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Medical software and IT solutions are playing an increasingly important role in the healthcare sector. They enable the efficient processing of medical data, the improvement of diagnostic procedures and the optimisation of treatment processes. The use of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) also opens up new possibilities for medical imaging and the training of medical staff.

Software development for medical technology requires the highest precision and quality assurance, as these apps function as medical devices. The development of medical apps that run on smartphones or tablets enables improved communication between doctors and patients as well as easier monitoring of health status. The integration of WLAN and WiFi ensures fast and secure data transmission.

Radio transmission and remote maintenance play a crucial role in networking medical devices and transmitting patient data. This enables doctors and medical staff to access important information in real time and facilitates collaboration between different disciplines.

Another important aspect is predictive maintenance. By using data analytics and machine learning, medical equipment can be monitored for potential problems at an early stage. This minimises downtime and improves the efficiency of the healthcare system.

When developing medical software, it is important not only to consider the technical aspects, but also to ensure the security and protection of sensitive patient data.

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