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Mycoplasma IES

Mycoplasma is the cause of Nongonococcal Urethritis (NGU), cervical, pelvic inflammatory disease, orchitis, epididymitis, and other disorders of the main pathogens. It may cause infertility to men and women. These pathogens can attack and destroy genitourinary epithelial cells, causing infectivity of AIDS and other sexually transmitted disease. Clinical sexually transmitted diseases can be caused by Mycoplasma, including the main UU and MH. Its incidence has been on the rise along with antibiotic resistance that has become a serious harm to human health. Timely and accurate diagnosis is the key to treatment and prevention of the Mycoplasma spread. This Autobio kit is used for culture isolation, identification, enumeration of Ureaplasma urealyticum (UU) and Mycoplasma hominis (MH) and clinical susceptibility of 12 commonly used antibiotics.

Principle of the test
The Mycoplasma kit is based on the reaction of cultivation and biochemistry. Urea can be decomposed by Urease for U.urealyticum and release NH3 and arginine can be decomposed by Arginase for M.hominis and release NH3. Then NH3 causes an increased pH of the liquid medium. The corresponding color change of the indicator is used to judge the result.
The susceptibility strip contains 12-antibiotics, each one in two concentrations. If Mycoplasma is sensitive to antibiotic, the activity of the enzyme is inhibited causing no change in color.

Clinical implications
Mycoplasma is one of the main pathogens leading to Nngonoccal Uethritis (NGU), cervical, pelvic inflammatory disease, orchitis, epididymitis, etc. and can cause infertility to men and women. These pathogens can attack and destroy genitourinary epithelial cells, cause infectivity of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Advantages of Autobio
• Results within 24 hours. Cultivation is fast and test results are consistent.
• Easy to operate. The separated cultivation, identification and enumeration of UU and MH are completed simulta- neously.
• The susceptibility is tested with antibiotics in two concen- trations.
• Susceptibility of 12 antibiotics from 5 categories are tested, giving more choices for clinical treatment.

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Autobio was established in 1998, and has become one of the largest and fastest growing clinical diagnostic companies in China. We are specialized in research & development, production and distribution of clinical diagnostic products mainly focussed on CLIA, ELISA, microbiology products and Rapid Test Strips/devices as well as laboratory instrumentation.

Autobio runs GMP certified manufacturing facilities and is certified according to ISO 13485 and ISO 9001-2000 to ensure the high standard and quality of all our products.

Every testing procedure is a small part of a bigger picture. Autobio helps laboratories to reduce costs and improve speed and efficiency of the diagnostic testing procedures. With Autobio, your lab can deliver fast and accurate results to physicians and help improve patient care.

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