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Disposable articles for hospitals

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Product category: Disposable articles for hospitals


For atraumatic oocyte aspiration in IVF procedures. Single lumen, double-way needle, one way for oocyte aspiration (5), second way for follicle flushing (3). Echogenic tip with atraumatic bevel (1). Oocyte aspiration is performed through a blue-colored tubing set that protects the oocyte from UV rays. The aspiration tubing set ends in a thermoplastic rubber bung (6) that is securely connected to the test tube. The needle is connected to both the aspiration and flushing tubings through a Y connector (2) (serving as finger grip) provided with two universal adapters that make the needle extremely versatile. Follicle flushing is performed through a plastic tubing set (3) ending in a stopcock (4) preventing any possible fluid reflux. Oocyte aspiration is controlled by a tubing clamp (10). Suction pump connection is made through a luer lock adapter (7). This versione is supplied with an additional universal adapter (9) allowing multiple connections. Beta irradiated to eliminate any risk of toxicity from residual contamination common with EtO. BIMONOCYTE is MEA (mouse embryo assay) and LAL (endotoxin) tested.

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About us

Company details

RI.MOS. was founded in 1988 as manufacturer of sterile, single use medical devices. In 1994 RI.MOS. took over RAM, a company founded in 1985 from the same shareholders and manufacturing mesotherapy multiinjectors and gynecological disposable products.

RI.MOS. is the only Italian Company actively committed to developing and manufacturing a complete range of disposable devices for artificial insemination and assisted reproductive techniques.

In the year 2000, RI.MOS. took over PAIS, a company specialized in the design and manufacturing of devices and reusable needles for medical and veterinary purposes.

In 2009 RI.MOS. has obtained the CE certification of Hyperoil (natural treatment for skin wounds) as a medical device and began the industrialization and marketing process of the product.

RI.MOS. is currently manufacturing and marketing the following ranges of products:

GINRAM: disposables for gynecology

Disposable sterile products for gynecology and obstetrics: Speculum and accessories, devices for cervical & endocervical sampling, endometrial sampling, intrauterine aspiration, pregnancy and labour, laparascopy HSG & SHG, Forceps, miscellaneous

FERTIRAM: disposables for assisted fertilization procedures

A complete range of disposable sterile devices for assisted fertilization: Ovum pick-up needles for GIFT and IVF procedures, IUI cannulas and cervical cup for artificial insemination, embryo-transfer catheters for IVF-ET procedures , human semen receptacle.

MESORAM: disposables for mesotherapy

Disposable sterile products for mesotherapy: Linear and circular multi-injectors with

or without needles, single needles for mesotherapy (27G) and microinjections (30G)

HOLOIL SYSTEM: Multi-functional self-sufficient advanced wound dressing

Domestic market is made of retailers, local dealers and sale agents. Export quota is 50% of the total turnover with sales managed through distributors located in 66 countries.

RI.MOS. develops and improves the design of products with the collaboration of physicians and scientific researchers. R&D, engineering and production are carried out internally and the manufacturing process involves highly experienced operators and suppliers in the manufacturing of medical devices.

Thanks to a modern production technology, RI.MOS. products are assembled by trained operators in a Class ISO 7 and ISO 8 clean rooms. RI.MOS. has developed a quality management system according to ISO 13485 standard.

Product certifications currently obtained are: CE mark, FDA cleared (USA), GOST (Russia).

By visiting web site you could have a complete and constantly up-to-date survey of RI.MOS. whole range of products.

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Company data

Sales volume

1-9 Mio US $

Export content

max. 50%

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Area of business

Commodities and Consumer Good for Surgeries and Hospitals