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  • 01  Electromedical equipment / Medical Technology
  • 01.01  Diagnostics
  • 01.01.01  General Diagnostics
  •  Thermometer
  • 01  Electromedical equipment / Medical Technology
  • 01.01  Diagnostics
  • 01.01.01  General Diagnostics
  •  Thermometer
  •  Devices for measuring body temperature / thermometer

Devices for measuring body temperature / thermometer

  • 01  Electromedical equipment / Medical Technology
  • 01.03  Therapie and physical medicine
  • 01.03.13  Transcutaneous nerve stimulation

Transcutaneous nerve stimulation

Our products

Product category: Thermometer

Thermofocus 0700 A2

Thermofocus 0700A2 is the first non contact thermometer in the world. Totally hygienic, without touching, Thermofocus reads infrared radiation naturally emitted by the surface of the skin and calculates the whole body temperature, which is measured in less than one second by pointing THERMOFOCUS® at the centre of the forehead. The right distance between the skin and the thermometer is easily determined thanks to a patented aiming system absolutely safe. When you are too far or too close you will see two light points. When you are at the correct distance you will see a unique light point. In the same way THERMOFOCUS® can also measure the temperature of liquids and objects between 1.0 and 55.0°C. The 0700A2 model is provided by the AQCS (Automatic Quick Calibration System) that enables the thermometer to stabilize more quickly in a room.
If the baby is sleeping you will not disturb him.

Now available in a new and less expensive Essential packaging.
International Patents pending.

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Product category: Thermometer

Thermofocus 01500 A3

Thermofocus 01500A3 is thought for family or professional users that require maximum accuracy and flexibility of temperature taking. It guarantees the same performance of model 0700A2, with an additional button (“home”) which allows the user to easily and directly read the temperature of objects – both solid and liquid - in a range from 1 and 55°C (from 33.8 to 131°F) like the baby’s feeding bottle, the soup, the bath water, the wine, the coffee and so on. The LCD display automatically shows room temperature when in stand-by. This model uses two patented technologies, the AQCS (Automatic Quick Calibration System) and the MQCS (Manual Quick Calibration System), that enable the device to very quickly  stabilise in a room.

THERMOFOCUS® does not use laser radiations, it is safe and harmless.
It is a medical device CE 0051. International Patents pending.

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Product category: Thermometer

Visiofocus 06400

Visiofocus (the evolution of Thermofocus, the first non-contact thermometer in the world) is convenient and easy to use as it is the most advanced medical thermometer working at distance.
With VisioFocus, you can take your baby's temperature at first sight, as it is designed to project the body temperature value on the forehead: in half second it simply shows on the forehead the body temperature without even touching the skin.
The right distance between the forehead and the thermometer for a correct measurement is easily reached when you can see the temperature value precisely between the two brackets.
VisioFocus is perfect for new borns, children and adults, as the temperature measurement is quick, precise, hygienic and safe .
VisioFocus guarantees absolute hygiene and an accurate, instantaneous, safe and repeatable measurement.

It can also take the temperature of objects and liquids between 1 to 55°C. The large LCD display is backlighted in 5 different colours according to the function.

It is a medical device CE 0051. International Patents pending.

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Product category: Thermometer

Visiofocus Mini 06700

Totally hygienic, without touching the skin, VISIOFOCUS MINI projects the temperature directly on the forehead and on any other surface.

It is the smaller and less expensive version of the VisioFocus.
VISIOFOCUS MINI  is even more revolutionary than VisioFocus, because the projection system completely replaces the display: all the information are shown in the projection, and no display is needed. Indeed the world around you is the display.
Thanks to its patented aiming system, VISIOFOCUS MINI clearly indicates the correct distance and the correct point for an accurate measurement to be taken.
No other thermometer in the world can do it, apart from Thermofocus and VisioFocus.

It is a medical device CE 0051. International Patents pending.

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Product category: Thermometer

Thermofocus for Hospital 0800 H5

Thermofocus® 0800H5 is the first infrared non-contact thermometer specifically studied for professional use (i.e. in hospitals and sanitary facilities), having an exclusive aiming system in order to provide doctors and healthcare professionals a precise, hygienic and easy-to-use tool to measure body temperature in any kind of condition.

The use of Thermofocus® 0800H5 ensures a series of great and concrete advantages for both the user - doctor, nurse, etc. - and the patient:

-       while other kinds of thermometers require disinfection after each use or need expensive hygienic and disposable covers, Thermofocus® does not need these actions at all. The non-contact measuring system totally eliminates all disinfection procedures and caps substitution charges, with a saving that for a hospital results very high in terms of both time and money. Let’s try to calculate how much it is: usually the cost of a probe cover for ear thermometer is between 4 and 10 euro cents (depending on the type of device). Let’s assume an average cost of 5 eurocents each and to make 2 measurements per day in a ward with 50 beds. The cost will be 0,05 x 2 x 50 = 5 Euros per day spent in disposable covers. After 1 year (365 days) the total annual cost will be 1.825 Euros for each thermometer. A complete waste of money!

-       with other thermometers, for each measurement you should calculate: putting the cover on the probe, positioning the device in the ear canal, taking away and disposing the cover, which takes about 15 seconds in total. So (15’’ x 0,5 eurocents/second) x (2 measurements x 50 beds x 365 days) = more than 2,700 Euros per year. The battery needing is also favorable to Thermofocus®. Hence, we can assume that each Thermofocus® makes the Hospital saving from 4,000 to 5,000 Euros per year!

-       thanks to its new patented quick stabilization technology MQCS, Thermofocus® 0800H5 stabilizes to room temperature very quickly. A “plus” which makes it particularly indicated for hospital use, where room temperature can change from room to room, as well as on ambulances;

Thermofocus® 0800H5 avoids disturbing the patients during the measurement of body temperature, thanks to its display backlight function. This function makes Thermofocus® 0800H5 perfect to be used with children, elderly people, sleeping patients, also during the night, without needing to turn on the light in the room. More attention to the comfort of the  patient and less troubles, without any additional cost.

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Product category: Thermometer

Visiofocus PRO 06480

VisioFocus® Pro is specifically suited for use in hospitals, airports, schools, factories, etc. in case of emergency and/or pandemic situations. This model is particularly quick, accurate and easy to use, allowing several fast and hygienic temperature readings. VisioFocus® is provided with the MQCS technology (mandatory procedure in the “nurs” setting) and with the AQCS technology (automatic in the “doct” setting) and comes with a special lanyard which allows to safely carry the device, in order to use it anytime it is needed.

- 4 different reference modes: Oral, Rectal, Axilla or Core.
- default setting "nurs": HOME button disabled; MQCS requested and mandatory every 30 minutes (when used by nurses as well as for any intensive use, like in airports etc.;
- optional setting "doct": HOME button enabled; AQCS automatic and optional MQCS

(for doctors’ use).

- Air conditioning adjustment On or Off:activate On in case of intense air conditioning

- Temperature level alarm: it’s possible to chose the temperature threshold beyond which the thermometer alternates the message Hi.2 to the data. The possible threshold levels are ≥37,0°C (≥98.6°F) or ≥38,0 °C (≥100.4°F).

VisioFocus® Pro can take more than thousand of accurate readings every hour, with no need to stop at all between consecutive measurements.


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Product category: Transcutaneous nerve stimulation

Afterbite Zanzaclick




Very often in summer evenings you are subject to attacks from obnoxious insects such as mosquitoes. The itch and the swelling resulting from their bites are very annoying and you feel a strong impulse to scratch the affected area and the consequence is to further irritate the skin.


To get rid of such fastidious problems is very simple with the aid of a small electronic device, very handy and easy to use: MOSQUITO-CLICK®.





Inside MOSQUITO-CLICK® are natural quartz crystals which produce a tiny static charge when the button on the top of the MOSQUITO-CLICK® is pressed. It therefore does not require a battery to function. The exact principle with which the product works is not clear, but clinical trials show that it works. When applied to the bite area this tiny charge it stops the urge to scratch and reduce the swelling. Stopping the itch may prevent you from scratching which can further irritate the area and possibly cause infection.


MOSQUITO-CLICK® is ecological, it has no adverse indication and does not release chemical substances, and it has a large expected life (20/25,000 clicks, about 4/5,000 bites according to the model).


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About us

Company details

The philosophy of Tecnimed is to create revolutionary and intelligent products on the basis of the exigencies felt by the Customers, with particular care to the health protection products.
For this reason Tecnimed is a pioneer and its products make the leadership in their sector.
THERMOFOCUS® is the first and the most advanced “non-contact” clinical thermometer in the world. In order to take a body temperature it is only necessary to approach THERMOFOCUS® to the forehead at the distance indicated from its optical aiming system. It can take also the room and the objects temperature, as well as the skin temperature (very useful to find inflammations, blood circulation problems, etc). THERMOFOCUS® is a very hygienic and comfortable thermometer for family and hospital. It has been widely used in airports, hospitals and schools during SARS and SWINE FLU. The very brand new thermometer is now the VISIOFOCUS®, the evolution of THERMOFOCUS®. With the VISIOFOCUS® thermometer, you can take your baby's temperature at first sight, as it is designed to project the body temperature value on the forehead: it simply reveals the body temperature without even touching the skin.You can very simply get the VISIOFOCUS® close to your baby’s forehead and in half second the temperature will be shown on the forehead.

MOSQUITO-CLICK® is the revolutionary treatment against mosquitoes bites, working through small electrical impulses.
International patents pending.

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1-9 Mio US $

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> 75%

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