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An efficient and reliable IT infrastructure is crucial in practices, hospitals and laboratories. A well-designed IT infrastructure optimises workflows, increases productivity and improves patient care.

Personal computers, terminals, notebooks, surface books and tablet PCs are indispensable tools for accessing electronic patient records, laboratory results and other important information. Monitors, touch screens and colour display systems play an important role in presenting visual data clearly and accurately and are critical for effective diagnosis and treatment.

Specialised archiving software and documentation software are crucial for archiving and documenting patient data and medical records. These software solutions enable secure storage, quick access and easy management of information, improving workflow efficiency and accuracy.

Managed IT services are another important aspect. These services provide professional support for the IT infrastructure, including regular maintenance, updating and backup of the systems. By outsourcing these tasks to experienced IT experts, practices, hospitals and laboratories can ensure that their IT systems are always up to date and run smoothly.

In addition to software and hardware, peripheral devices also play an important role. Printers, scanners and multifunction devices are indispensable for capturing and distributing documents, forms and reports quickly and efficiently. Readers for patient cards, smart cards and RFID chips enable quick identification of patients and easy transfer of information, leading to improved patient safety and care.

Tracking systems, especially RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and RTLS (Real-Time Location Systems) enable precise location of medical equipment, specimens and even patients, increasing efficiency, reducing theft and improving traceability.

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