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Wound care products play a crucial role in the care and recovery of injured patients. Dressing material, splints, bandages, bandages, elastic bandages, plaster bandages, wound covers, skin substitutes, rapid wound dressings, wound adhesives, sterile compresses and products for pressure ulcer prophylaxis are important components of a comprehensive wound care set.

Dressing material is a basic product for wound care. It includes sterile gauze dressings, elastic fixation bandages, plaster strips and self-adhesive dressings. These materials are used to protect the wound and create an optimal healing environment.

Splints are excellent tools to stabilise broken bones or joints and maintain their natural position. They provide support and protection as the healing process progresses.

Bandages are widely available in different sizes and thicknesses. They can be used to compress wounds or swellings and provide stability for sprains or joint injuries.

Elastic bandages are specially designed bandages that conform to the shape of the body and provide effective compression. They are ideal for treating vein problems or providing support in case of injury.

Plaster bandages are used to immobilise broken bones. They are easy to apply and harden quickly to provide a stable fixation.

Wound dressings are crucial to protect the wound from external influences such as germs or dirt. They may be in the form of sterile dressings, hydrocolloid patches or transparent films.

Skin substitute products, such as skin substitutes or hydrocolloid dressings, can help promote the healing of skin lesions and support skin regeneration.

Quick wound dressings are practical products that allow easy and quick initial treatment of minor injuries. They are sterilely packaged and already contain a wound dressing that can be applied directly to the injury.

Wound adhesive is another option for sealing small cuts or wounds. The adhesive forms a flexible protective layer and enables rapid healing.

Sterile dressings are essential to clean and disinfect wounds. They are impregnated with antiseptic solutions and provide a hygienic solution for wound treatment.

Pressure ulcer prevention products are essential for patients with limited mobility. They include special mattresses, seat cushions and skin protectors that reduce pressure and minimise the risk of pressure ulcers.

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  • Top exhibitor

    Gentell Inc.

    Yardley, PA, USA
    Gentell is one of the largest vertically-integrated wound care companies in the world. We provide efficient, affordable, patient-specific wound treatments to patients in nursing homes, hospices,
  • Top exhibitor

    Hang Zhou Singclean Medical Products Co., Ltd

    Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
    Singclean Medical Top3 Manufacturer of Hyaluronic Acid in China 20 years of expertise in the industry of absorbable biomaterial Company Culture:Professional/ Perfect/ Practical Hangzhou Singclean
    Hang Zhou Singclean Medical Products Co., Ltd
  • Manufacturers OEM

    4L Health Co., Ltd

    Huizhou, China
    4L Health Co., Ltd. is has been in  the NPWT filed for Wound Care for over 10 years. 4L Health achieved the 1st CE & ISO13485 Certificates of NPWT system in China (by TÜV SÜD), and obtained
  • A1 Pharmaceuticals Plc.

    Rainham, Essex, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
    Established in 1986,we are a UK based Importer/Exporter of Pharmaceuticals, Medical devices, Dressings, Medical Nutrition and other health care products. Looking for new customers,suppliers &
    A1 Pharmaceuticals Plc.
  • ACE Srl

    Angleur, Belgium
    A Pioneer of Embossed Films for the Hygiene and Medical Industries   ACE has the distinction of being one of the very first film producers for the nascent hygiene market back in the ‘70s
  • Manufacturers

    ACRO Biomedical Co., Ltd.

    Kaohsiung City, Taiwan
    ACRO Biomedical was founded in June 2014 and positioned to develop and produce biomaterial medical devices for human tissue engineering and regenerative medicine (TERM). ACRO Biomedical uses its
  • Manufacturers OEM

    ACTO GmbH

    Braunschweig, Germany
  • Manufacturers


    Paços de Ferreira, Portugal
    ADA GROUP is a Portuguese group of companies that has been devoted to the production of gauze and non-woven swabs, several types of bandages and incontinence products for almost 50 years. ADA FIOS -
  • ADHEX Technologies SAS

    Chenove, France
    Adhex is a BtoB manufacturer of tailored adhesive solutions for Medical industry leaders. It offers both adhesive coating and converting capabilities: single & double sided tapes, adhesive films,
  • Adtec Healthcare Limited

    Twickenham, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
    Our story begins at the birthplace of Adtec: Adtec Plasma Technology Japan (a public company listed under the Tokyo Stock Exchange) with over 30 years’ experience of developing plasma products.
  • Manufacturers OEM

    Advanced MedTech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

    Vadodara, India
    AMS is dedicated to advancing the spectrum of healthcare by providing meaningful MedTech solutions for healthcare professionals, improving lives of patients around the world. Our commitment to
  • Manufacturers

    Advanced Oxygen Therapy Inc. (AOTI)

    Oceanside, CA, USA
    AOTI is dedicated to providing Advanced Wound Care products that utilize our patented non-invasive Topical Wound Oxygen (TWO2) therapy Our innovative products can help close all wound types, and are

    Usak, Türkiye
    Our company, which has been serving the health sector for more than half a century, first entered the sector with the production of gauze. Over years, gauze bandage, elastic bandage and synthethic
  • Manufacturers

    Ailee Co., Ltd.

    Busan, Korea, Republic
    Since 1963, Ailee always has been the No.1 suture manufacturer with the highest market share in Korea. Ailee has pioneered advances in wound closure with its sutures, suture needles and surgical
  • Manufacturers OEM

    Air Kinetic Technologies Corp.

    Taoyuan, Taiwan
    WHO WE ARE Founded in Taiwan in 1989, AKTC is a professional alternating pressure air mattress system for pressure ulcer prevention developer and manufacturer. Since our inception in 1989, we have
  • Manufacturers Trader OEM


    Frankfurt, Germany
    Quality Product at a Reasonable Price The need to pay more attention to modern wound treatments and improve the current methods has become more and more obvious in the modern world. Change in
  • ALEGRO medical GmbH

    Homburg, Germany
    Alegro® medical GmbH was founded in 1999 and is located in Homburg, Saarland. All our products are "Made in Germany" - produced at our company site in a family environment. We develop,
  • Manufacturers

    Alerta Medical Ltd.

    Irvine, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
    Alerta Medical are a world leader in the design, manufacture and supply of innovative and trusted durable medical equipment, delivering solutions to proactively maximise user safety and comfort.
    Alerta Medical Ltd.
  • Allmed Medical Products Co. Ltd.

    Shenzhen, China
    Allmed is the largest OEM manufacturer and exporter of wound care products in China, providing a worldwide range of traditional wound care products, including gauze swabs, non-woven swabs, lap
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