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Operating technology and operating equipment

Operating theatre technology and facilities are critical to the success of a surgical intervention. A well-equipped facility with state-of-the-art technology can help make operations safer, more effective and faster.

The key element in an operating theatre is the operating or treatment table. This should be stable and flexible enough to meet the demands of a variety of operations. Modern operating tables are able to tilt and rotate into different positions to create the best position for the surgeon and provide maximum comfort for the patient.

One of the most important components in an operating theatre are the medical lights. They provide bright and clear illumination to ensure a precise view of the surgical area. Modern medical lights are able to change colour temperatures and brightness to provide optimal lighting for each operation.

In addition to the equipment of the operating theatre itself, the availability of instruments and equipment is also crucial. Every operating theatre should be equipped with a full range of surgical instruments and equipment to perform a variety of operations. Modern technology such as laser systems and robotic surgical tools can help make surgical procedures even safer and more effective.

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  • Manufacturers

    Care Surgical Ltd.

    Burscough, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
    Care Surgical is a global company focused on providing safe and comfortable patient positioning products that improve patient care in the surgical environment. Offering a comprehensive range of

    New Taipei City, Taiwan
    CHIYI is a company focusing on innovative and compact  image camera modules especially for niche application.  Since it was established in year 2009, it relies on its more than 20 years
  • Clearview Healthcare Products, Inc.

    Siheung, Korea, Republic
    Clearview Healthcare is South Korea company which focuses in the product of pressure care since 1994. We offer you wide range of anti-decubitus cushions, mattress, operating room gel pad
  • Manufacturers

    Codonics Inc.

    Middleburg Heights, OH, USA
    Codonics is a global, award-winning leader offering patient safety systems for the operating room and medical imaging solutions in radiology. To address the unique medication safety risks that occur
  • Manufacturers


    Montreal, QC, Canada
    CureVision is among the foremost medical device company that provides cutting-edge medical technologies for healthcare professionals to deliver safe and sustainable healthcare services.
  • Manufacturers

    D.A. Surgical

    Newbury, OH, USA
    D. A. Surgical provides reusable and single-use surgical table accessories focused on patient, staff and equipment safety. TrenGuard™ is the company’s flagship product and is a standard of care
  • Service

    DE Design D'Andrea & Evers Design B.V.

    Enschede, Netherlands
    We are an industrial design agency with an enthusiastic and compassionate team, and more than 30 years of experience. For 20 years we have specialized in designing and engineering Medical
  • Dentis Co., Ltd.

    Daegu, Korea, Republic
    Global Medical Soultion Company, DENTIS. Sharing Health And Happy Life For the humanity to lead healthy and happy life, we will become a medical solution business that pursues customer’s values
  • DEWIMED Medizintechnik GmbH

    Tuttlingen, Germany
    Quality is not an action, but a habit - Aristotle Quality as a way of life - this one important characteristic is shared by all our employees, a strict personal commitment to uncompromising quality
  • Dilon Technologies Inc.

    Newport News, VA, USA
  • Dr. Mach GmbH & Co. KG

    Grafing, Germany
    Our company was founded in 1948 by the engineer Walter Mach and the businessman Hans Dufter. The company name goes back to the physician Dr. Ludwig Mach, an uncle of Walter Mach. Since the company
  • EIZO GmbH

    Rülzheim, Germany
    EIZO GmbH develops and manufactures innovative, quality products of the highest technical level. Its product portfolio includes color monitors with a resolution of 1 to 8 megapixels and screen sizes
  • Elesa S.p.A.

    Monza (MB), Italy
    TECHNOLOGY AND DESIGN Established in 1941, ELESA is the international reference for standard components destined for the mechanical, machinery and industrial equipment sectors. An excellent
    Elesa S.p.A.
  • Endowell GmbH

    Saalfeld, Germany
    Endowell - A global supplier of high-precision micro-optical components and precision mechanical spare parts for endoscopy applications. With our proven expertise, we support our customers to
  • Etkin Tibbi Cihazlar San ve Tic A.S.

    Izmir, Türkiye
    Etkin Tıbbi Cihazlar was established in 1996 as a medical device sales and service company. Since its establishment Etkin Tıbbi Cihazlar has adopted high quality and trustworthy customer service as
  • Faromed GmbH Medizintechnik

    Berlin, Germany
    Faromed - we bring light into the darkness "Faro" means spotlight or lighthouse, "Med" stands for medicine. Light in medicine, that's what Faromed stands for. Faromed's success story
  • Flagship Surgical, LLC

    Warren, NJ, USA
    Flagship revolutionizes surgical suites around the world Dedicated to American-made excellence and driven by a passion to exceed our customers' expectations, Flagship Surgical has become the gold
    Flagship Surgical, LLC
  • Flow Meter S.P.A.

    Levate (BG), Italy
    flow-meter™ is active in the design and production of devices for measurement, control and supply of fluids, particularly for applications in the medical field. During the years, the great experience
    Flow Meter S.P.A.
  • Manufacturers


    Pleidelsheim, Germany
    GREINER GMBH - WE DESIGN QUALITY GREINER GmbH is a German family business and is one of the leading manufacturers of seats and chairs for special applications. From hairdresser's chairs and wash
  • HAEBERLE GmbH + Co. KG

    Stuttgart, Germany
    HAEBERLE - your specialist for multifunctional cart systems... and more In a world full of change and medical engineering challenges, we see ourselves as specialists for multifunctional cart systems
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