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Wound care products play a crucial role in the care and recovery of injured patients. Dressing material, splints, bandages, bandages, elastic bandages, plaster bandages, wound covers, skin substitutes, rapid wound dressings, wound adhesives, sterile compresses and products for pressure ulcer prophylaxis are important components of a comprehensive wound care set.

Dressing material is a basic product for wound care. It includes sterile gauze dressings, elastic fixation bandages, plaster strips and self-adhesive dressings. These materials are used to protect the wound and create an optimal healing environment.

Splints are excellent tools to stabilise broken bones or joints and maintain their natural position. They provide support and protection as the healing process progresses.

Bandages are widely available in different sizes and thicknesses. They can be used to compress wounds or swellings and provide stability for sprains or joint injuries.

Elastic bandages are specially designed bandages that conform to the shape of the body and provide effective compression. They are ideal for treating vein problems or providing support in case of injury.

Plaster bandages are used to immobilise broken bones. They are easy to apply and harden quickly to provide a stable fixation.

Wound dressings are crucial to protect the wound from external influences such as germs or dirt. They may be in the form of sterile dressings, hydrocolloid patches or transparent films.

Skin substitute products, such as skin substitutes or hydrocolloid dressings, can help promote the healing of skin lesions and support skin regeneration.

Quick wound dressings are practical products that allow easy and quick initial treatment of minor injuries. They are sterilely packaged and already contain a wound dressing that can be applied directly to the injury.

Wound adhesive is another option for sealing small cuts or wounds. The adhesive forms a flexible protective layer and enables rapid healing.

Sterile dressings are essential to clean and disinfect wounds. They are impregnated with antiseptic solutions and provide a hygienic solution for wound treatment.

Pressure ulcer prevention products are essential for patients with limited mobility. They include special mattresses, seat cushions and skin protectors that reduce pressure and minimise the risk of pressure ulcers.

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