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Infectious immunology testing

Technological advances have led to the development of state-of-the-art systems and equipment that improve the efficiency and accuracy of infectious immunology, virology and bacteriology tests. Automated platforms enable rapid analysis of large sample volumes and provide reliable results within a very short time. The integration of robotics, artificial intelligence and machine learning enables precise identification of infectious agents and prediction of resistance patterns.

A significant advance in microbiological diagnostics are multiplex tests that can simultaneously detect multiple pathogens in a sample. These tests enable a comprehensive diagnosis and shorten the time to treatment. By using specific probes and reagents, viruses, bacteria and immunological markers can be identified simultaneously. This leads to faster and more accurate treatment of infectious diseases.

Another significant advance is point-of-care testing (POCT), which can be performed directly at the point of patient care. These portable devices enable rapid diagnosis of infections without having to send samples to a central laboratory for analysis. Doctors and medical staff can make immediate treatment decisions, which is especially beneficial in emergencies and remote areas. These tests are user-friendly, cost-effective and provide reliable results in a very short time.

The importance of advanced diagnostics: Advances in infection immunology, virology and bacteriology tests have had a significant impact on microbiological diagnostics. The rapid and accurate identification of infectious agents enables targeted treatment and reduces the risk of antibiotic resistance.

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  • Aalto Bio Reagents Ltd.

    Dublin, Ireland
    One of the longest, established, privately held biotech companies, founded in 1978. Leading global provider of high-quality raw materials to the in-vitro diagnostic industry and research laboratories
    Aalto Bio Reagents Ltd.
  • Adaltis S.r.l.

    Guidonia Montecelio, Italy
    Adaltis S.r.l. is an international IVD company headquartered in Rome, Italy. Adaltis develops, manufactures and markets in-vitro diagnostic systems and reagents to detect viral infections, diagnose
    Adaltis S.r.l.
  • Manufacturers Service

    Anatolia Tani ve Biyoteknoloji A.S Anatolia Geneworks

    Istanbul, Türkiye
    Anatolia Geneworks was founded in 2010 in Istanbul by partners with over twenty years of expertise in molecular, genetics, health, mechanical engineering, and marketing. The company’s
    Anatolia Tani ve Biyoteknoloji A.S Anatolia Geneworks
  • bioLytical Laboratories Inc.

    Richmond, BC, Canada
    Creating new testing opportunities. based in Richmond, BC, Canada, bioLytical® Laboratories Inc. is a privately held Canadian company founded in 2002. bioLytical empowers physicians and the public to
  • Manufacturers

    BioVendor-Laboratorni medicina a.s.

    Brno, Czechia
    BioVendor Group (BioVendor LM, BioVendor R&D, TestLine, ViennaLab, DiaSource, BioVendor MDx), focusing on the development, production and distribution of immunodiagnostic and molecular diagnostic
    BioVendor-Laboratorni medicina a.s.
  • Manufacturers Premium Exhibitor

    Cytiva Europe GmbH

    Freiburg, Germany
    Cytiva is a global provider of technologies and services that advance and accelerate the development and manufacture of therapeutics. We have a rich heritage tracing back hundreds of years, and a
    Cytiva Europe GmbH
  • Deltalab S.L.

    Rubi (Barcelona), Spain
    Microbiology, molecular biology, hematology and biochemistry, histology, microscopy and staining, tubes and microtubes, sample containers, liquid handling, sample storage and cryogenics, safety,
    Deltalab S.L.
  • Manufacturers Service OEM

    DIA.PRO Diagnostic BioProbes Srl

    Sesto San Giovanni (MI), Italy
    Made in Italy, distributed worldwide. Dia.Pro Diagnostic Bioprobes srl is a Global key player in  in vitro diagnostics for 30 years. Dia.Pro manufactures and markets a wide range of
    DIA.PRO Diagnostic BioProbes Srl
  • Manufacturers Service OEM

    DIANA Biotechnologies s.r.o.

    Zlatníky-Hodkovice, Czechia
    We are a Czech biotechnology company engaged in research and development in molecular diagnostics, drug discovery and monoclonal antibody development. We also develop and produce PCR tests for
  • Manufacturers Trader OEM

    Eiger Diagnostics Inc.

    Las Vegas, NV, USA
    Parasitology and Infectious Disease Clinical Diagnostic Products.
  • Manufacturers

    Fapon Biotech Inc.

    Dongguan, China
    Fapon is a global leading life sciences company dedicated to providing integrated solutions and services for diagnostics, biopharma and biotherapy. Integrating a one-stop solution on raw materials,
  • Future Diagnostics Solutions B.V.

    Wijchen, Netherlands
    We are laboratory professionals that invent, create and validate in-vitro diagnostic tests and products. A service provider and a development partner to biotech companies in the global IVD medical
  • Hangzhou Genesis Biodetection & Biocontrol Co., Ltd.

    Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
    Founded in 2002, Hangzhou Genesis Biodetection & Biocontrol Co., Ltd. is a pioneer in China in the area of  antigen detection rapid tests, and is specialized in the research, development and
  • HyTest Ltd.

    Turku, Finland
    Together. Today and Tomorrow. Established in 1994, HyTest Ltd is a recognized producer of high-quality monoclonal antibodies and antigens for the diagnostic industry all around
    HyTest Ltd.
  • Manufacturers Trader Service OEM

    Immundiagnostik AG

    Bensheim, Germany
    Immundiagnostik is an internationally active company specializing in developing and manufacturing laboratory diagnostics for medical research and practice. These are focused on risk detection of
    Immundiagnostik AG
  • Manufacturers

    J. Mitra & Co. Pvt. Ltd.

    New Delhi, India
    Incorporated in 1969 with a vision to serve mankind, J. Mitra & Co. Pvt. Ltd. started this venture to preserve human lives, by promoting healthcare, through technology and innovation, 
    J. Mitra & Co. Pvt. Ltd.

    Japan, Japan
    Our Mission In Mirai Genomics, we are of the view that early disease diagnostics is of utmost importance, which is why we have been developing POC solutions ensuring the gold standard of PCR
  • Kementec Solutions A/S

    Taastrup, Denmark
    Kementec is a European, market leading, manufacturer and provider of eco-friendly substrates & buffers for immunoassays. Our continuous goal is to deliver products and services with uncompromised
    Kementec Solutions A/S
  • Lickson Srl.

    Vicari, Italy
    LICKSON Srl is a company that produces and distributes diagnostic products for clinical, industrial and environmental laboratories. Founded in 1993, LICKSON Srl based in 
  • LRE Medical GmbH

    München, Germany
    LRE Medical GmbH is an internationally renowned service provider for contract development and manufacturing of medical/diagnostic and analytical devices from feasibility study to series production.
    LRE Medical GmbH
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