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  • 01  Electromedical equipment / Medical Technology
  • 01.09  Hospital and Care equipment
  • 01.09.04  Medical supply units complete mobile units such as in catastrophe areas or for military use

Medical supply units complete mobile units such as in catastrophe areas or for military use

Our products

Product category: Medical supply units complete mobile units such as in catastrophe areas or for military use


The critical needs of the hospital demand the highest quality medical air and thus Medical Air Plants are an integral part of a patient life support system.

Medical Air Plants complies with all the rigorous standards of HTM02-01.

Medical Air Plants are used to supply medical quality air for Respiration and Surgical needs.
The Medical Air 4 bar Plant is especially used in applications related with respiration and in ventilation fans which operates with air.
Surgical Air 7 Bar is used for the operation of the surgical equipments which are used in operation theaters.

Main Parts of Medical Air Systems;

The medical air systems plant consists of two or more identical air compressors, compressed air receiver vessel(s) and an air filtration / dryer assembly including line pressure regulators. Air plant is provided with a fully automatic control system, with manual override facility to minimise energy consumption and compressor wear.

Air Compressor: Atlas Copco Air compressors are used in Medical Air Plants to supply compressed air.

Dryer Modul: The dryer module consists of duplex, twin absorber towers, containing activated alumina desiccant, of the fully regenerative type. When the plant is in operation one column is on stream removing water vapour from the delivered air whilst the other column is being dried and regenerated by passing a small air purge through it. No electrical heating is required to achieve the specified standards of dryness. Whilst this dryer is in operation, the standby dryer is ready to take over the duty on automatic selection should the duty dryer fail.

Filters: Medical Air Plants are equipped with a duplex set of carefully selected filters, to ensure maximum air quality, and extended service life of the desiccant. Filters assebly is required to finally filter out the residual water, oil mist or droplets and other particulate matter.

Air Receiver: The Air Receiver acts as a reservoir for the compressed air. It maintains a constant pressure and ensures that an uninterrupted non-pulsatile air flow is delivered. Each receiver should also be fitted with safety valves, a pressure gauge and an inspection window to check that the drain is working.

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Schönn is an international company that is located in Germany and its scope of business is production of medical devices and equipment, consulting and technical servicing for health sector. It acts as a solution partner of health centres to improve the diagnosis and treatment processes and as a result to shorten the time of these processes. Our experienced team always finds out remarkable and acceptable solutions for our cutomers and final patients.

As a leader company, Schönn assists in planning and design of new health centres or renovation projects according to international standards and contemporary design parameters.

Selection, procurement, installation and commisioning of medical equipment is the other significant experienced business field of our company,

Our teams help to health centre staff and management to improve their hospital management efficiency as consulting groups.

Schönn is the key of access to technology for your projects and solution of your needs.

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  • Commodities and Consumer Good for Surgeries and Hospitals
  • Medical Services and Publications