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Digitalisation has also found its way into medicine and ensures that IT systems and IT solutions are becoming increasingly important. In this context, mHealth, mobile IT and wearable technologies such as wearables and smart textiles in particular are gaining in importance.

By using these technologies, patients can, for example, measure and monitor their vital data themselves. This data can then be transmitted to the attending physician via a mobile app. This enables continuous monitoring of the state of health and early detection of possible risks or diseases.

Telemedicine and medical telematics are also playing an increasingly important role. This involves the networking of doctors and medical facilities through digital communication and information technologies. This enables, for example, the rapid transmission of medical data and findings, regardless of the location of the patient or the doctor.

In addition, medical administration software and information systems such as a hospital information system (HIS) can also make a major contribution to optimising work processes in medical facilities. This not only increases efficiency, but also improves the quality of medical care.

Overall, IT systems and IT solutions in medicine offer many advantages. They enable improved diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of patients as well as optimisation of work processes in medical facilities. However, data protection aspects should also be taken into account to ensure the confidentiality of medical data.

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