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Digitalisation has also found its way into medicine and ensures that IT systems and IT solutions are becoming increasingly important. In this context, mHealth, mobile IT and wearable technologies such as wearables and smart textiles in particular are gaining in importance.

By using these technologies, patients can, for example, measure and monitor their vital data themselves. This data can then be transmitted to the attending physician via a mobile app. This enables continuous monitoring of the state of health and early detection of possible risks or diseases.

Telemedicine and medical telematics are also playing an increasingly important role. This involves the networking of doctors and medical facilities through digital communication and information technologies. This enables, for example, the rapid transmission of medical data and findings, regardless of the location of the patient or the doctor.

In addition, medical administration software and information systems such as a hospital information system (HIS) can also make a major contribution to optimising work processes in medical facilities. This not only increases efficiency, but also improves the quality of medical care.

Overall, IT systems and IT solutions in medicine offer many advantages. They enable improved diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of patients as well as optimisation of work processes in medical facilities. However, data protection aspects should also be taken into account to ensure the confidentiality of medical data.

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  • CGM Deutschland AG

    Koblenz, Germany
  • Charmcare Co., Ltd.

    Seoul, Korea, Republic
    Since Charmcare’s establishment in 2004, we have been working on the mission of contributing to a happy and healthy life for mankind through creative innovation. In the field of medical
  • Manufacturers Trader Service OEM


    Incheon, Korea, Republic
    Create a healthy world with wireless technology CHOISTECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. is the specialist company on IoT. We have been keeping the top position in Korean market  since having introduced world
  • Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel Sektion Biomedizinische Bildgebung Intelligent Imaging Lab

    Kiel, Germany
    Foundation and future Artificial Intelligence research fields are a focus of the Biomedical Imaging Section (SBMI). The work is performed by the Intelligent Imaging Lab (i²LAB) team at SBMI, mostly
  • Manufacturers Service

    Codana GmbH

    Heilbronn, Germany
    We are Codana: We are experts for Medical IoT. We are connecting medical devices with our certified IoT platform. Furthermore we are developing individual medical software such as DIGA. We are
  • Manufacturers

    Codonics Inc.

    Middleburg Heights, OH, USA
    Codonics is a global, award-winning leader offering patient safety systems for the operating room and medical imaging solutions in radiology. To address the unique medication safety risks that occur
  • Service

    CONZE Informatik GmbH

    Siegen, Germany
    In medical technology, user interfaces must do more than just look good. Our multidisciplinary team knows what is important when complex hardware is controlled through software, because we are
  • corbit GmbH

    Hannover, Germany
    Use eHealth innovations for your patients. In the healthcare system of the future, the patient is at the center. Let's take advantage of diagnostic and therapeutic opportunities through
  • Manufacturers

    Corsano Health B.V.

    The Hague, Netherlands
    Corsano Health, based in The Netherlands with offices in Switzerland, is a leading wearable MedTech company developing, producing and marketing medical smart monitoring devices designed to measure
  • Manufacturers Service

    Corscience GmbH & Co. KG

    Erlangen, Germany
    Defibrillation solutions. Faster. Corscience is the manufacturer-independent partner for defibrillation. We offer engineering and consulting services as well as established and customizable
    Corscience GmbH & Co. KG
  • Service


    Hofheim am Taunus, Germany
    Business software for people The economic success of a company depends above all on the people who work there. Their creativity, commitment and passion are the soil on which new ideas, innovative
  • Crank Software ULC

    Ottawa, ON, Canada
    Shift your embedded GUI development into high gear with Crank AMETEK & Storyboard (our embedded GUI development solution). Driven by the need to help the world create rich and engaging UIs, Crank
    Crank Software ULC

    Neuchâtel, Switzerland
    About CSEM – Transforming patient care with advanced tech and personalized insights  CSEM is a non-profit-oriented public-private Swiss technology innovation center renowned for developing
  • Manufacturers OEM

    Cybernet Manufacturing Inc.

    Irvine, CA, USA
    Who we are Cybernet is the pioneer of all-in-one computing technology. Since our founding in 1996, our focus has remained the same: To provide high-performance, space-saving computing solutions that
    Cybernet Manufacturing Inc.
  • Cypress Technology Co.,Ltd.

    New Taipei City, Taiwan
    CYP medical imaging solutions can handle multiple image sources switching, data capturing, video recording and contents displaying simultaneously without any distortion. Simplifying the process of
  • Service

    DA VINCI STUDIO Sp. z o.o.

    Bielsko-Biała, Poland
    We are a team of developers full of enthusiasm, zeal for work and extensive programming knowledge. There are no location barriers for us, which is why we can work from anywhere in the world
  • Manufacturers Service

    data experts gmbh

    Neubrandenburg, Germany
    Product solutions in healthcare Interdisciplinary cooperation, intelligent networking, and the most individual, personalized support possible - the demands of contemporary personnel work in the
  • DataArt GmbH

    München, Germany
    DataArt is a global software engineering firm that takes a uniquely human approach to solving problems. With over 25 years of experience, teams of highly-trained engineers around the world, and deep
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