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Administrative information systems in hospitals and administrative software in practices, laboratories and hospitals play a crucial role in the efficient organisation and management of medical facilities. These systems include various technologies and applications that support smooth operations and ensure optimal patient care.

A key element in this area is hospital information systems (HIS), which facilitate the management of patient data, medical information and clinical processes. HIS enable the secure exchange of information between different departments and help coordinate and optimise workflows.

Real-time transmission systems are another important component. They enable the immediate transfer of information and results between medical devices, laboratories and other parties involved. This leads to faster diagnosis and treatment of patients.

Resource planning systems (ERP) are used in the management of practices, laboratories and hospitals. They support resource planning, inventory management and the management of personnel and finances. The efficient use of resources can reduce costs and improve the quality of patient care.

Financial management systems for practices, laboratories and hospitals play a critical role in managing invoices, payments and financial tracking. These systems support the efficient billing of medical services and the fulfilment of legal requirements.

Another important topic is systems for data protection and data security. In today's digital era, the protection of sensitive patient data is of utmost importance. Medical facilities must ensure that management information systems have robust security measures in place to prevent unauthorised access to sensitive information.

The electronic health record (ePA) and digital patient record are revolutionising the way medical information is stored and shared. By capturing and storing patient data digitally, doctors and medical staff can more easily access important information and make informed decisions.

In addition to the systems mentioned above, systems for patient infotainment are also gaining importance. These systems provide patients with access to entertainment content such as films, music and games to make their stay in hospital more pleasant and to support recovery.

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