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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Electromedical equipment / Medical Technology
  • 01.04  Intense medicine / anesthesiology / respiration
  • 01.04.03  Incubators

Our products

Product category: Incubators

Dual Incu i

The advaced,high quality features of an incubator facilitate daily care giving.

- Basic performance as an incubator.

-  Work efficiency of the medical staff is improved.

- The Dual Incu i ensures noise levels are kept to a minimun,maintaining a quiet environment to  minimise the infant’s stress.

- Peripheral equipment can be easily mounted.Data can be communicated to external devices such as  bedside monitors.

- The admittance panel can be dropped slowly and silently to reduce infant noise stress.

Superior performance as an infant warmer enhances the value of the dual-mode type incubator.

- Enables prompt treatment at the delivery room and NICU

- The funcions for resuscitation are wellsupported.

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Product category: Incubators

Infa Warmer i

Medical care in the emergency stage

Surgical operations can be performed safely in the NICU.

- Resuscitator including the oxygen blender <Add-on unit>

-LED lighting lamp to enable the medical staff to observe the infant’s skin color clearly

- X-ray cassette tray

- Disposable liner to prevent cross infection

Medical care in the chronic stage

Long-term management with less stress to the infant is possible.

- Pressure-dispersion mattress to provide stable and comfortable resting and sleeping surface

- Baby Guard

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Product category: Incubators

Sunflower Warmer

The F-Rail Pole is provided so that various peripheral devices can be attached.

- More workspace and quick access to the devices are ensured.

The infant is accessible even from the head side.

The infant’s stress caused by noise or a shock is reduced.

- The baby guards are equipped with rotary dampers for silent operation.

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Product category: Incubators

Incu i Tester (Tester for Infant Incubator and Infant Warmer)

You have only to place the tester on the mattress platform to easily check the temperature, the oxygen concentration and the relative humidity in the incubator.

Reliability is increased by comparative evaluation  of temperature, oxygen concentration and relative  humidity measurements taken by the tester against  the readings displayed on the incubator.

Use of the black body enables the measurement of radiated heat of the infant warmer.

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Product category: Incubators

BILI-THERAPY Spot Type (LED Phototherapy Unit)

The phototherapy unit uses blue LEDs efficient for treatment.

The unit is switchable to an observation light (white LEDs) with a single touch of a button. The dimmer controller on the unit is useful for developmental care.

The arm type unit and the hood mount type unit, which don’t need a stand, save space around the incubator.

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About us

Company details

Our ever-evolving mission is to provide the finest in medical care through our medical products and technology in order to protect and nurture these precious, tiny lives.

For generations of mankind, the birth of new life has been and continues to be the greatest event. Since the development of the first infant incubator in Japan, Atom Medical has sought to make the maximum contribution to this wondrous happening.
We are committed to the protection and development of new life through cutting edge technology and corporate commitment.
Atom Medical is advancing in its dedication to progress in medical science.

Always in close communications with the medical community,
Atom Medical is committed to the needs of our customers.
This close alliance allows Atom Medical to provide the latest in products and services while earning it the highest degree of customer trust and confidence.

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Company data

Sales volume

100-199 Mio US $

Export content

max. 25%

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Area of business

Electromedical equipment / Medical Technology