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Product categories

  • 01  Electromedical equipment / Medical Technology
  • 01.03  Therapie and physical medicine
  • 01.03.08  Laser therapy equipment
  •  Laser acupuncture equipment
  • 01  Electromedical equipment / Medical Technology
  • 01.03  Therapie and physical medicine
  • 01.03.08  Laser therapy equipment
  •  Laser pens

Our products

Product category: Laser therapy equipment

LightStream the first modular therapy laser cl. 4 - up to 20 Watt power, four optimal wave lenths

The LightStream is an innovative cl. 4 therapy laser and offers up to 20 W laser power, so-called HLLT (High Level Laser Therapy).
The therapy with the LightStream works tremendously fast and penetrates deeply. It can be used for any indication in the field of biomodulation.

The therapy with the LightStream is non-invasive, gentle, relaxing and refreshing. During the treatment the patient feels an intensive deep warming sensation, a biological “flooding of light” which will lead to increased cell metabolism and improved blood circulation.

The LightStream consists of a control unit (touch screen) + a laser device with four wavelengths transmitted via fiber optics or scanner and / or a hand-held probe with one wavelength.

The LightStream is fully programmable, has optimized application programs and a complete range of proven bio-frequencies (NOGIER / BAHR / REININGER etc.), individual protocols.

The wavelengths of the LightStream make use of the „optical window“ with minimal absorption by water, hemoglobin, melanin, for optimal deep penetration. Tried and tested special pulse shapes and bio-frequencies support the individual therapy.

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Product category: Laser therapy equipment, Laser acupuncture equipment

Physiolaser olympic the modular cl. 3B therapy laser

The fully programmable Physiolaser olympic is a high-end laser that offers everything you need for comprehensive therapy and diagnosis. The previously unavailable range of functions in this compact package makes it the worldwide leading system.

- single and multi-cluster probes (LLLT and MLLT up to 3000 mW)
- LightNeedle module (6 or 12 channels with fiber optics)
- scanning head (Satellite, similar to the Photonic)
- diagnostic modules (body acupuncture, gold/silver points in the ear)
- Therapy programs, individual protocols and many more

The special laser output with precision lense for high lumination and optional adapters enables deep penetration (muscles, trigger points, joints, wound healing).

The Physiolaser olympic comes with a built-in high-power rechargeable battery (perfect for mobile outdoor use), but it can be connected to an outlet as well.

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Product category: Laser acupuncture equipment, Laser pens

LaserPen the original - the first handheld medical laser cl. 3B

The LaserPen is a modern high-end laser using the latest technology that fills the gap between the Handylaser and the Physiolaser. It is programmable and offers NOGIER/BAHR/REININGER meridian and chakra frequencies.

The LaserPen is available with superpulse 40 W/904 nm GaAs (pulse width 200 nsec.) and as a cw laser with the range of 50-500 mW/810 nm or other wavelengths e.g. 638 nm, 785 nm, 904 nm.

The LaserPen is available in two versions to meet your budget and therapy requirements:

1. practice version (basic)
2. expert version (comprehensive functions).

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Product category: Laser therapy equipment, Laser acupuncture equipment

LightNeedle for acupuncture and physiotherapy

The LightNeedle laser device works in conjunction with the Physiolaser and takes advantage of the therapy programs and protocols. It is available in two versions, with 12 or 6 outlets.
Simply attach it to the laser outlet and start the therapy. The operation is optimized for daily clinical use: fast and easy, channel selection in groups, reliable and safe photon transfer, individual protocols! The LightNeedle offers precise and strong laser stimulation of points and deep tissue layers and it can be widely used for many therapeutic applications.

The patented safety tip offers for the first time a stable and secure treatment. Conventional systems are attached straight and causing unstable contact because the tip suffers under the weight of the fiber and tends to lose contact and its position.

The patented safety tip of the LightNeedle is placed flat onto the skin and has a beam outlet of 90o. The tip can easily placed on any body part, may it be small or large, front and back at the same time, the patient can get a treatment in any position.

Easy and economic fixation of the safety tip with
standard medical tape!

The main advantages

modular system
12 x 50 mW/655 nm
special fiber optic (stable)
standard tape
various biofrequencies
compact and mobile

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Product category: Laser acupuncture equipment, Laser pens

Handylaser trion

The Handylaser trion is the ideal minilaser. Streamlined and compact it offers extensive functions. The right laser for everyone who wants powerful therapy and point detection for acupuncture, all in a small package.

It already is programmed with 7 Nogier and 7 Bahr frequencies, as well as a continuous beam and automatic energy timer (40 sec./2 J),
RAC diagnostic button (5 mW), acoustic 5 seconds counter.

Of course it also includes an easy-to-use diagnostic component (acoustic indication, light-diode chain) and precision optics for high lumination (fine laser output, Ø 1.5 mm), ensuring precise focused irradiation (auricular medicine, joints etc.).
The Handylaser trion is delivered with long-lasting NiMH rechargeable batteries.

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Product category: Laser therapy equipment

Polylaser trion

The Polylaser trion family is a compact “laser shower“ for area therapy. You’ll be surprised how simple they are to use, the easy setting, ergonomic design and light weight enable you to work effortlessly.

12 laser diodes quickly irradiate an area of about 20 cm2. Two wavelengths are built in to optimize the therapy for deep and superfical stimualtion: 8 x 50 mW/785 nm+ 4 x 50 mW/655 nm (total 600 mW). Various programs and individual settings are avabale.

The radiation surface is covered with an innovative Photon-Reflection Foil to minimize the loss of photon energy and enhance the laser´s effect. The photons are reflected and multiplied so that more photons will penetrate into the skin.

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Product category: Laser therapy equipment

Photonic 500 - Laser scanner

The Photonic 500 is a software-controlled scanning laser combining maximum power of 500 mW (infrared) plus 150 mW (red) with compact design. It sets new standards in form/size,
performance and function.
The Photonic 500 was designed primarily for area therapy. It easily irradiates a surface of any size, transmitting the focused laser energy quickly and effectively. Point therapy with the optional laser probe is also possible, such as for joints, trigger points, painful spots.

The compact design means nearly effortless operation, comprehensive, fast and precise. In spite of its high power and extensive functions, the extremely flexible Photonic 500 fits almost anywhere. It is portable and can be installed quickly in even the smallest treatment rooms.
The new therapy programmes make it easier to delegate therapy since the optimum frequencies, output and joules are already predefined. You or your assistant simply press a button to select the desired indication and the device automatically switches off once the parameters of the automatic time/power/Joule calculation are reached.
The Photonic 500 can produce a large variety of pulsed areas, which can be specified quickly and simply. Select the size based on body part/shape wound:

1) Point/circle, ellipse 2) Rectangle 3) Line, X-axis and Y-axis

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About us

Company details

Photomedicine - Laser Therapy (LLLT and HLLT)

RJ-LASER (foundation 1982) develops and produces laser therapy devices (LLLT/HLLT) for non-invasive diagnosis and therapy, special features for laser acupuncture, ear acupuncture/auricular medicine. Laser therapy devices for class 3B and class 4.
The product range offers portable handheld laser devices (LaserPen, Handylaser)and compact modular systems (Physiolaser and LightStream), LightNeedle (Laserneedle), laser shower and laser scanner for the therapy of larger areas.

RJ-LASER ist certified ISO13485:2012 and OEM producer.

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1-9 Mio US $

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max. 50%

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Electromedical equipment / Medical Technology