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In medical facilities such as doctors' surgeries, clinics and hospitals, compliance with strict hygiene standards is essential to ensure the health of patients. Sterilisation and disinfection equipment is essential for this.

Disinfection devices such as disinfection washers and gas sterilisers are ideal for cleaning medical instruments and equipment. Small sterilisers are a cost-effective solution for smaller practices.

Ultrasonic cleaning machines are an effective method for cleaning delicate instruments such as endoscopes and surgical instruments. By using ultrasonic waves, even hard-to-reach areas are cleaned and disinfected.

Air treatment systems, air purification devices and air disinfection devices ensure clean and healthy air in medical facilities. Especially in closed rooms, a high concentration of bacteria and viruses can lead to infections. These devices clean the air of harmful particles and minimise the risk of infections.

Ultraviolet disinfection systems offer another option for the effective removal of bacteria and viruses. Irradiation with ultraviolet light kills microorganisms and rids the air and surfaces of harmful germs.

For hand washing, there are special devices and systems that ensure hygienic cleaning. Touchless soap dispensers and taps minimise the risk of germ transmission.

Overall, there are a variety of devices and systems that ensure effective hygiene in medical facilities. The use of sterilisation and disinfection equipment, air treatment systems and special cleaning systems can minimise the risk of infections. Sterilisation and disinfection services provide a complete solution for hygiene in medical facilities and ensure that equipment is always up to date with the latest hygiene standards.

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