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Medical supplies are indispensable for successful and safe medical care. They include a wide range of products such as medical consumables, nursing supplies, hygiene products, ostomy aids, incontinence aids, catheters, sterile bags, personal protective equipment for medical staff, medical linen and wound care products.

Medical consumables are used daily in every medical facility. These include, for example, disposable gloves, disposable syringes, sterile compresses and disinfectants. These products are intended for single use and ensure a hygienic working environment and effective infection prevention.

Nursing products are particularly important for the well-being of patients. These include, for example, bed linen, bed pads, care lotions and creams, skin protection products, as well as special aids to support daily body care. These products contribute to a pleasant and hygienic stay.

Hygiene products, such as disinfectants and disposable gloves, are indispensable for infection prevention in medical facilities. They reduce the risk of hospital infections and protect patients and staff alike.

Stoma aids and incontinence aids are special aids for people with stomas or incontinence problems. They include, for example, stoma bags, incontinence briefs and nappies. These products help to improve the quality of life of those affected and make care easier.

Catheters and sterile bags are used to empty urine and stool. These products are essential for patients who are unable to control their bladder or bowels due to illness or injury.

Personal protective equipment for medical staff is particularly important in times of pandemics. This includes, for example, respirators, protective gowns, gloves and goggles. These products protect medical staff from infections and enable safe treatment of patients.

Medical underwear, such as gowns and trousers, are indispensable for medical staff. They ensure a clean and hygienic appearance and contribute to the well-being of patients.

Products for wound treatment, such as dressings, compresses and bandages, are essential for successful wound healing. They protect the wound from infection and support the healing process.

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