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In medical facilities such as doctors' surgeries, clinics and hospitals, compliance with strict hygiene standards is essential to ensure the health of patients. Sterilisation and disinfection equipment is essential for this.

Disinfection devices such as disinfection washers and gas sterilisers are ideal for cleaning medical instruments and equipment. Small sterilisers are a cost-effective solution for smaller practices.

Ultrasonic cleaning machines are an effective method for cleaning delicate instruments such as endoscopes and surgical instruments. By using ultrasonic waves, even hard-to-reach areas are cleaned and disinfected.

Air treatment systems, air purification devices and air disinfection devices ensure clean and healthy air in medical facilities. Especially in closed rooms, a high concentration of bacteria and viruses can lead to infections. These devices clean the air of harmful particles and minimise the risk of infections.

Ultraviolet disinfection systems offer another option for the effective removal of bacteria and viruses. Irradiation with ultraviolet light kills microorganisms and rids the air and surfaces of harmful germs.

For hand washing, there are special devices and systems that ensure hygienic cleaning. Touchless soap dispensers and taps minimise the risk of germ transmission.

Overall, there are a variety of devices and systems that ensure effective hygiene in medical facilities. The use of sterilisation and disinfection equipment, air treatment systems and special cleaning systems can minimise the risk of infections. Sterilisation and disinfection services provide a complete solution for hygiene in medical facilities and ensure that equipment is always up to date with the latest hygiene standards.

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  • Manufacturers
  • Manufacturers

    Batrik Medical Manufacturing, Inc.

    Lachine, QC, Canada
    Specializes in the manufacturing of endoscopy accessories, enzymatic solutions, infection control, central sterilization, and surgical devices. Sold in 80 countries worldwide through a network of
    Batrik Medical Manufacturing, Inc.

    Beijing, China
    Established in 2006, Beijing White Elephant New Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Zhongguancun, Haidian District, 

    Padova (PD), Italy
    Bicarmed Thanks to the skills developed over the years and the technical specifications of sodium bicarbonate, such as its efficacy, safety and biocompatibility, the idea of developing a new project
  • Bremed Limited

    Kowloon, Hong Kong, China SAR
    It’s already over three decades that Bremed is a success story of a family owned business which originated in Italy. And since 1991, Bremed’s commitment has been to place on the
    Bremed Limited
  • BuildWind SPRL

    Brussels, Belgium
    BuildWind is an engineering company based in Brussels, Belgium. We are experts in the application of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and heat transfer simulation to building and urban design.
  • C.B.M. S.r.l.

    Torre de Picenardi (CR), Italy
    C.B.M. was founded in 1962 in its current location, although it had been operating in Milan since 1945. It developed on an area of 30,000 m2, of which 10,000 m2 are covered. From the very beginning,
    C.B.M. S.r.l.

    Langhirano (PR), Italy
    Located nearby Parma, in the North of Italy, CA-MI is an Italian family-run factory founded in the early 80’s and committed in the production of electromedical equipments, namely SURGICAL
  • Case Medical Corporation

    Bloomfield, NJ, USA
    Simply stated, Case Medical’s mission is to promote healthier hospitals and patients. We support this mission through a number of specific actions including: Manufacturing the highest quality,
  • Chaplet International (Pvt) Ltd.

    Lahore, Pakistan
    Chaplet International (Private) Limited  is a registered company with the securities and exchange commission of Pakistan. Chaplet manufactures comprehensive range of baskets, and accessories for
  • Manufacturers

    Chemi-Pharm AS

    Harju Maakond, Estonia
    Chemi-Pharm develops, produces and sells user-friendly disinfecting, cleaning and skin care products for professional use in the medical sector. Chemi-Pharm was established in 1997 with its
    Chemi-Pharm AS
  • Manufacturers

    Codonics Inc.

    Middleburg Heights, OH, USA
    Codonics is a global, award-winning leader offering patient safety systems for the operating room and medical imaging solutions in radiology. To address the unique medication safety risks that occur
  • Manufacturers


    Eerbeek, Netherlands
    About Coldenhove For almost 10 years Coldenhove has been a dedicated supplier for the medical packaging market, building a solid customer base.  As a dedicated supplier, Coldenhove believes it
  • Manufacturers Trader

    CSX Medical Technologies and Health Proj ects KFT

    Lajosmizse, Hungary
    Proxenon is a European stainless-steel manufacturer of high-quality healthcare furniture, accessories, and devices. Proxenon creates, markets, and represents international brands with the goal of

    Sialkot, Pakistan
    Daud Jee Mfg. Co. is a relatively new company in the surgical industry but with a very long history and experience behind it in the manufacturing of Microsurgical ophthalmology instruments.
  • Detro Healthcare Kimya Sanayi AS.

    Istanbul, Türkiye
    Detro Healthcare Chemical Industries Co. which has been taking place in the sector through know-how and experience gained in many years, presents integrated disinfection solutions within Detrox brand

    Meaux, France
    http://dexther-medical.fr/fr/ DEXTHER company provides 70% of its turnover from exports thanks to its quality "MADE IN FRANCE ' recognized worldwide. Our products are marketed to hospitals and

    Etainhus, France
    Didactic is a French company, created in 1967 and situated in Normandie, near le Havre. With its 4 brands, Polysem Medical, Inter.Med, Dr Helewa and Infineed, the company is answering to infection
  • DISCHER Technik GmbH

    Haan-Gruiten, Germany
    Wir sind mit unseren innovativen medizintechnischen Produkten nicht nur in ganz Deutschland, sondern auch in fast allen europäischen Nachbarländern sowie in Asien und Übersee vertreten. Besonders
  • Manufacturers

    DMB Apparatebau GmbH

    Wörrstadt, Germany
    Highly sensitive and cost-intensive instruments used in minimal invasive surgery such as materials used in interventional cardiology or interventional radiology require safe, reliable, reproducible
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