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Medical robotics

Medical robotics is concerned with the development and application of robotic technologies in diagnostics, therapy and rehabilitation . It offers a variety of benefits, including increased precision and accuracy in surgical procedures, reduced blood loss and wound infection rates, and reduced recovery time for the patient.

Robot-assisted surgery is one of the most common uses of medical robotics. Robots allow surgeons to perform precise and gentle procedures that lead to better patient outcomes. In addition, robots can be used in nursing and rehabilitation to help patients regain motor skills after injury or illness.

Another promising application of medical robotics is telemedicine, where robots are used to monitor patients remotely. This technology allows patients to receive medical care from experts at a distance, which can be particularly useful in rural areas or in emergencies.

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  • Manufacturers

    Robota srl

    Borgosesia, Italy
    Robota is at the forefront of sterilization safety and sustainability, ensuring the highest standards and workflow control. The entire medical sector will be revolutionized. The handling process is
  • solectrix GmbH

    Fürth, Germany
    Solectrix GmbH is an innovative and reliable service provider for development and production in medical technology, certified according to EN ISO 13485. Long-time experience in medical technology and
    solectrix GmbH
  • Stäubli Tec-Systems GmbH

    Bayreuth, Germany
    Stäubli Robotics is a leading global player in robotics, consistently delivering engineering as effective and reliable as our service and support. A complete solutions provider for digitally
    Stäubli Tec-Systems GmbH

    Vallauris Cedex, France
    Sterlab, the French specialist in medical and surgical devices Founded  in 1977 imagines,manufactures and markets tailored and innovative solutions in the sterilisation field and robotic
  • Stichting Moving Bird/ Project MARCH

    Delft, Netherlands
    As Project MARCH, we have the vision that we can improve the quality of life for people with paraplegia by using exoskeleton technology. An exoskeleton is a motorized robotic harness. The exoskeleton
  • Manufacturers

    UFP MedTech

    Newburyport, MA, USA
    UFP MedTech is a medical designer and manufacturer of custom devices, sub-assemblies, components and packaging utilizing highly specialized foams, films, fabrics and plastics. We are an important
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