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Our products

Product category: Modular systems

Aluminum Drawer for the safe

Flexible dividing system for perfect overview
To make the storage, order and organisation of obstructing substances (recording requiring narcotics) easy, H+H SYSTEM has improved its aluminium drawer to upgrade existing vaults. Through the use of drawers instead of shelves, you can gain up to 30% more space. Combined with the flexible dividing system, each product gets its own compartment including labeling. These compartments can be easily adapted to the width and depth of the pack sizes. Not only does this allow items to be found quickly and reduces the risk of confusion and costly overruns of expiration dates, but also saves valuable time searching, which can be used for other processes.

•up to 30% space savings
•save time with minimized search efforts
•drawers for (almost) any safe
•single drawers can be combined with shelves
•drawer block depending on the application
•any number of drawers
•tool-free assembly
•any width and depth possible
•easy pull out on plastic rollers
•different loading heights

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Product category: Modular systems

H+H FlexModul® - ISO Modular Tray

The flexible innovation on the modular tray market
H+H SYSTEM’s ISO FlexModul® is the product of choice where highest demands are placed on flexibility, efficiency and quality. This module is the result of intensive development work aimed at achieving maximum variability in storage. By combining trays and baskets into one, H+H SYSTEM has not only achieved this objective but has also created the best possible flexibility. The innovation resulted in an opitimal, low weight, and leak proof storage system. The marketed cross-recess dividers may be secured to the modules using the ClipOn-effect. They may be secured so firmly that the partitions will with-stand highest lateral loads without them being forced out of their positions. The added benefit results in simple and quick 10 and 20 mm adjustment. When used in combination with the sliding dividers, the greatest possible space savings and highest efficiencies are achieved.

•smooth walls for greater hygiene
•fixed tray and divider positioning (ClipOn-effect)
•partitions may be adapted to storage articles
•bay width may be adjusted every 10 mm and 20 mm
•additional lettering or company logo possible
•low weight
•single-part stop system

For more detailed information see: www.ISOmodulsystem.com

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Product category: Modular systems

DIN Klinotec

DIN standard but flexible
H+H SYSTEM’s Klinotec brand stands for modular flexibility. This high-quality module delivers absolute tidy storage in cabinets sized 600 x 600 mm (external dimensions) and simplifies supply material logistics in a very decisive way. The fact that Klinotec modules have been on the market for more than 20 years proves their functional superiority in hospitals, practices and nursing homes. In conjunction with H+H sliding dividers they create perfect sorting systems that save time and decisively reduce the possibility of mistakes.

•various modular tray sizes available
•Material: ABS grey, Acrylic transparent or as wired basket
•moulded on drawer stops
•partitions may be adapted to storage articles

For more detailed information see: www.isomodulsystem.com

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Product category: Modular systems


Optimal use of space and easy access
H+H SYSTEM can produce drawers of various materials in any size and for any need. Hygiene and flexibility are at the forefront. In combination with the flexible sliding dividers and the organisation program, the system brings order, clarity and security into the drawer. The dividers can be easily removed to clean the interior space perfectly.

•can also be fitted to existing drawers
•made of anodised aluminium
•with underfloor pullout
•optimal access
•best use of space
•at different heights
•manufactured by drawer dimensions

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Product category: Modular systems

AluCool® Drawer

Constant temperature and optimal use of space
Aluminium is light, durable and highly aesthetic. It`s high conductivity ensures optimum temperature distribution throughout the refrigerator. With the AluCool ® drawer every pharmaceutical refrigerator can also be retrofitted - this saves and optimally utilizes valuable space in the refrigerator. Depending on the specific need, the dividing system allows the storage of drugs, blood and plasma with a space savings of up to 30%.

•constant temperature
•easy pull out on plastic rollers
•any width, depth and heights of the drawer possible
•any refrigerator is retrofitted with any number of drawers
•tool-free assembly of drawers
•combinable with grid

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About us

Company details

The H+H divider system has proved its worth in practice for more than 30 years in all medical areas from the pharmacy to the hospital.

The dissatisfaction with the existing dividing and organisation system of the 2 inventors Horst and Heimo Hrovat, both pharmacists, led in 1973 to the development of the sliding divider system which has since been patented.

Throughout the years, the divider system has grown into a large and flexible range of products.

Safety and quality obtain top priority in the health care market, shop fitters and all types of businesses prefer organisation and presentation.

H+H SYSTEM is distributed by our partners in many European countries as well as in the H+H subsidiary in the USA.

H + H System, the partner when it comes to medication storage.

  • Ready to install drawers
  • Card holders/labels
  • Cooling of medication
  • Medication distribution systems
  • Modular tray systems
  • H+H FlexShelf®
  • Dividers for shelves
  • Dividers for drawers
  • Product presentation/displays
  • Organisation

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