" (Moscow), "EKOlab-diagnostics" (Elektrogorsk). The company has its own Diagnostic Center «El'Clinic» that successfully working in Elektrogorsk.

The company continuously and successfully engaged in trades related to placing an order for the needs of government and municipal medical institutions. Stable trade relations for export to the CIS countries: Belarus, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Moldova and Armenia were established. CJSC "EKOlab" is working closely with leading research institutes in Russia and the manufacturers of similar products from Germany, Spain, Britain and France, which allows to continuously improve quality of products and expand product range.

There was a rapid expansion of the product range through the creation of Research and Development Department (1993). Today the company has four Research and Development Laboratories: The Laboratory of Immunoassay Test Systems, Laboratory of Biochemistry, Laboratory of Protein Engineering, Laboratory of Medicines.

And also:
• laboratory of monoclonal antibodies;
• laboratory for virus cultivation (Cytomegalovirus, Herpes Simplex Virus

Types I and II, Epstein-Barr Virus, Measles Virus)
• laboratory of bacterial antigens (Treponema pallidum, Borrelia, Pertussis, Parapertussis, Helicobacter Pylori Infection).

New developments are carried out with participation of EKOlab specialists.

As a result it is a wide range of products, which EKOlab releases today. This is a close and fruitful cooperation allows the company to keep pace with the times and to take a leading position among the companies of this profile.

EKOlab produces new and modern diagnostic test-systems:

• for diagnostics diseases by means of immune blotting;
• for diagnostics and confirmation of HIV infection, Hepatitis and ToRCH infections;
• a full line of products for the diagnostics of syphilis.

Now EKOlab produces monoclonal antibodies, latex and IFA diagnostic test-systems, new biochemical kits.

“EKOlab” uses animal donors for the production of vaccines. In this regard, our company pays great attention to the care of laboratory animals.

At present the company has in its own vivarium:
• 120 sheep and goats
• 1,000 rabbits
• 1200 guinea pigs
• 300 laboratory mice.

The quality of company products are guaranteed by International Certificates of Quality ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003, obtained in 2004 and confirmed annually. As a result of the Russian competition for the past five years, the company "EKOlab" places among the "Top 100 of The Best Companies and Organizations in the Russian Federation."

CJSC "EKOlab" looks ahead with confidence and increases the rate of development. This allows employees to be proud of their company and look confidently into the future, and gives customers assurance that they have found a solid and reliable business partner.


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